Surprisingly, I have only ever had one commercial advent calendar, and that was when I was a vegan! Other than that, my parents would wrap up 20ps and Maltesers in tin foil and use a knitted calendar with a picture of Santa in a snowy scene at the top (am I the only one?).
Source: John Lewis

Gone are the days of getting excited over a 20p unfortunately - I didn't even know you could get beauty advent calendars till last year and there are some ridiculously expensive ones out there. Don't worry though, this Wedgewood Advent House from Harrods has been reduced to £9,600 instead of £12,000 - what a bargain!!

Here are my top 5 advent calendars featuring a mixture of goodies and prices. I was going to include the Dan and Phil advent calendar but it's out of stock *cries*.

1. Hotel Chocolat | Advent Calendar to Share | £26 

This is the only chocolate type I promise. Hotel Chocolat is a favourite of mine thanks to their unusual flavours and beautiful packaging great for gifts. This calendar to share is a great idea for couples, or for people who just want to eat lots of chocolate and love truffles (like me!) They also offer calendars for individuals in white, milk and dark chocolate options for just £12.50. 

Lisa-Marie from Last Year's Girl is currently hosting a giveaway (this weekend only) of the milk chocolate calendar - enter for your chance to win FREE chocolate!

2. Yankee Candle | Advent House 2014 | £24.99

Yankee Candle Advent House 2014
Source: Yankee Candle

Who doesn't love Yankee Candle?! This cute little house contains all your favourite Christmas scents including Candy Cane Lane, Christmas Garland and Snowflake Cookie! I must confess, I have never bought a Yankee candle, only smelt a friend's. They have however opened a store near me and I am planning to visit it very soon!

3. Ciaté London | Mini Mani Manor | Reduced to £34.30!

Ciate London Mini Mani Manor Nail Polish Advent Calendar
Source: Ciaté London

A nail polish addict's dream! I seem to have entered about 100 giveaways for this on Twitter but won none. Maybe I'll just have to actually use my own money and buy it... Dilemmas!

4.  John Lewis | Gingerbread Advent Calendar | £12

Source: John Lewis

For those who don't like chocolate but still eat food (I'm looking at you, everyone...) - gingerbread is the answer! A superb substitute for chocolate while still retaining all the Christmassy vibes! That red star is calling me.

5. Pets at Home | Cat Advent Calendar | £2

Source: Pets at Home

Because cats are people too. And don't worry, they have one for dogs and another for small animals. Bonus: each one has its own witty slogan - like 'santa paws'. Har-de-har.


That concludes my top 5 advent calendars - hopefully there is something for you if you're still looking! I might buy the cat one to force my parents to get me a cat - waste not want not and all that!

P.S. here's a sneaky peek at my Christmas Wishlist!

  • cat
It's a work in progress.

What advent calendar have you got lined up? Check back on Monday for a cheeky wee giveaway too!

My Top 5 Advent Calendars

Two years ago, I embarked on a 30 day mission to live a vegan diet. Why? I like a challenge and I wanted to see how I coped with a supposedly healthier lifestyle.

Going all out vegan was definitely too much for me - go team sausage!

However, always looking for ways to improve my health and lifestyle choices, I decided to try out Graze after a few of my friends recommended it.

So, what is Graze all about?

It's a bit like beauty box subscriptions, but with food! How amazing does that sound already?! £3.99 per box averages out at £1 per portion which I think is pretty reasonable (did I mention free delivery?). And, the Nibble Box will fit through your letterbox, so you don't need to be in to receive it. The best thing however, is that the company offers a wide selection of healthy choices.

You can pick which foods you would like to try, which foods you definitely do not want to taste and those that you want delivered over and over again because they're just so darn good (like the chocolate brownie - oh my goodness gracious me!!)
Source: Graze

Do you see how good that brownie looks?! There really is a huge range of options so there is something for everyone. You can order several types of boxes including a Chocolate Box, a Breakfast Variety Box and the most popular: a Nibble Box.

I believe boxes can be ordered fortnightly at a minimum, but you can also order weekly or more than once a week if you wish. And you have the option to book in holidays so the company know when not to deliver. Each box contains four punnets (the containers) which are actually a good serving although they may look small. I have certainly been filled up after each serving!

One of my favourite types of food have been the 'dips and dippers'.

The first picture shows the fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers which was pretty tasty and the second is the korai chutney with baked curry bites - loved this!

Fancy trying Graze?

If you use my friend code (MAIRIL4RP) you can get your first, fifth and tenth box for free! You are very welcome! And you can cancel at any time, even after your free first box.

Think one of your friends will like Graze?

You could give your friend my code (MAIRIL4RP) or you could buy them a gift voucher or send a gift box with your own personalised message and, again, free delivery! Perfect for Christmas!


If you'd like to find out more about Graze, you can read their informative FAQs here and visit the site's homepage here. Happy snacking!

Have you tried Graze before? What's your favourite snack - any recommendations?

Trying to Be Healthy with Graze

I've never had much luck with fake tan. I'm quite happy with my own pale complexion, but after being asked by Vita Liberata if I would like to test out a product from the new NKD SKN collection, I decided to try to conquer fake tan once and for all.

I was sent the Tinted Tan Mousse - Medium which is £14.95 (but only £6.72 exc. delivery when you use my discount code (see end of post)).

The bottle boasts five claims:

  1. Easy application
  2. Dries instantly
  3. Zero smell
  4. Natural extracts
  5. Fades perfectly

The mousse texture meant it blended beautifully and the tanning mitt allowed a streak-free application as long as I made sure to blend the edges out before it dried. It does dry very fast which is a great advantage as you don't have to wait to get dressed or go to bed in fear of stained sheets!

The 'zero smell' claim was mostly true as it was odourless during application, however I could smell a tinge of that biscuity scent during showering.

Hopefully my white-as-snow legs haven't blinded you! I was really pleased with the intensity and hue of the tan from just one layer. It definitely wasn't orange and provided good even coverage.

As you can probably see, I have 'strawberry legs' and I found the tan did emphasise this. It also stuck rather oddly to a dry patch of skin I have from a shaving accident - but that's my own fault!

Aside from the strawberry legs, which I am hoping to fix with this article, I was really pleased with how my legs turned out. My last fake tan experience left them streaky but this time was much better. I would confidently flaunt them if it wasn't for winter and my 600 denier tights! 

The tan applied evenly on the rest of my body, including my rather hairy arms! Although elbows and knees are meant to be tricky spots, I didn't find either of these a problem, although my feet were a little darker than the rest of me.

As for the 'fades perfectly' claim, I did notice the water in my first shower was tinted brown, however there was no noticeable change once dried.

The tan lasted about five days which was two days short of what the bottle claimed, however I did have a bath with lots of bubbles which probably contributed to this (read about the LUSH bath bomb I used here).

In order to match my face to the rest of me, I used Collection's Lasting Perfection Foundation in Porcelain (which is definitely not the shade of white porcelain!) and bronzer. And don't worry, I did blend it onto my neck.

Overall, I think the NKD SKN collection is a fantastic affordable option for those wanting an easy but gorgeous fake tan. You can browse the whole range and if you enter my code WISHED45 at checkout, you'll receive 45% off on your total order! That's a pretty good deal if I do say so myself, so why not try it out or buy some as Christmas presents! Hurry though, the code expires on December 5th.

Good luck with your tanning adventures!

Vita Liberata NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Review + Discount Code

Last night I hosted my very late 17th birthday party and, as it is nearing the party season, I thought I would show you my look - outfit,  makeup and hair - to hopefully provide some inspiration!

This post is focusing on my outfit and next weekend will feature the makeup and hair - the curls took me under 10 minutes to do!
OOTD stripes and spots crop top
I wanted to experiment with contrasting patterns (stripes and spots) and luckily the famous combination of navy, red and white allowed me to pull the look off.

But shorts - in winter?!

OOTD stripes and spots crop top
  • Jenny's beautiful birdcage necklace was a gift - it's so pretty!
Although crop tops may not be the most practical choice for winter (unless you're indoors like I was or can wear a thick jacket), I think sophisticated shorts are a great piece to play about with. And by 'sophisticated' I mean not denim haha. I'm loving the leather shorts at the moment but not sure I'm brave enough - yet.

The great thing about shorts is that you can layer them over tights, leggings etc. when the colder weather does, inevitably, take over from summer. I am currently wearing 600 denier tights - yup, 600! The best bit about shorts though? You can wear them when the sunshine makes its return too - but without all the layers!

Follow me on bloglovin and my other social media accounts or subscribe by email in the sidebar to be notified when the makeup and hair part of this post is uploaded!


I will definitely be stocking up on some more shorts and maybe skorts too - they're great when you want to wear a skirt but have to play Twister and don't want to flash anyone. Life lesson there - sadly from experience.

Will you be wearing more shorts this season? Or perhaps you have another unusual AW favourite - let me know!

OOTD: Shorts in Winter?!

I think I may have discovered my new favourite bath bomb. My all-time favourite was Golden Wonder, but Shoot For The Stars from LUSH may have knocked its Christmas co-star off the top spot! It was so good that I made a video of it! (see it below)

I absolutely adore LUSH's dreamy description:

"Paint the swirling colours of the night sky over the surface of your bathwater with this multi-coloured bath bomb. Drop this in your bathwater and watch it shoot around the bath releasing multiple colours before leaving a trail of quicksilver. As the spinning and swirling orb comes to a standstill, enjoy the sweet scent found in Honey I Washed The Kids and the calming, shimmering midnight blue water."

I used the flash so you can see the beautiful silver shimmer!

It truly is like bathing in a night sky. The bright purple and pinks remind me of galaxies while the silver shimmers amongst the inky indigo water look just like a million stars. Did I mention there are confetti stars that dissolve and the dark colour leaves no residue! Gosh, I think I'm in love.

I was so shocked when the bath bomb started spinning round and round as I had no idea what to expect beforehand! Foam spirals and bright pink bubbles started shooting out from the little ball as it whizzed its way around my tub. I decided to take a video of the bomb in action before I knew about its crazy ways and I am definitely glad I did!

Isn't it gorgeous?? The only bad thing for me was that I could barely smell the Honey I Washed the Kids scent! So I guess this is a good product for people who hold their breath when walking past LUSH stores haha.

What is your favourite seasonal LUSH item?

Mairi x
Copper Pink

LUSH Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

My love for Nutella is indescribable. It cannot be put into words. However, if someone gifted me even just a small jar of the good stuff, I would smother them with hugs. And who doesn't like hugs? It's a win-win situation.

I know many other Nutella fans will share my feelings and so if you know someone like me, here is the perfect gift guide. Highlights include etsy accessories, a live Pinterest feed and DIY vegan Nutella!

If you do decide to gift any of these ideas, you'll be smothered with hugs in no time! Don't say I didn't warn you ;).

Giant Tub of Nutella

Source: Amazon 

Okay, so this one might seem a bit obvious but ultimately, a Nutella lover's favourite thing is the spread itself, and the bigger the jar, the more hugs for you. This 1kg Limited Edition jar from Amazon is the perfect Christmas gift for £25.50 however the shipping costs are pretty sky high - check before you buy! But check quickly because there's only six left in stock.

**3kg jar that is in stock (unlike the one above) can be found over here**


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  1. Slutella Value T-shirt | £10.95 | Zazzle 
    This clever graphic is available on a variety of unisex tops and hoodies starting from just £10.95. This is definitely my kind of t-shirt *hint hint*.
  2. Cute Little Nutella Jar Graphic T-Shirt | $20/£12.75 | Your Next TShirt
    How utterly adorable is this little logo? You can make it even more cute by buying it printed on a baby one piece!! Annnnd you can select from a few different background colours too.
  3. Spooning My Boyfriend Raglan | $35/£22.59 | HUMAN
    I love the style of this top and of course the message is just sublime. Top banter. Also comes in a variety of t-shirt styles and colours.
  4. Keep Calm and Eat Nutella Value T-shirt | £18.95 | Zazzle
    I've never really understood the Keep Calm craze but if it and Nutella are your baes then this is the top for you!

Personalised Label

Source: Selfridges

A personalised Nutella jar that I can keep forever and use as a vase or pencil holder in my room so I don't forget my name? YES PLEASE. The site says "visit the Foodhall in all Selfridges stores to get your personalised Nutella".  Unfortunately you can't order online (or get it delivered I believe) and I can't seem to find a price either! Oh and I just realised all Selfridges stores are in England. But, if you live elsewhere, perhaps a nice English blogger who is feeling the Christmas spirit can help you out!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  1. Nutella and Toast Ring | £9.87 | IluLe via Etsy
    This is such an unusual statement ring that will definitely start a conversation or two. If you'd like something a little less bulky, I also picked out this ring.
  2. Nutella Inspired Bow | £7.89 | GeekWithMe via Etsy
    Isn't this a fantastically unique gift idea? The handmade bow can suit both genders as either a hair bow or a bow tie! Just select which type of clip attachment you'd like and you're set.
  3. Nutella Bow Earrings | £4.13 | MollyCreation via Etsy
    I have seen a few Nutella earrings but these pair are definitely my favourite due to the addition of the decorative red bows! They add a touch of femininity and glamour to our favourite spread.
  4. Nutella Jar Pendant | £4.61 | IluLe via Etsy
    Made by the same creator of the bold ring, this pendant caught my attention due to the spoon in the jar which is obviously a big part of any Nutella lover's daily routine.


  • Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes (Cookery) is the #1 Best Seller in Puddings & Desserts on Amazon so I guess it can't be that bad! | £6.99
  • Know someone who loves everything about Nutella except the non-vegan bit? Then this recipe is for you.
  • Have a go at making this White Chocolate Nutella - the recipient will really appreciate the effort.
  • If you or your giftee isn't a domestic goddess in the kitchen, purchase Hotel Chocolat's take on the popular spread for just £6. I can personally recommend this.
  • Finally, a very easy gift is to provide this link on a lovely piece of card, for example. It shows all the latest pins from Pinterest tagged with "Nutella recipes" and will update every time you visit the link! I shortened it for you ( so it looks nicer too - no need to thank me. 

The Perfect Spoon

Source: Etsy

And of course to eat all that Nutella you're going to need the perfect spoon, aren't you? Well, you can order your very own hand-stamped spoon from PeggysPassions on Etsy, starting from just £5.24.


Gosh, now all I can think about is Nutella! I am definitely going to be baking these goodies very soon. Wish me luck!

Hopefully I've given you some food for thought (pun totally intended) for your Nutella loving friends and family members. I know if anyone gave me any of these gifts, I'd be thrilled. Except the earrings because I don't have my ears pierced, but you get the gist.

Good luck with your gift buying and let me know if you have any chocolate or beauty related gift guides - I'm really struggling for my friends this year!

Mairi x
(yup, still haven't made a new signature...)

Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers

Recently I was offered the amazing opportunity to meet Carolyn Baxter; a local dress designer, boutique owner and Youtube partner with almost 22,000 subscribers!

The point of the event was to hear Carolyn's story of how social media led her to launch her own successful fashion business. She has had such an exciting past four years with the rapid growth of her YouTube channel, presenting New Look TV in Glasgow and many more fantastic opportunities - not to mention the startup of her own business!

Source: Carolyn Baxter

The boutique (44 London Street) is decorated beautifully, with all of Carolyn's gorgeous designs displayed for customers to browse.

Carolyn described her designs as 'red carpet' dresses which I totally agree with. Each piece has unique features and is crafted flawlessly in her studio. I was very pleased when we were allowed to try the dresses on, and after describing the sort of prom dress I am wanting for next year, I was ecstatic when Carolyn had exactly what I was looking for!

The chiffon silk train is detachable, meaning you can wear the dress short or long - perfect for my party animal prom dancing ;). Priced at £220 it is perhaps slightly above my budget, but a girl can dream!

It was also great to meet up with other Edinburgh bloggers: (L-R) Cera K, Laura Shields, Farah (FAZ),  myself, Nicole Findlay and Ka(5)thleen who was behind the camera!

Source of right photo: Ka5thleen

As you can see, in addition to the long elegant gowns, Carolyn also has shorter pieces, many of which have been hand-beaded! The amount of effort that goes into her designs is phenomenal and definitely justifies the price tag.

Here is a picture of the lovely lady herself (and her adorable pug!)

Us lucky bloggers also got the chance to meet Stacey Whittaker, a makeup artist who has, much like Carolyn, started her own business. She used to work for MAC cosmetics but decided to start up her own company called Pouts and Pinups. The salon is located in Fife where Stacey has created quite a name for herself with over 3000 likes on her Facebook page

Source: Ka5thleen

Providing makeup masterclasses, hair services and makeovers for special occasions, Stacey seems to be a woman of ambition and I was lucky enough to have my makeup done by her on the day. It was the first time I have ever worn MAC products and I never wanted to wash my face again haha! I'm definitely considering booking an appointment for my prom at the reasonable price of £35.

Source of bottom right photo: Coco Made Her Do It

To finish off, here is a lovely collage I created (just for you!) from the day. My makeup and hair has been beautified in the centre right picture by Stacey, if you're wondering. It was pretty good to get all dolled up before I headed off for a dinner date - not bad eh!

If you'd like to find out more about Carolyn and Stacey, their links are provided below:

Carolyn Baxter

Stacey Whittaker

Finally, thanks to S1 Jobs for organising this event.

Mairi x

(Yeah, I still need to make a new signature haha!)

Carolyn Baxter

Photo credit: talti from

Changing my blog name was definitely not an easy decision, but I believe it was a necessary one.

Blogging since June has allowed me to see what direction I want to head in. I have had the chance to experiment with different topics such as food and events in Edinburgh and even fashion, when I initially started off with the idea of a beauty blog.

I now feel that I understand myself and my hopes for the blog more and chose to totally rebrand to reflect this change. Moving to Blogger was the first step as my old platform meant I couldn't use Bloglovin! Click here if you'd like to follow me on the site!

Of course, I am still 'on a journey' (that sounds so cheesy) of blogging and this excites me! However, Wished for Ruth unfortunately had to go due to several reasons:

  • There are no harsh sounding letters which makes it hard to annunciate
  • People often miss out the ed when spoken, and then typed
  • People mistake me for Ruth when my name is actually Mairi (can't blame 'em really)
  • A few of my peers said they initially associated my title with the 'Make a Wish' foundation for children with life-threatening illnesses, which is definitely not what my blog is about
  • I have difficulty pronouncing my ths (I'm hoping to start a YouTube...) 
I then contacted Wendy from ThankFiFi (love her blog) as she is often mistaken for Fifi (and once Mr K - her dog's name!) for some advice. She told me I shouldn't change my name solely based on other people's opinions, especially if I have a strong connection and love for it. However, I realised I had grown out of Wished for Ruth so decided to take the plunge.

And, finally, I really wanted to overhaul everything to motivate me after realising I needed a change - including my blog name.


  • I love to say Copper Pink. It's easy to pronounce without mumbling, it has a lovely hilly sound and it's just a fun phrase in my opinion.
  • I love the colour.
  • I love how pink is a stereotypical feminine colour, yet copper is an unusual twist. I like to transfer this meaning to my blog. As in, yes, I do blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle (whatever that really is) etc. but I hope to add my own personal twist - the copper element. A bit of yin and yang going on in that logo.
  • I love my copper pink cat ring (you can view it here). I've worn it for around three years now and, it may sound silly, but I believe it gives me confidence in everyday situations. Plus, I love cats.
And that's why I changed my blog name. I do hope you stick around and please contact me if you're in a similar situation - I'd love to help if I can.

Thank you for reading,

Copper Pink

(I'll need to make a new signature now I suppose!)

Why I Changed My Blog Name

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This week I got my first taste of working in the fashion industry by helping out with Metropolitan Fashion's catwalk show, displaying Christine Watson's "A Touch of Pink" collection. And? I loved it!

My role was to run the social media accounts and I have some lovely Instagrams to share with you below. The experience was very hectic but incredibly fun and the atmosphere was just fantastic.

Here are just a few of my favourite from the night, but you can view the Instagram here and the Twitter here for lots more!

"A Touch of Pink" Fashion Show in Pictures

Latest Instagrams

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