You know that exciting project or job you want to start but are putting off until the 'right time', until you feel prepared and 100% ready? Here's the truth - you may never feel ready, and there will never be a 'right time'.

Imposter Syndrome: Pushing Through Self-Doubt and Comfort Zones

Well hello there, it's been a wee while hasn't it. Although the blog hasn't been popping recently, I've still been happily active on Instagram. And one thing I did promise not so long ago on Insta Stories was a review of my new sportswear - the Gymshark Women Energy Seamless high waisted leggings and sports bra set in Purple Wash.

Gymshark is a British sportswear brand that has gained customers and popularity partly due to its heavy use of influencer marketing, particularly on Instagram. I have followed some fitness influencers for a while now who are sponsored by Gymshark, and must admit I have indeed been drawn in by the pretty poses, crop tops and especially the super high waists which I find very flattering.

The brand has gained a mass following creating hype by introducing new collections or 'dropping new releases' at specific times with limited stock, encouraging customers to buy as soon as they are released to avoid missing out on new designs. But I want to find out if the product lives up to its hype, what I view as the digital equivalent of loyally camping outside a new store 12 hours before its grand opening.

At £42 for the seamless leggings and £28 for the sports bra, this isn't the cheapest workout wear. But it isn't the most expensive either. Thus I gave into my wants and justified the purchase to myself by promising I would review it for the blog - so here we are. For a completely honest and unbiased review from a frugal student including tales of unwelcome camel toe, free returns (for UK, USA and Canada) and VPL (visible panty line), please continue reading.

Gymshark - Worth the Hype? Energy Seamless Review

After spending the first three weeks of my recent move settling into my new surroundings in Glasgow, my sister Helen visited from Edinburgh for a day of exploring, the main event being a trip to the trendy new Gin Spa in Merchant City.

The Gin Spa was opened in December 2017 by the owners of Gin71, a bar dedicated to all things gin, and claims to be the first botanically inspired day spa in the world. Gin is probably my sister and I's favourite alcohol (although I have been cutting down recently) so of course we had to try it.

Gin Spa Review, Glasgow

Yup you read correctly.

This Edinburgh lass made the (temporary) move to the west coast to Glasgow city centre three weeks ago. As expected when moving, I was a tad apprehensive but also excited. And I can now happily say I have settled in well to my new living and working situation. Why the move?

Well, for second semester of my third year at university (Fashion Management at Robert Gordon in Aberdeen, remember?), I am undertaking a 12 week work placement in Glasgow. Understandably, I was ecstatic when I discovered I had been selected for my first choice of placement! I am now working as Fashion, Beauty and Interiors Intern for The Herald & Times Group, working within the Saturday and Sunday Herald papers distributed in Glasgow. After just three weeks in the fashion cupboard, I am confident this is the placement for me and am thoroughly enjoying my work and responsibilities. One of my main projects whilst at The Herald is launching and growing the fashion department's presence on Instagram. You can follow us at @theheraldfashion - it would mean the world to me if you show your support!

A Breath of Fresh Air - Moving to Glasgow and My Fashion Internship

A Breath of Fresh Air - Moving to Glasgow and My Fashion Internship

Yesterday I returned home from a beautiful escape in Thailand. What better way to start the year than with winter sun for a much-needed boost of energy to beat the January blues? On January 6th, I flew out to Hua Hin, Thailand, to visit my good friend Lauren who moved there just a couple of months ago to teach English. As much as this was a great opportunity for me to have a holiday with free accommodation (thank you Lauren), it was also rehabilitating mentally to spend time with such a lovely friend in such a lovely place as Hua Hin.

Top 5 Activities in Hua Hin, Thailand

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