The #EdFashion Twitter chat debuted last night and was a fantastic experience hosted by the amazing @EdFashionTweets. The chat aims to unite local fashion creatives including bloggers, models, photographers etc. and to raise awareness of the superb fashion talent in Edinburgh.

Q1 asked everyone to give a short introduction including your occupation (well mine is a hobby) and their postcode to get a rough idea of our locations within Edinburgh - don't think there were any other Eh12ers though. I did however start a conversation about cats which is always a good thing. It was shaping to be a good hour!

Q2 allowed everyone to share their recent projects or favourites to allow others to see their work to get an idea of what they actually do rather than just saying "I'm a blogger" or "I'm a photographer".

Here are a few of my favourites:

It was great to have access to everyone's images and links in one place at the one time, allowing everyone to showcase their favourite work.

Q3 asked what your favourite clothing store is in Edinburgh and, as a fashion blogger, I felt a bit bad because I haven't really visited any local boutiques - only highstreet chain stores! I did however find others who also love Primark and we decided it's not the cost of the item that matters, but how you style it. Although I would love to visit Godiva and Hannah Zakari sometime!

Q4 got into the nitty gritty of whether creatives feel Edinburgh is celebrated enough for its fashion but also the creative industries and what we would like to see more of in the future which produced some very interesting ideas and opinions.

I definitely agree that Edinburgh doesn't receive enough credit and it definitely needs more exposure - it's just how do we go about getting the word out. I think the first step is making creatives aware of each other and collaborating to work as a team and not individuals.

Q5 allowed individuals to share a little more about themselves, asking how we would describe our style and what/who we are inspired by.

I couldn't not put my own tweet in, could I?

Q6 ended the chat nicely inviting participants to share what Edinburgh fashion event is next in their diaries! At the moment mine is empty so any invitations are welcome haha.

If you are a local creative it would be great to see/tweet you at the next #EdFashion chat! I believe one will be held on the last Sunday of each month from 9-10pm but you can follow @EdFashionTweets to keep in the loop!

What would your answers have been to these questions? And will you be joining in the next chat?
See you soon!

First #EdFashion Chat Highlights

I always look forward to the next Edinburgh Bloggers’ event and this time was definitely not a disappointment. In partnership with Coast, Edinburgh Bloggers and Metropolitan Fashion Show, us lucky bloggers were invited along to an exciting evening at Coast on George Street.

Upon arrival we were each ticked off the guest list and gifted a goody bag including business cards, vouchers and even a few freebies from Lush! We were greeted by Erskine String Quartet who performed a selection of covers of pop songs throughout the night. As a fellow cellist I was very impressed.

The main event of the evening was the mini fashion show featuring Coast’s new collections. However this started at 8pm so Kathleen, Cera and I used the time before to taste the delicious assortment of food on offer! Waste not want not eh! I felt very classy drinking my orange juice from a champagne glass.

I also used this time to meet new bloggers and found a few new faces to follow on Instagram. I always feel a little awkward approaching people at events like this but everyone is so friendly and once the conversation gets going I’m my usual happy self.

I have also just received my very first business cards and am excited to start handing these out at future events. They make me feel like a pro.

Anyway, once the fashion show started I got out my camera and attempted to take good photos. Still trying to figure out how on earth to work my new tech, I did manage to get a couple but they’re not my finest pieces haha. All the outfits were gorgeous but I think the dress worn by Eshiva was my favourite – I can’t resist lace, especially when it’s accompanied by feathers and sparkles!

The theme of the night was a magical secret garden which was shown through the floral prints in much of the new collection. The leafy vines on the chandelier also helped.

After the show there was a bit more socialising, a bit more cake and a lot of discussion/debate over which outfit was best. A raffle was drawn and Sultana was the lucky winner! I spent the rest of the evening admiring everyone’s outfits as well as the clothes on display and wishing I was rich.

That’s what I wore btw. Fitting in with the magical secret garden theme pretty well eh. Please excuse my face - low angles are strange to get used to haha.

I had a fantastic evening but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end – all the cake had been eaten. Nah I’m joking there were still a few doughnuts left, but sadly Kathleen, Cera and I said our farewells and hopped on the bus home for an early(ish) night before going back to the daily grind of school. Sigh.

Luckily I’m leaving school in just under a month, with a two week holiday during that time. Stress stress stress for exams and finishing coursework however, so apologies if I am a little distant on social media and the blog! I will try my best to maintain consistency in my posts though as I said I would in my New Year’s Resolutions post!

See you soon!

Edinburgh Bloggers Coast Event

Instagram has really grown on me recently, highly due to the fact I am studying photography at college at the moment and so my searches for #abstract, #dslr and the like have increased greatly.

You may have seen my last selfie which I did indeed take on my new camera - it's perfect (the camera, not the selfie...).

In celebration of my rekindled love for Instagram, I'd like to share with you a few of my favourite feeds. I am always on the search for more to follow however, so share your links in the comments!


Tonje (without the 'n') has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It's the prettiest shade of pink and she styles it in the most adorable ways. Her makeup is also superb and her fashion choices are unique but from stores/sites I can buy from which is what I love to see on Instagram. I did also love her rainbow hair phase and her feed provides me with inspiration and confidence to be more bold with my hair, makeup and clothes. Thanks Tonje!


This account is where I go to fulfil my cravings for the cutest animals EVER. A mixture of videos and photos makes this the best feed for me to get my fix of ultimate cuteness and if you think you know a better account for this - please do let me know.


I only discovered this account recently, however it is definitely one of my favourite feeds. Wannes Morino is the photographer behind these beautiful abstract pieces (you can check out the official website here) and uses film and no editing - NO EDITING. This is a rarity on Instagram what with filters etc. and the feed has motivated me to experiment with features on my camera rather than relying on editing on the computer afterwards to achieve what I want to convey through my images.


One of my favourite bloggers, Kate from gh0stparties, has the most perfect feed to match her chic and sophisticated blog design and content. All her images seem so carefully thought out yet so natural and relaxed at the same time. It reminds me of the little things in our daily lives that make them special and her taste in interior design is out of this world! I am planning to redecorate my bedroom soon and I will definitely be browsing her feed and blog posts for further tips and inspiration!

Those are just a few of my favourite feeds and I have no doubt I will find many more in the near future as I am always on the hunt for pretty things! #pinkhair is one of my favourite ways to waste spend my time productively.

What are your favourite feeds on Instagram? Please do share links in the comments (even if it's your own!) as I'd love to explore your recommendations :).

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, just click here!

Fave Insta Feeds

I think March is the month where people start panicking for prom when they realise they haven't thought about it at all. However asides from all the other stuff, finding the 'perfect' prom dress is the ultimate dilemma for all.

Most of my browsing so far has taken place online and although I have had a few bad experiences with dodgy sites, luckily I haven't ordered from any of these. As much as I love the internet, I thought it would be a good idea to try on some dresses to get an idea for the shape, styles etc. I liked.

Accompanied by Dana and Kerry who are also on the hunt, I set off to Glasgow to browse boutiques (and Poundland). Here is a short vlog of what ensued...

Hope you enjoyed the video! Are any of you preparing for prom? What type of dress are you looking for and have you found any good stores/sites? Let me know in the comments :) clicking here!

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Prom Dress Adventures in Glasgow | Vlog

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I spent mine at Dobbies testing out my new camera and eating cake with my family. A great day was had by all.

In celebration of the occasion, I painted a very feminine design on my nails which I am actually pretty pleased with.

For this look I didn't use a base coat, but instead started off with my matte topcoat from Essie. Sometimes I'll wear just this topcoat which I talked about in my last nail-related post.

After the base/topcoat I used some striping tape to create a smooth edge for the pearl white polish and then applied the white balls (part of a gift set)  - like a caviar manicure. Next I used my dotting tool to apply Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Polish in Popcorn for the centre of the flower, followed by using a small paintbrush to create the petals using Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Kiss Me Quick.

It was surprisingly easy and didn't take me that long to do at all, probably because I didn't need to wait for two or three coats of a base colour to dry before adding detail. I may try this technique again in future designs.

What did you get up to for Mother's Day and what do you think of bare nail art designs?

NOTD: Mother's Day

This is my second post on Edinburgh Fashion Week which is currently happening and ends on the 15th March so there's still time to participate! The first show I went to was the John Lewis Tutorial which you can view photos from in my last post.

This show however featured independent designers and boutiques located on Thistle Street and although I was in the fifth row I did manage to get a few good photos. The show included pieces from Kakao by K, Jane Davidson, ALC, Covet and 21st Century Kilts. Fellow blogger Ka5thleen joined me as well as Cera and Emily - I think our favourite part was the male models fab outfits.

Hope you enjoyed my second collection of photographs! If you'd like to see the first, click here.
Are you doing anything for Edinburgh Fashion Week? What do you think of these outfits?

See you soon,

Edinburgh Fashion Week: Thistle Street Show

This weekend just past hosted Weekend Fashion Event on the Mound as part of Edinburgh Fashion Week (7th-15th March). It was my first experience of a Fashion Week, and while it probably wasn't quite as big as London, Paris, New York etc. it was still an amazing weekend.

The first show I went to was the John Lewis Tutorial on SS15 trends where we were shown 20 outfits featuring clothes and collections available from the store. It was the first opportunity I had to use my new camera (Sony a5000) so hopefully you will see an improvement in my pictures and videos as I become better acquainted with it! P.S. view in Portrait mode to see the whole image!

Hope you enjoyed my photos - at least one other Fashion Week post will be up later this week!

Which outfit is your favourite and why? Have you participated in Edinburgh Fashion Week yet? More info can be found over here.

Till next time,

Edinburgh Fashion Week: John Lewis Tutorial

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