Yes, it's Christmas Eve. And yes, many of us will still be rushing about not knowing what to buy for family and friends. But do not worry, for I have found an incredibly simple idea that is Christmas-y and can be started and finished on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer Beer Bottles (or Smirnoff, or wine, or apple juice etc.)

Add a festive finishing touch to an easy but enjoyable gift of (beer) bottles. Just pick your giftee's favourite beverage and head over to Hobbycraft or other craft store to pick up what you will need.

What you will need (x1 reindeer)

  • Bottled beverage
  • Brown or grey pipe cleaner
  • Red pom pom
  • Googly eyes
  • PVA glue or double sided tape

How to...

1. Position pipe cleaner at front of bottle, just under bottle top as shown in photo. Make sure it is slightly off centre to ensure both antlers are the same length.

2. Wrap pipe cleaner around to back of bottle and tie in tight knot as shown.

It should look like this at the back:

3. Mould pipe cleaners into antler shapes.

4. To finish, simply get your PVA glue and stick on two googly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose. This can be as small or as big as you like! The bigger the better in my opinion.

And there you have it - it's as simple and as quick as that! I recommend buying a six pack of beer to create a herd of reindeer to keep each other company.

And don't worry if your friend or relative dislikes beer. As you can see below, this technique can be applied to the majority of bottle types so pick your giftee's favourite beverage and get crafting!

Merry Christmas!

Have you not finished your Christmas shopping yet or are you all organised? I'm off to wrap my presents now! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas day!

How to Reindeer Beer Bottles | Quick and Easy Christmas Gift

Since one of my most popular posts is my Nutella gift guide from last Christmas, I thought I would create an up to date list since most of those products are now sadly unavailable. Fear not though for I have found plenty of other quirky and fun Nutella-related gifts for the addict in your life.

And yes, I have left it a little for Christmas 2015 (apologies) but any true Nutella lover will appreciate a late but amazing present over a last-minute rush. Trust me. I've picked out my favourite prints, clothing, homeware items, the miscellaneous and of course the perfect spoon. If you're left wanting more, a search for 'nutella' on Etsy results in 100s of products so go crazy.

Giant Tub of Nutella

A Nutella-related gift guide wouldn't be complete without me sourcing the biggest tub possible of the good stuff. I have hopes that one day I'll find a 5kg jar (that doesn't cost £20 for delivery), but for now this 3kg tub will just have to do. A red decorative bow is included however which definitely makes up for the lack of 2kg I desire.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  1. Nutella Custom Digital Illustration | £7.53 | TheBritishRule via Etsy
    Incredibly cute and simple with the addition of customisation for a truly personal gift - what more could you ask for?
  2. Motivational Print Typography Poster | £9.63 | HelloTypo via Etsy
    This phrase is definitely true for me. The only time I'll take bread out of the cupboard is when I get a craving for Nutella toast (which is rather often!)
  3. Home is where the Nutella is Print | £5.55 | TheGlassMountain via Etsy
    A classic slogan with a sweet Nutella twist. The typography here is just ugh so beautiful.
  4. Badly Drawn Nutella Poster | £6.93 | BadlyDrawnStudio via Etsy
    A rather quirky shop on Etsy, Badly Drawn Studio sells a range of prints featuring line drawings of random objects in its unique style. I definitely want the avocado print.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  1. Slutella Value T-shirt | £14.45 | Zazzle
    You may recognise this t-shirt from last year's gift guide and luckily it is still available online! It's one of my favourite t-shirts ever and I think I may just have to buy it for myself.
  2. Nutella Bow Earrings | £3.81 | MollyCreation via Etsy
    The only other duplicate from last year's guide is this pair of gorgeous earrings. There are plenty of Nutella rings, necklaces etc. available on Etsy but the cute addition of the gingham bows makes these earrings stand out. Plus, the price is amazing!
  3. Handpainted Nutella Inspired Shoes | £20 | FandomFootsteps via Etsy
    Something I imagine you haven't seen before. Custom painted shoes - based on Nutella. The individual is based in Glasgow and focuses on designs which fandoms will love. Go and waste some time browsing the store, you won't regret it.
  4. Netflix, Nutella and Naps T-shirt | £11.08 | TheMustachioBros via Etsy
    When a slogan t-shirt has alliteration and is also undeniably true, you can't not include it in your gift guide, can you?


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  1. 'Nutella Nutella' Soy Candle | £8.32 | FirePlaceCandlesBA via Etsy
    Unfortunately this store only ships to the US, but if this suits you then this candle certainly looks like perfection and I imagine it smells like it too.
  2. 'Nutella Dream' Soy Candle | £12.48 | WaxAndRope via Etsy
    Don't worry, fellow non Americans! This company ships worldwide and looks just as beautiful as the previous candle.
  3. 45 x 30cm Nutella Cushion | £15.23 | Bardocreazioni via Etsy
    I love how this cushion is shaped just like a Nutella jar, unlike your usual square shape. This would look great in my room at university *hint hint to any family reading*.
  4. 40.6 x 40.6cm Nutella Cushion | £23.58 | Ollanani via Etsy
    The artistic style of this cushion is what guaranteed its space in the gift guide. It has a lovely watercolour effect and would easily add that aspirational Pinterest vibe to any room.

Bits and Bobs

1 | 2

  1. Choco Toast iPhone and Samsung Phone Case | £6.93 - £17.33 | CRAFIC via Etsy
    I wasn't quite sure how to categorise these two items but I loved them too much not to include them. This phone case is just perfection and is available for a variety of iPhones and Samsungs - click the link to see the whole list.
  2. 60gm slice of Nutella Soap | £2.30 | KathrynLisa via Etsy
    Admittedly this soap does not look the most appealing, however I think we can allow that considering it smells of Nutella and thus you will also smell of Nutella. No complaints here.

The Perfect Spoon

1 | 2

  1. 'There is nothing Nutella and a spoon can’t fix' Spoon | £16 | SortedGifts via Etsy
    Every true Nutella addict needs their perfect spoon for those 'straight out of the jar' urges which I get far too often. Still on the search for mine, these two are definite contenders.
  2. 'Just a little bit' Spoon | £12.48 | ThePaperSpoon4U via Etsy
    Just a little bit - how many times have you said that and ended up hitting the bottom of the jar with your spoon? Right? Or is that just me...

And if you desperately need a gift for a Nutella lover before Christmas, check out my last guide for a list of recipes you can easily whip up at home. Also see this book for more recipes and a possible gift idea. If you live near a Hotel Chocolat, you can pop in to pick up some fancy Nutella thanks to their Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. You are most welcome.

Hopefully I've helped those of you with Nutella lovers in your lives out a little, if you'd like any more ideas just let me know and I'm sure I can put my thinking cap on! I'm already planning a design for a Nutella mug cake mug for my Zazzle store so will keep you updated.

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet or will you be running out to Hotel Chocolat on Christmas Eve to pick up some chocolate spread? Mine is roughly 97% complete which is unusually organised for me!

Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers 2015

I say beginning, however our decorations were up asap on December 1st. They probably would have been up earlier if it was up to my Christmas obsessed flatmate Shannon, but majority ruled.

Since Shannon and I both have Tuesdays off university, the week before we headed out on a shopping trip to Primark and Poundland for budget decorations. On December 1st the Christmas playlist was blasting and the flat was totally transformed. Take a look for yourself.

Shannon made an incredible amount of snowflakes and was helped by Kate to add the finishing touch of lots and lots of glitter. Chloe also shared her expertise after studying snowflakes for an entire year for her advanced Higher art project. These are truly special snowflakes.

I have kept my room a Christmas free zone so I have somewhere to escape need be, as the lounge is adorned with lights, tinsel, snowmen, snowflakes...

Four advent calendars for a pound from Poundland, so Shannon bought 4 Minion and 4 Frozen themed ones. I don't love minions so luckily got myself a Frozen one. It's the chocolate that counts anyway. I absolutely love cheap chocolate - hint hint for christmas presents xxx

As you can see, we even have Christmas scented incense. Our lounge really is a Winter Wonderland.

The tree photographed is pretty tiny, but don't worry as we also have a bigger one!

We don't have the space or budget for a real or plastic tree; so put our thinking caps on and created a wrapping paper tree, complete with decorations and even a cute pot. I had a vision yet I think it turned out better than I had expected.

We simply cut out three overlapping triangles to create the shape of the tree and then added tinsel, decorative bows used for wrapping presents as lights and circular gift tags for baubles.

And for the top of the tree, we decided not to use a star or an angel, but to go for a slightly unconventional topper. I don't know if you have seen the Christmas Coca-Cola bottles yet, but the wrapper magically ties itself into a bow in front of your eyes. Seriously, go buy one now and have a shot yourself. You will be amazed. It looks so pretty!

Luckily after a few parties our decorations are mostly still up. We have found the missing 'O' from our 'NOEL' lettering but if we hadn't we could've just stuck a snowflake in there instead.

Students are incredibly resourceful. I think all our decorations cost us about £20 which is pretty good considering we have two Christmas trees and are living in Santa's Grotto.

What do you think of our effort? Are your decorations more over the top than ours?!

My Flat's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last Sunday, The Music Hall in Aberdeen hosted Trend and Premiere Production's LOVE Fashion catwalk show. The evening consisted of an incredible amount of collections from both independent and big brand retailers, as well as entertainment with some truly inspiring spectacles.

What I most liked was that the audience was presented both local, independent brands as well as the bigger retailers so there was a great mixture on offer and something suited for everyone.

Lasting 3 hours, the catwalk was packed with offerings from the likes of De-Zire, Helen Ruth Scarves, Midnight Elegance (one of my favourites) and Country Ways as well as retailers from Aberdeen's Bon Accord Centre such as Coast, Phase Eight and Topshop.

Hence my photographs will be split into three separate posts (three!) over the next two weeks as there are an awful lot! Let me know which are your favourite pieces from the first lot in the comments :)

I recommend viewing in portrait mode to see the whole of the longer photos.

LOVE Fashion Catwalk Show Part One

Happy November!

If you didn't know, November 5th is my birthday and it just so happens that 2015's November 5th was my 18th! How exciting. I can now legally buy alcohol and have a Paypal account - how fab.

The blog has been lacking in content recently due to a number of excuses I could reel off but instead I have decided to sit down and set myself a realistic schedule to follow now that my living circumstances have changed. Blogging is definitely still a big part of my life and I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into it, starting with this post.

My November Goals

  • Blog.
    Make a blogging schedule and actually stick to it.
  • Enjoy being 18, but don't get carried away.Basically - remember there are more important things than alcohol. Like university:
  • Stay organised with university work.
    I feel I have actually done pretty well with this, despite once staying up till 3am to finish work before the deadline that day. But apart from that, I'd say I'm on top of my studies.
  • Eat for £1 per day for a week.A student's gotta do what a student's gotta do. And I like weird challenges like this.
  • Be a fab cheerleader.
    Yes, I have joined the cheerleading team. And somehow made it onto the competition team. I never imagined myself as a cheerleader, but I thoroughly enjoy the sport, the people and the social events too.
  • Buy a new pair of heels.This is my treat if I achieve the rest of my goals. A great motivator I'm sure you'll agree.
  • Plan birthday present for my Gran's 100th.
    Yeah, you read right.
A post all about uni life (and a room tour!) will be up this month as well as how I'm getting on with my £1 a day for food challenge. I am very interested to see how that goes haha.

This month however I am most excited to get back into blogging, what are your goals for November?

November Goals

Yes, I did survive Freshers' Week. And yes, although only being 17 and half the events being 18+, I did have an amazing week. My flatmates are an incredible bunch of people - we've already had a family roast dinner (but more on that later) - and I couldn't imagine a better group to spend the next year with. And they were also awesome during Freshers' Week - special shoutout to those who cared for me when I forgot to eat dinner and drank too much alcohol - not the best combination.
Freshers' Week Drunk Emotions

What to expect from Freshers' Week

  • Your number of Facebook friends will sky rocket, although you may not remember everyone you add.
    I had a nice conversation with a bouncer in Mcdonald's at 2am and now we are online friends. I'm never going to speak to him again, but we have that unique Freshers' Week bond which can never be broken. Isn't that something special. Wiping away the tears.

  • You will make a ton of new friends and even more acquaintances.
    Sure, not everyone you ask the three compulsory questions to (name, hometown, course) is going to be your best friend by the end of the year, but you are bound to meet some people you will keep in touch with throughout university and possibly even beyond that. Freshers' Week is an amazing opportunity to meet people so get out there and socialise!

  • The excitement from meeting someone from your hometown or course is unreal.
    But no, just because I'm from Edinburgh does not mean I know every single person in Edinburgh. It's a big place jeez.

  • Your slang vocabulary will greatly expand, thanks to your uni friends and flatmates.
    For example, do you know what a spicy is? According to my flatmate Mhairi from Greenock, it is basically a very attractive specimen. But not as attractive as a spicemaster. Obviously.

  • You will get drunk, and will probably be sick.
    I'm convinced that even if you're teetotal, Freshers' Week will destroy your innocence at least one night. You may then swear never to drink again, but it's Freshers' Week so we all know that's a lie. And if you are crouched over your toilet for four hours like one of my close, close friends was, be nice to your flatmates and clean it up in the morning. We've all been there.

  • You will play Never Have I Ever - on several occasions.
    I (surprisingly) only drank 3 nights during Freshers' Week because I had a sore throat and cough from Hell. However even I joined in with the dreaded Never Have I Ever with my hot water and honey.

  • Naps will become part of your daily routine.
    For someone who usually survives on 6/7 hours of sleep a night and never naps, Freshers Week made me question if I am who I thought I was. A lie in for me used to be 9am but for the first time in forever waking up at 2 in the afternoon is perfectly acceptable. Wake up, have some breakfast lunch eh brunch(?) and go for an hour long nap before washing and going out again!

  • Oh, and you will fall asleep on your sofa, no matter how wooden or uncomfy it is.
    Trust me, our sofas are pretty awful.

A photo posted by Lifestyle Blogger 💖 Mairi (@copperpink) on

I'm hoping to have a few more university related posts as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts making an appearance again now I have settled into my timetable and classes etc. Is there anything uni-related/moving out from home etc. you'd like me to write about? I'd love to help or just tell some amusing stories if I can!

Also, this past weekend was the first time I visited home and it really was the strangest experience. But more about that in another post. See you soon!

8 Things to Expect from Freshers' Week

New and exciting Luxemmewho sent me this gorgeous two piece, is an online fashion retailer based in Manchester. The brand describes themelves as a "forward thinking fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester street style" and I think I'd have to agree!

Luxemme aims to provide luxury quality for affordable prices and I was certainly impressed by my choice. I was asked to select my favourite piece from the Limited Edition range and so chose the Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece. Thankfully I love it - now here are lots of pretty pictures enjoy xxx

P.S. view in portrait mode to see the whole image on screen

I must apologise for the lack of posting recently; moving to Aberdeen has made me incredibly busy and I have also been struck down by freshers flu! However, I have almost finished decorating my room so a uni room tour will be up asap - possibly on YouTube. And I have been brainstorming loads of other ideas for university related posts - if you have any questions about moving out or freshers week, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer now or include a response in a future post!

You can browse and buy from Luxemme here - let me know if you see anything you like!
Will you be buying from Luxemme? Which piece from the Limited Edition range is your favourite?

Luxemme Outfit Review

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