So I put fake tan on my eyebrows - but hear me out! The reason for this life-changing decision was due to learning this long-lasting brows trick from rclbeauty101 on YouTube. In her "Prom Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!" video, Rachel explains how she uses dark fake tan to fill in her brows which lasts about five days without the need to top up every day.

The idea of not having to spend a good five minutes every morning making sure my brows are on point sounded amazing to me so I knew I had to try it. Luckily I still have some Vita Liberata NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse left after being sent it to review and although Rachel suggested using dark fake tan to avoid an orange tint, mine is medium and worked out okay. Perhaps this is because my eyebrows aren't naturally as dark as hers?


These are my eyebrows without any product. They have an alright shape but are a little patchy here and there and start to fade away after the arch. Also, the arch on my right eye (your left) begins earlier than my other eye so I usually extend this with product and attempted this with the fake tan.

Layer One

I was happy to see that I had not turned into a tangerine with the first layer of fake tan, although it is slightly more warm toned than what I usually use. The first layer created the basis of the shape I wanted and did add a little colour and definition but it wasn't enough so I tried a second coat.

Layer Two

The outline and shape of my brows became much more defined with the second layer and the warm tones came through stronger. However, as I have strange brown hair that has hidden goldy highlights that appear when it's sunny, I decided I could get away with this shade.

This is how my eyebrows turned out in the end and I was pretty pleased with them. The mousse/liquidy texture allowed me to create a more defined outline but I was still able to blend the product on my skin for a while so it was easy to correct any mistakes or unnaturally harsh edges.


Unfortunately, when it came to removing my makeup at night, all my makeup came off. Including my fake tanned eyebrows. I was heart broken. The whole point of this was to have brows that lasted a good few days. I tested makeup removing with both a face wipe and my face oils and the fake tan came off both times. However I did notice that the hair (not the skin) was still tinted a little darker and warmer than usual but nothing like I had expected.

After wearing and re-applying them three days in a row, I did have a slight tint to my skin but it was very faint. Perhaps if you use dark fake tan like Rachel originally specified it would stay?


This first attempt was done a while ago and since then I have tried the technique a few more times. With practice, I believe I have given myself an even more defined brow but I still think I have managed to avoid the scouse brow look. Also I can't get it to stay overnight. Sigh.

Here are a few examples from my brow journey (warning: selfies galore):

Although this experiment was not a total success re longevity, I still am pleased with the appearance of fake tan on brows. And, as I don't wear fake tan anywhere else on my body, I suppose I may as well make use of what I have left!

And so the quest for long-lasting eyebrows continues.

Have you ever tried fake tanning your eyebrows or would you try it? Let me know if you have any suggestions for long-lasting brows too - it would mean I can sleep in for an extra five minutes!

So I Put Fake Tan on My Eyebrows...

If enchiladas, fajitas or Mexican food is your passion in life, then Sabor Criollo in Edinburgh may just be your paradise. Let’s clear one thing up first though: the restaurant is not a typical Mexican – it serves Latin-American and authentic South American dishes. The differences are subtle but exist.

Located on Deanhaugh Street, Sabor Criollo is a favourite with my family – particularly my dad. This is perhaps why it is so special to me, as he usually describes meals he really enjoys as “okay” or “nice” but Sabor Criollo gets a “really nice” which means a lot coming from him.

You won’t find any Michelin stars here but the food is still exceptional in my opinion. With only about six tables, the themed interior has an incredibly relaxed yet fun atmosphere and the staff are attentive and smiling. The funky Latin-American music also creates good vibes.

Although you can’t see into it, the kitchen is just a stone’s throw away and the sizzling smells of fajitas, salsa and guacamole waft past the beach outside. Or is that just a painting on the wall…

Anyone who has studied Higher Geography will know of yucca from the Bora tribe from the Amazon who eat it regularly. Well, at Sabor Criollo you too can eat like these tribespeople. Yucca fritta (meaning ‘fried yucca’) used to be a starter on the menu and I was terribly upset on my last visit when it was not there. However, I then discovered it has simply been moved to the Side Dish section and you can order it alongside your fellow diners’ starters (plus it’s cheaper) so do not fear. I highly recommend it – it has the taste and texture of parsnip and potatoes – great combo.

This time I decided to try calamari rings which were very nice (considering I'm not fond of seafood).

This is one rare restaurant where I have a set drink. Of guava juice. It’s pink. Do I even need to give you any more reasons to try it? Rubicon ftw.

My usual main course is either the fabulous chicken enchiladas or the shredded beef dish with the unusual accompaniment of plantain. I also thoroughly enjoy their rice, black beans and salsa (although I think it’s been changed) mmm…

I’ll usually be full after a starter and main course but occasionally I’ll manage to squeeze in a dessert. My family and I recommend the cheesecake and my dad thinks the banana flambé is “really nice”.

High praise indeed. Not joking.

The coffee is also pretty snazzy and they have a selection of cocktails on offer if you fancy. Heads up: the vanilla coffee is incredibly yummy.

I am trying to think of some negatives however the only thing I can come up with is there used to be a toy toucan on the bar and it’s not there anymore. I think it has been replaced by a parrot which I am not happy about. Other than that, I really do recommend you try out Sabor Criollo as it is such a unique and special restaurant in Edinburgh and just a 10 minute walk from Princes St.

P.S. you get free mints with your bill.

Visit Sabor Criollo's website or call 0131 332 3322 for more information.

Hasta la Vista!

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Sabor Criollo | Restaurant Review

I have been extremely inactive on social media and the blog the past week and that is due to a mixture of school work and a short break with the family in Pittenweem in Fife. It's a favourite destination of ours for getting away for just a few days or a week depending how much we need a holiday haha! My school work is almost over and with a countdown of TWO WEEKS TODAY till my first exam (should probably start revising eh) I thought I'd share some of my work with you.

Don't worry, you don't have to do the work, it's just a few photos I took while I was away for my photography project. I used long exposures to create ghost-like figures for my Mysterious theme. Shoutout to dad for being my model. Which photos are your favourite? I have to cut out a few to present as my final pieces on Tuesday in a ten minute presentation that I haven't started yet lol.

Now I'm off to make a projector from a shoebox for my next photoshoot - wish me luck!

I've Been in Fife

Okay, so maybe 'summer' is a little optimistic. However, Edinburgh has had a few incredibly beautiful days weather wise so I (and many other bloggers) took the opportunity to style some summer options. This was the first day I exposed my legs to the public this year - can you see them (they're rather ghost-like)? Fingers crossed this weather stays however it's Scotland so who kens really.

I'm pretty sure you can tell I adore this dress. I bought it last summer as an impulse buy and I am so glad I did. It fits me perfectly and is such a gorgeous colour for spring and summer. I tried so hard to match my lips to it haha. The only annoying thing is the straps cross over at the back which looks lovely but you can see my bra straps and I feel it would look better without them. Such a hard life.

May we have a moment to appreciate the fact that this is my first clutch. For £6 I thought it would be a good purchase for Malta (bring on summer) and I was also pleased it comes with a chain. White is one of my favourites for summer, especially when paired with a brighter colour like the dress.

How cool are my shoes?! They are authentic Converse but in the form of gladiator sandals! I am so glad they still fit me as I bought them a couple of years ago. They have caused mixed feelings amongst my friends but I'm in love with them. What do you think? Oh and I don't think you can see it in the pictures but the Converse logo is on the inside of each shoe.

Shoes are so hard to take pictures of when you're by yourself using a tripod!

See what I mean?! This face occurred on a number of occasions.

Well, I'm now off to enjoy the sunshine. Oh no wait I'm off to write a 2000 word essay for college... So much for the holidays eh. Posts have been a little less regular as you may have noticed but once I finish school things should be back to normal.

On the bright side, I only have four days left of school! Followed by two exams but after the 19th May I will be freeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited and am hoping to pass my driving test for summer too so I'll be cruisin' in my non existent car that I am not getting because I have no job and can't afford it. Ah well I can dream...

How are you spending your Easter holidays (if you get them!) and the summer weather?

Hellooo Summer OOTD

Growing up, I didn't eat much meat at all, mainly because my sister was a kinda-vegetarian (but she ate Haribos). Because of this, my yearning for real meatballs instead of those fake quornballs (although 85% less saturated fat to be fair) has made me greatly appreciate meat when I do have it.
So you'll understand how excited I was to be invited to try out the new Steak on Stones addition to Steak Edinburgh on Picardy Place. I can count the number of times I have had steak on one hand so this really was a treat.

Obviously I am no expert when it comes to steak, however for the recommended 200g per person I'd say the price is pretty good. As I had a couple of side dishes too, we couldn't finish all the meat but did conquer the majority.

The friendly staff and urban decor create a very welcoming atmosphere. The burning fire was a lovely touch and I managed to accidentally match my top to the brick walls. What a kwinkydink.

Now, onto the food!

Something which has always put me off steak is the fact that it comes as a gigantic slab of meat making it look intimidating. How on earth am I going to finish all that?!

Luckily, at Steak on Stones, the meat is served thinly sliced for you to cook yourself on the hot lava stone (note: hot!). The great thing about it is you can pace yourself and have little bits at a time and your meat is always freshly cooked! I was also worried about food poisoning however apparently many people actually eat steak completely raw so you can experiment with each slice!

The sizzling noise made when the meat meets the stone is incredibly satisfying. You can also order sides and sauces to accompany your steak.

There are about five varied choices for both sides and sauces. Grant and I ordered three sides however I had to eat almost two whole ones myself because he doesn't like vegetables (weirdo). It's fair to say I was absolutely stuffed afterwards. However I thoroughly enjoyed both my sweet potato mash topped with walnuts and my creamed leeks, peas and bacon. Gosh I want to go back right now. Oh and Grant highly recommends the chips haha.

If you have any room left after all that delicious food, the dessert menu features doughnuts. Just doughnuts. Grant went for a custard filled one and I for a fudge.

They were perfectly glazed, sugared and everything you could wish for in a doughnut. Each type has a matching cocktail however as I'm only 17, I stuck to my lime and soda water.

It was a struggle, but I did finish dessert.

You will definitely not be disappointed with the Steak on Stones experience. Although the focus is on the steak and method of cooking, the sides and sauces are also amazing. Served by friendly staff and an intimate urban setting, it truly is a gem amongst the many restaurants in Edinburgh.

I can't wait to go again.

Have you tried the steak on stones experience yet?
P.S. Happy Easter!

Steak on Stones Review

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