New year, new me. The phrase suggests our past year has sucked and that we are unhappy with who we are. And there's probably at least a little truth there for all of us (hence the phrase). But if we continue to believe this saying, we will forever be waiting for happiness and the perfect year. The perfect year doesn't exist. It's all too easy to remember and focus on just the bad, but we need to regularly remember the good also and be proud of ourselves for how far we have come.

To do this, for 2017 I decided to write down a list of highs and lows at the end of each month in my journal. And you know what? Even when I felt probably my lowest low at points this year, the positives always outnumbered the bad things.

2017: The Highs and the Lows - Mental Health, Canada and Squatting 70kg

Winter coats and I have never been the best of friends. Every year I mentally prepare myself for the long and tiring quest that is hunting down the perfect winter coat. And every year I visit the same high street stores, independent retailers, second-hand shops and online brands multiple times and ever year I end up buying nothing. No coat has ever felt quite right, and when coats can be expensive and a long-term investment, I want to make sure I make it a good one that will actually last for at least a few years.

Photos by Tóra Johannesen

The $10 Winter Coat from Black Market Vintage

"I promise to commit my life fighting for equal human rights for everyone. That is my new life mission." - Kesha

Living in the UK, I never thought I would get the chance to see one of my childhood favourite American artists live. So when Kesha announced her Rainbow tour in August, her first since 2013 preceding her legal battle with her producer, I hunted online for a ticket like the savage fangirl that I proudly am. Unfortunately, at that time she had no UK dates announced. My heart sunk. But then I realised that, fortunately, I would be living in Canada in less than a month's time. And lo and behold, Kesha was touring in Toronto on October 16th. I bought my ticket that same day.

Kesha Rainbow Tour Review - I'm Proud of Who I Am

Tumble dried towels. That fluffy, chilled, cosy, relaxed, content feeling of freshly tumble dried towels. That's exactly what this month's work in progress playlist reminds me of. And is exactly the feeling I'm trying to achieve on a regular basis in Canada. I have now been in Toronto for a whole month for study abroad, and I am quite surprised at how much homesickness has hit me.

Homesickness, Stress and Drifting from Friends - Tumble Dried Towels Mixtape

Hola amigos.

Another Friday, another vlog. Can you believe I've actually managed to stick to this routine for a whole four weeks?? Pretty insane isn't it. Proud of myself.

VLOG | My Week in Bruises | Powerlifting and Lil Yachty

Hey friends, it's Friday once more. I had so much trouble trying to save this vlog it's been ridiculous - like 2am last night ridiculous. BUT it's now up and I'm actually pretty happy with it. After being unsure how I was going to piece this week's footage into anything, it turned out quite alright. This is my first foray into fitness related video content, showing you my best post-gym leg stretch routine after a short vlog about my 15km hike at Rattlesnake Point Conver- Conservation Trail, just over an hour outside of Toronto.

VLOG | My Best Post-Gym Leg Stretch Routine and a 15km Hike in Canada

Hey hey friends, it's that fun time of the week again - vlog Fridays (I've made it two weeks so far this is a very good start). Hoping to share my travels in Toronto with you along the way, I quite enjoy this week's vlog, however in future I would like to make them slightly longer - about 6-8 minutes probably - and with more of me speaking to the camera.

VLOG | Corn Dogs and Cheesecake on a Stick at the Canada National Exhibition

Yes, it has officially been one week since I made the move to Toronto, Canada for four months for study abroad. I have had such a busy week exploring and discovering Toronto, there has never been a dull moment. Even the late night trip to IKEA after our long flight for bedding and towels was fun - it's all part of the experience.

I have decided to create my own '1 second a day' video project while I'm here, but obviously I can't show you that until I have been here for all the 117 days. So until then, I'm going to be uploading vlogs on my YouTube channel (hopefully weekly!), blogging about what I discover in Canada here on and sharing tidbits (or timbits lol) on my Instagram @copperpink as well. So if you would like to keep up with my journey in Toronto these are the places to look!

I have my induction for my course tomorrow morning, and then classes start next Tuesday. But for the past week I've just been living life, making friends and adventuring - so here's one photo a day from my first week in Toronto.

Tuesday Aug 22nd

One Week into Toronto

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