Brunch. What a brilliant word. Breakfast and lunch - but together.

Lately I've been feeling quite classy as I have eaten out for a few brunches in Edinburgh including Papii (the waffles omg) and Frankie and Benny's (the Amalfi Sunrise omg). However this post will give you a glimpse into another eatery I have visited in the mornings - Café Rouge.

Most places stop serving breakfast at noon and it's a really satisfying feeling to get a table just before the menu switches to lunch - or is that just me...

Previously I had only eaten at Café Rouge in the evening but I really did enjoy what they had to offer for breakfast. My family and I headed along with a 2 for 1 voucher in hand and had what I think was our first official family brunch.

I decided to try out the eggs benedict as since trying the well-known dish at the airport before Malta, I am addicted and determined to find the very best eggs benedict Edinburgh has to offer! Might start a short blog series on that so hit me up with your local eggs benedict suggestions.

FYI, the duck eggs benedict (how many times can I say that in one blog post? The count is on.) was delicious! I am very excited to try this combination again!

Of course, the menu does have the usual English breakfast which was included in our voucher and my dad said it was "nice" which means roughly 8/10 from him. If you are a vegetarian - fear not, for Café Rouge also have a vegetarian English breakfast which I tried on my second brunch here.

The dish is meant to come with avocado (yaaas) and spinach, but unfortunately both times I have visited they have been out of spinach. The mushrooms however are simply delicious and the beans are unexpectedly tomato-y which was a pleasant surprise as I tend to not get on with baked beans.

If you are looking for something a little more French for your breakfast at Café Rouge, as it is definitely a French restaurant, there are a few other options which sound amazing. I will definitely be returning to try the Chouquettes which are "baked in-house choux balls, coated with sugar, served with crème fraîche or hot chocolate dipping sauce."

Hot chocolate dipping sauce for breakfast!! *insert heart-eyed emoji here*

As you can see, my sister and I were two very satisfied customers. For two people, you can easily get a breakfast with drinks for £20 or under which is pretty good I'd say. And really, you're paying for breakfast and lunch (brunch) because it's a filling meal which means it's even better value! Now you have no excuse not to try Café Rouge. Ha!

Where is your favourite place to brunch? And where can I find the best eggs benedict guys c'mon help me out!

43 Frederick Street 
0131 225 4515

P.S. eggs benedict count = 6 (including that one)

Brunch at Café Rouge

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I won Benefit's and Boot's recent competition thanks to this selfie:

I was just browsing Boots one day when one of the lovely Benefit women approached me and asked if I'd like to get my makeup done - emmm yes please! When I headed home I saw a post on Twitter asking customers to get their eyeliner done at a Benefit counter and upload a selfie - it was really as easy as that. Now I am the proud owner of the new Benefit They're Real! Push-up Eyeliner range as well as the mascaras (review coming soon!)

The high price tag (for me) of £18.50 meant I probably wouldn't have bought these liners with my own money but now I have had the chance to try them out I would highly recommend them. Read on to find out why and be sure to watch my Youtube video review as well.

T-B shades: Beyond Purple, Beyond Brown, Beyond Green, Beyond Blue

The colour liners are all jewel tones (except from the brown) and are subtle enough for everyday wear while still getting a gorgeous pop of colour. They are long lasting (even on the waterline!) and really don't budge. My preferred method of removal is my oil concoction of castor oil and a few others. However, Benefit do sell their own eye makeup remover but I will be sticking to my oils after not having as much success with Benefit's.

But perhaps the liner's best feature is how easy it is to apply, for eyeliner newbies like me and experts too. This is due to the combination of the gel-like formula and the uniquely shaped AccuFlex™ nib which is claimed to 'hug' your lashline. I love hugs.

To learn more on my opinion of these eyeliners and to see a short demo, be sure to watch my YouTube review which is also embedded below.

Here are a couple of close ups from the looks created in the video, let me know which is your favourite and I may upload a short tutorial for one or two :).

Look created using Beyond Blue eyeliner on top lashline, Beyond Brown eyeliner on top and bottom waterline, Beyond Brown mascara on top lashes, Beyond Blue mascara on bottom lashes

 Look created using Beyond Green eyeliner on top lashline, Beyond Brown eyeliner on top and bottom waterline, SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up mascara on top and bottom lashes with Benefit They're Real! in Black mascara layered on top and bottom lashes.

And although I didn't create the following look myself, I applied everything except the purple and brown eyeliner as this was done by the lovely makeup artist in Boots before I won the range! I love the combination of the colour and glitter though so I will definitely be recreating this myself.

Look created using Beyond Purple eyeliner on top lashline, Beyond Brown on bottom waterline, Collection glitter eyeliner, SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up mascara on top and bottom lashes with Benefit They're Real! in Black mascara layered on top and bottom lashes.
A photo posted by Mairi Lowe (@copperpink) on

I hope you liked this review and makeup inspiration post as well as the video! Please let me know what you think as I am really trying to improve how I come across on YouTube.

Will you be picking up any of the Benefit They're Real! Colour Push-up Liners? Which shade is your favourite? And would you like to see a tutorial for any of the above looks? Let me know in the comments!

Remember to watch the video and follow me on Bloglovin for updates when I post!

Benefit They're Real Colour! Push-up Liner Review + Video Demo

Another holiday, another guest post! This time I spent a week in the Highlands of Scotland climbing hills and running away from scary sheep and I should have a vlog up in the next week (don't hold me to that). But for now I have another great guest post, this time from Suzy Walsh from The House of Elegance Fashion:

The fall season collections for 2015-2016 have already arrived, and the new age trends are trending around the fashion squares. Have you checked them yet? Fall trends are always worth looking ahead, mainly because the colours are toned down and the interpretations at every designer and brand are worth indulging. In this small post, let’s check the dose of fashion ideas that you need for a fun winter in 2015.

Velvety appeal:
If you love velvet, this is the year when you can wear velvet for the fall with ease. The full length gowns were seen at some of the top designer collections, including that of Ralph Lauren and Valentino. Long and stunning gowns in black velvet remained the choice of designers, but you can surely try colours beyond. For completing velvet gowns, focus on the use of gemstone jewellery for that much needed element of shine and gloss.

Quilt it rightly: Think of the heaviest winters, and you have those dress, skirts and jackets at some of the biggest designers. Some of such designs were seen at Chanel, Fendi and Moschino. The designs are utterly fun, and if you are someone who doesn’t like to forgo comfort for style, this is an ideal trend to follow. For that quilted dress, all you need is a pair of boots or sneakers. Click here to see some cool sneakers.

The softy colours: Think of the spring colours of 2014? Remember how the soft colours like yellow, pink, blue and other pastel shades that ruled the ramp? Well, the same has returned for fall 2015-2016. The marshmallow soft colours are all over the ramp and some of big houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Prada have used these shades. Think of the soft pink, the cute blue and the spring yellow with a twist, and you have some great shades that are not-so- fall type!

Welcome the 80s: The summer and spring was all about 70s this year, and the fall is about 80s. The use of leather, velvet and quilting is a clear example of how the designers are focusing on the era with amazing concepts. If you are shopping for shoes online or are checking the fall collections for new clothing, make sure to indulge in the styles of the 80s. The designers to check for this trend include Loewe, Moschino and J.W.Anderson.

A special mention must be about the use of fur this fall, which seems to be overdone with some great choices coming in white and otherwise. For the lovers of straight fall-like styles and those who want new things for every season, the trends for 2016 offer more than just a few options. Check with some of the stores that sell clothes online, and you will find some great ideas worth picking.

[Images Credit:]

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and expert who likes to write on trends, style ideas and more. She is the chief editor for budding fashion blog- The House of Elegance Fashion and writes for many other magazines and blogs.

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The House of Elegance Fashion

Guest Post: The Best Handpicked Trends from Fall 2015-2016 Collections from Suzy Walsh

I'm one of those people. The one at a party who quietly adds her favourite song to the queue on the Spotify playlist before swiftly making her way to the other side of the room so no one knows it's one of her tunes. Otherwise it's skipped straight away. So sad.

Sadly this is the only way I can share my music with my friends. I do admit I have made them listen to a few, uh, different styles shall we say, but I do know some good songs and remixes too!

I had a playlist called "Life" which now has over 100 songs so I have decided to create a new monthly playlist which contains whatever I happen to be listening to that month. From the ballads to the graphic rap to the dubstep and trap - there's a real mixture in there.

I also love Soundcloud - mainly for remixes - but mine is a bit of a mess at the moment and I feel my music taste on there is even more unusual! I listen to German rap, remember. I think I'll leave my Soundcloud top picks for another post.

In the meantime, enjoy my July Life playlist and let me now what you think! If you like what you hear, make sure to follow me to be notified when I make a new monthly playlist!

Also, I am away on holiday in the Highlands from today for a week, so sadly there will be no posts during this time as I didn't have time to write up any. Sad face. I'll be back soon though so check back on Saturday 18th :).

I love listening to new music so share your Spotify and Soundcloud playlists in the comments. See you in a week!

I Know a Good Remix of That

The Gathering 8 was an exciting evening of creativity, Scottish talent and an incredible variety of unique fashion styles. To find out more about the event, read my last blog post.

Here however, is a short what I wore to the The Gathering 8.

  • Top | Topshop | bought in sale
  • Jeggings | Primark
  • Wedges | Primark | £12
  • Bracelet | Clo Clo London | £10.99 (I won this in a Twitter giveaway)
  • Bag | Yoshi | £55/65 (a birthday present)

I had always wanted a satchel and luckily was gifted this Yoshi bag by my aunt for my last birthday. It comes pretty much everywhere with me and the quality is amazing. My laptop just squeezes in so it's perfect for blogger meet ups at Black Medicine, which is my favourite spot for blogging in public. I sit downstairs in the dark at the back if you're passing by, you'll probably find me there.

I love the Seraphina bracelet (sorry for no close ups) I won in a Twitter giveaway from Clo Clo London. I only heard of this brand recently thanks to Twitter but love their items. They are reasonably priced and so I am hoping to buy more pieces very soon.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but I am wearing a recent favourite eye makeup look of mine: glitter eyeliner as well as my usual blackness. Click here for a closer look. I'll most likely share a short tutorial on how I achieve my best glitter wing so look out for that.

P.S. a big happy 18th birthday to one of my best friends, Emily. Thanks for putting up with me for so long - you're amazing.

What outfits have you been loving recently? See you soon x

What I Wore to The Gathering 8

As this was the first Gathering I had attended, I was a little unsure what to expect. I'm still not entirely sure I know the full extent of what #scotstreetstyle stands for but I know the aim of the Gatherings is for creatives to come together, make connections and celebrate Scottish talent.

Scot Street Style is on a "quest to reinvigorate the perception of Scotland throughout the world across Social Media and Social Reality." - source

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, click here.

As soon as I walked into The Biscuit Factory (which is where my last ootd was shot), I knew something exciting was happening. There was a real buzz (although maybe that was due to the free alcohol) which grew once I made my way upstairs. It was amazing to see so many creatives together and I spent most of the night gazing in awe at the unique styles, outfits and hair colours on display.

Brands and photographers were exhibiting their creations on the top floor such as the first issue of analogue photography zine BOYS&GIRLS, the Scottish fashion label Rachel McMillan as well as gorgeous printed photographs hanging on show.

I think my favourite pieces were the Conceptual images by Samantha Louise Photography as well as Kerry Lytwyn's photographs.

Although I didn't speak to many people (I'm a bit shy at first), I still enjoyed the atmosphere of the evening and for my first Gathering (hopefully not my last!) I did enjoy the event. It really is amazing how far #scotstreetstyle has come in so little time.

Maybe next time I'll whip up some courage and not just hide behind my camera! See you at the next Gathering?

The Gathering 8

I spent 10 amazing days in Malta for my summer holiday this year. It was my first trip abroad without parents or school so I was a little nervous but also super excited to see old friends and to celebrate the end of high school. I am so happy I have left.

I do have some video clips and may try and make a little vlog about the holiday, but for now here is a short photo diary of the highlights from each day!

Thursday 18th

We arrived around midday and explored our surroundings as well as Emily and Ellie getting the obligatory summer holiday hair braid. (Jenny is top left, Emily bottom left, and Ellie in the chair)

Friday 19th

On our first morning we decided to investigate the hotel pool - we were quite disappointed. It looked lovely on the rooftop and had a great view of the harbour but it was pretty small and there were lots of "reserved" sun loungers with towels and nobody on them grrrr. We didn't go back to the pool but I don't think any of us were bothered about missing out on it.

We also went out to nightclubs which, as a 17 year old, I have never done before in Edinburgh. The drinking age is 17 in Malta and it was strangely satisfying handing over your ID and having no questions asked or eyebrows raised. Ellie and I's favourite club was definitely Footloose where we tried out pole dancing - it was very tame don't worry haha.

Saturday 20th

We decided to ride the 'hop on hop off' bus round the north of Malta, although we woke up a little late so didn't hop on or off during the journey. Still, it was interesting to see the sights and we picked out a few places we knew we wanted to visit another day.

I absolutely love the architecture in Malta, everything looks so pretty. It really gives you a sense for the culture and reminds you that, yes, you are definitely abroad.

We were staying in Sliema and luckily there was a five minute ferry across the harbour to Valletta for a very good price which meant we went to The Hard Rock Cafe three times... their jacket potatoes are top notch. Also - you need to try Kinnie which is like Malta's version of coke. It's delicious!

Sunday 21st

Paradise Bay how I adore you and your waves. I love the beach. I usually go almost every day on summer holidays and I would love to go back to Paradise Bay. The pizza I had for lunch was also fantastic - it had artichokes!!

Monday 22nd

The second beach on our list was St George's Bay where we met up with some old friends from a school exchange trip (Luke and Carina) - it was so surreal seeing them after almost two years but I am so glad we did meet up!

This isn't illegal drugs don't panic - it's called shisha which I was told is non harmful and it tasted like watermelon so ya know, yolo eh. More school exchange friends joined us at night and we had a wee reunion which was lovely.

Tuesday 23rd

We went on a speedboat! And I had to stand as there weren't enough seats but it was so fun when the driver did all his wee tricks and stuff. I felt like I was the classy lady in a James Bond film. My hair was rather tuggy afterwards though. Luckily I packed my Tangle Teezer.

Although very busy, Blue Lagoon on Comino, a little island just off Malta, really is the beach of your dreams. It's the one you see in the movies or the advertisements in travel agents' windows. The water is clearer than crystal and you are surrounded by the gorgeous natural cliffs and sea arches and gorgeousness.

If you ever go to Malta, please visit here!! I'm begging you!!

Wednesday 24th

My Maltese friend Jonathan was kind enough to take my friends and I on a little tour round the country's capital Valletta as well as the old capital Mdina. There are beautiful gardens in Valletta (see arches above) called Upper Barrakka which I visited it on my last trip to Malta too and it was great to visit them again. There are also lots of stray but cute cats.

Mdina has gorgeous architecture perfect for photographers and also has the best cake in Malta the world at Fontanella. This is another definite destination if you visit Malta, which I highly recommend you do. If you do get a slice of cake though, you may want to share it with someone else due to the size, as strange as it sounds to want to share cake. That's how big they are.

Thursday 25th

Golden Bay is yet another beautiful beach in Malta - probably my second favourite after Blue Lagoon. It's perfect for swimming out far and also doing yoga on the beach - how Instagram-y! Bernice and I are being trees in that photograph - yeah, I know my yoga terms.

Friday 26th

We were regulars on the Sliema to Valletta ferry - and yes we were off to Hardrock again haha.

Another of my Maltese friends, Reuben, took us on a scenic route round the coastline of Valletta which was beautiful. It was very quiet and the sunset gave off perfect lighting. We probably wouldn't have seen this route without a local so if anyone wants to know where it is, let me know in the comments.

The drinking age is 17 remember it's ALL OKAY. That's an Electric Blue cocktail from Hardrock. Very nice. And Alcohol-y.

Saturday 27th

What we did during the day on Saturday has completely escaped my mind but for our last night we went to Luna Park with two of Jenny's good friends. Our favourite ride was the dodgems I think - which our Maltese friends call 'bumping cars' when they speak English. Dodgems is better though I think.

Sunday 28th

Our last day </3. Our flight was an evening one so during the day we just walked around the harbour, ate food, got our nails done, fed fish stale bread etc. until meeting up with some friends at the airport before we had to say our farewells.

I reeeeeeally want to go to Isle of MTV because JASON DERULO IS PERFORMING OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH but plane tickets are too expensive (it's July 7th) so I'll just have to cross my fingers Jason comes to T in the Park one year. Pretty please.

If you are undecided about where to go on your next summer holiday, I highly recommend you give Malta a try. It's a hidden gem in the Mediterranean with so much culture and so many different activities - there really is something for everyone. Everyone I have met over there has been so so friendly.

almost cried when leaving our friends at the airport but not quite. Maybe that's because I know I'll definitely be back someday.

Have you ever been to Malta? Or have I convinced you to go?

Malta Photo Diary

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