We've been treated to some top notch bangers recently haven't we? I'm a big believer that music is great meditation, as I am always listening to something no matter where I am or what I'm up to. This month a few song lyrics that used to fly straight over my head have hit home as I can now relate. Which is a pretty incredible feeling which has given me a newfound appreciation for said songs. Hence my July 2017 mixtape.

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July 2017 Mixtape and Kesha's Comeback

There is probably nothing more I enjoy than swimming in the sea at a secluded sandy beach - I've had my yearly supply of that thanks to Malta. Although the idea of swimming at a Scottish beach is perhaps a little far-fetched (although possible in my experience), Scotland really does have some beautiful beaches with fantastic views and vibes all over the place. Here are three of my favourites.

1. Mellon Udrigle, Wester Ross, The Highlands

Every year during my school years (as far as I can remember), my family and I made a trip to Wester Ross in the Highlands in the October school break. Admittedly when I was very young I believe I used to complain about the long walks, but as I grew older and looking back I can now appreciate how lucky I was to see the beautiful Scottish scenery each year. One of our favourite beaches on these trips was Mellon Udrigle. It has everything you could want: a vast white sandy shore, a horizon made up of mountains, ragged rocks to climb, smooth stones to skim and grassy banks with sheep. If you have never visited the Highlands, you need to go just for Mellon Udrigle.

My 3 Favourite Beaches in Scotland

Hi friends,

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember that time about two years ago that I decided to put fake tan on my eyebrows. This post is still one of my most popular, or most searched for on google (yeah I don't know why either lol). So since that experiment of attempting to find eyebrow makeup that lasts longer than a day and is cheaper than an eyebrow tint at a salon didn't quite work, here I am back with experiment number 2 - Etude House Tint My Brows Gel.

I have never had my eyebrows tinted at a salon, but I believe usually they just tint the hairs you have and not the skin as well (correct me if I'm wrong). I have very sparse brows and so this type of tint would be pretty pointless for me. And even if some salons do tint the skin, I'd like to find a way to result in the same effect in the comfort of my own home for convenience, affordability and to have more control of the process as my eyebrows are my babies and I'm a perfectionist and they must ALWAYS BE THE SAME.

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Demo + Review

If you weren't aware from my Instagrams and Instagram stories, I recently spent 5 sunny days in one of my favourite places in the world - Malta. This was my third visit to the country, after my initial trip on a school exchange and a girls' holiday two years ago. Ellie and I decided to return just the two of us to meet up with our Maltese friends again and to get a summer that lasts longer than a weekend as it usually does in Scotland.

Recently my commitment to the gym has been at an all-time high. I've never felt stronger, healthier or more confident. My physical health greatly influences my mental health, hence why I've dedicated more time and effort into exercise, outdoor walks and weights (and a little bit of cardio). As further motivation, I decided to treat myself to fancy new swimwear for my holiday. I was excited to see my progress with the suit on, but did also have a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I would be disappointed with my progress once I saw photos of myself.

Staying positive however, I researched into UK based swimwear brands to shop locally and support smaller independent businesses. And this led me to fangirling over Stay Sick on Instagram.

Treat Yourself with Glasgow Based Stay Sick Swimwear

Well, it's July 2nd. The midpoint of the year.

I have felt quite out of touch with the blogging community in recent months. Although I have still been reading my favourite blogs, I have been taking time to focus on myself and my wellbeing, hence the lack of posts and social media interaction.

2017 so far has been quite a reflective year for me. I began to truly appreciate the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people who treat you well and inspire you, thanks to those who already do and have done so for most of my life, and thanks to those who have not treated me well at all and have been toxic to my mental health. And although I feel like I have been in a bit of a creative rut the past few months, I have taken the time required to remind myself of how I deserve to be treated and what I want for the rest of the year and onwards.

I'm not one who likes to admit when I'm struggling, but I'm beginning to accept that it's better to seek for and ask for help than to suffer in silence. So please bear with me if I'm still not 100% on top of posts and interacting on social media, but I do miss blogging and the community and I really do want to get back into it as soon as possible. And despite the fear of sounding like a broken record after my last couple of posts, I am feeling more open and positive and am still excited for the rest of 2017.

Here are 8 things I've learned in 2017 so far, with the other 9 of 17 I'll hopefully learn in the next 6 months coming at the end of year.

1. You are your number one priority

2. Asking for help doesn't mean you are a failure

3. How to recognise toxic people and how to detach yourself from them

4. Both your mental health and physical health are incredibly important

5. The world won't end if you don't Instagram every day or post on your blog every week

6. It's okay and perfectly normal to not have a clue what you want to do with your life

7. Rest days are just as important and beneficial as working days

8. Although it may not always feel like it, there are so many people out there who will make you feel sparkly every day, you are not alone. Surround yourself with these people.

I have just returned from a short holiday in one of my favourite countries, Malta, and since then I have been experimenting with different creative outlets, and reading new blogs for inspiration and motivation. I am finally gutting out my room, and will be redecorating it with a clean minimalistic style very shortly. It feels very satisfying. I'm excited for my next few weeks of summer holidays and being more active within the blogging community again.

See you soon,

8 Things I've Learned in 2017 So Far

I feel like lilac has been following me everywhere recently, from that anorak in Topshop to my new t-shirt from Zara (pictured). Not to forget this lilac lace top from Urban Outfitters I bought in London and now NYX's Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Blossom which reeled me in just the other day for what now seems to be a beautiful lilac love affair.

One of my first ventures into makeup was a shimmery purple eyeshadow from a palette which I believe came free in a magazine. Just purple all over my lid. And nothing else. So glam. Now I am reliving my purple childhood eyeshadow obsession with a bit more sophistication thanks to NYX's Vivid Brights Vivid Blossom lilac eyeliner. The fresh pop of colour instantly makes me feel just that little bit extra and really boosts my confidence, it's such a fun colour to experiment with for makeup and fashion. Lilac outfit post coming very soon. And for my shimmer for this look, I used KIKO Milano's Cream Crush eyeshadow in shade 12 - Pearly Lilac, which is a beautiful almost holographic lilac in the pot and sheerer on the skin.

Lilac is a colour I haven't tried or given much thought to before (minus shimmery purple eyeshadow) but I'm definitely a big fan now. It is so fresh for summer and also goes great with rose gold/copper pink shades so is perfect for me. Just saying.

Lilac Lilac Lilac

Yesterday I finished my second year at university. This fact is completely terrifying, but also completely exciting. I'm not sure I'll actually be living in Aberdeen again, as I'm set to be studying abroad at the end of this year, and then I'll have work placement somewhere in the world for second semester, and then that could be me graduated! Scary times. But ignoring the future right now, I'd like to share with you what I wore to my Sports university ball, which to me marked the end of second year at university (what exams lol).

Like last year, I attended the RGU Sports Blues Ball with my Cheerleading team, which has been an incredible part of my university experience in Aberdeen. I'm gutted I can't be part of the team next year, I honestly will miss the sport and all my team mates so so much.

Can you see me? (I'm near the back)

If you read my post about Blues Ball last year, you'll know I performed a miracle and managed to get myself a dress for just £6. Six. Pounds. Only six. Amazing I know. Well this year I challenged myself to find an even cheaper dress, but unfortunately I left it a little too late and had to settle for an also good price of £19.50 in the NA-KD sale. This was my first purchase from NA-KD and although it arrived one or two days later than the expected 3 days delivery, I am very happy with their service and would definitely purchase from the company again. Their website is a dream to browse and shop on.

From trying on a few dresses I discovered I am not a fan of dark colours on me, such as black and navy. I felt very uncomfortable wearing these dark tones, however when I put on this burgundy dress it felt so right. I was comfortable, I liked how the fabric was tight on my body and my butt looks great. I have been doing my squats and I am very proud.

I was also pretty proud of my makeup for the day. It had to last from 3pm to about 3am, but I desperately wanted to go all-out extra glam. To make matters worse, I lost my eyebrow kit the other week in a nightclub which was very sad. Yes, I lost my eyebrows on the dance floor. So I've been experimenting with contour sticks and different eyeshadows to find a temporary fix until I can afford to buy another eyebrow kit. Luckily for Blues Ball I managed an okay combination of a contour stick and wet eyeshadow to find the correct shade, but this did take up a good amount of time on the day.

And for once I had no issues with eyeliner - none whatsoever! It just glided on effortlessly. Recently I have began wearing false lashes on nights out, and for Blues Ball I wanted to take them up a notch. False lashes are terrifying the first time you see them in the box. They just look so massive! You wonder how they could ever look natural or realistic on the eye. But luckily my Eylure Texture (No 153) lashes went on effortlessly and were not too over the top. Another surprising success. I'd definitely like to experiment with more eye makeup and eye shadow techniques, so this was a great confidence boost.

The night itself began with just cheerleaders at a member's flat. A few teary speeches were given from girls graduating and leaving this year, and it did honestly make me a little emotional as I'm not sure if I'll ever be rejoining the team or not. But the pres, ball itself and club afterwards was the best way to finish the year with all my favourite cheerleaders. I am so so happy I did join RGU Cheer in first year, met my current amazing flatmates and made so many good friends that I know will be around for a long long while (you're not going anywhere sorry). Thank you to everyone at Cheer who has made the past two years an incredible experience, I hope I've made it a good one for you too!

See you soon.

Uni is Out for Summer and What I Wore to Blues Ball

Well hello there. It has been a while, hasn't it. Too long in fact.

The past two months have flown by, with most of my time being used for university, cheerleading competitions and the gym. As well as trying to be less hard on myself and more self-confident and loving, allowing more me-time to wind down, chill out and recharge my batteries after a difficult period. I'm still not 100% recharged, and I have been struggling with self-doubt recently when it comes to creative pursuits such as blogging, hence the long break. However I still love reading other bloggers and I'm beginning to feel inspired again to create more content myself. So here are some goals for May for some top notch motivation to get me back into feeling more like my creative and happy self.

As I said in my New Year's Resolutions 2017 post, I want to "remember what is important to who I am: staying positive, keeping curious, being kind and supportive of friends and fellow bloggers, trying new things, having fun, staying fit and healthy, being creative, staying sparkly and ambitious, eating eggs benedict and keeping an open mind to everything and everyone."

And I hope these goals will help me on my way.

May Goals 2017

Experiment with blogging

At the start of this year, I originally had planned to narrow down my blog's niche to focus on more specific content. However, as someone who likes lots of things and trying new things, I don't feel this is currently the best direction for Copper Pink. I want to have fun again with blogging as I dip my toes back in the water and so I will be experimenting with content including category types (fashion, fitness, lifestyle, beauty, personal development, mixtapes etc.) and I may even give vlogging another bash. I'm excited to just go with the flow and enjoy blogging again on my own terms, whilst creating some hopefully pretty great and useful content fuelled by my happiness and new-found motivation.

Do well at my new job

Your gal's got herself a seven week summer stint working as a Dior fragrance girl in Aberdeen. It's my first full-time contract, working just over 40 hours each week, but I'm excited to work for a brand I really do admire. I really need to save for when I study abroad in Canada in third year (did I mention that...) and a full-time summer job seems like the best way to do it.

Finish second year at university (and pass my modules and exams lol)

Uni has honestly gone so fast. I can't believe I have almost finished second year. I have one report and one exam to go, and I'll be finished up on May 10th which is very scary. However I am looking forward to third year, in which I'll be studying abroad in Toronto, Canada from the end of August till mid December (how exciting!!). And then for second semester I have a 12 week (or longer) work placement which I will soon be on the hunt for - if anyone knows of any creative industry, fashion or marketing opportunities for next January please let me know! Bring on third year.

Work out a good gym routine

Did you see my pun lol. Recently I have been very committed to the gym and I am definitely feeling a lot stronger which is amazing. For someone who used to hate any form of physical exercise I have definitely come a long way. With my new working hours for the next seven weeks, I want to make sure I stay committed to the gym so am writing up a program for myself to ensure I stick to it. I'm also heading to Malta in June to visit friends and for a break with my friend Ellie, so this is definitely one motivation to stick to the gym and I'm hoping to see a good amount of progress from now. I'll keep you updated on that.

I know I have been a little awol online the past two months, so if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. I am really looking forward to getting back in touch with my fave bloggers on social media etc. Let me know what your current goals are and I hope you have a fabulous May.

May Goals 2017 (and a Life Update)

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