My name is Mairi and I am the blogger behind Copper Pink. I'm someone who loves a bit of everything and loves trying new things, hence this blog is the perfect outlet for my creativity and spontaneity. I love food, travel, fashion, my dressing gown, university, staying positive, avocado, people, yoga, the gym, glitter, quinoa, shiny things, cats and chocolate. Oh, and copper pink.

Hence, Copper Pink is a cornucopia of a lifestyle blog; currently focusing on fashion, travel, food, student life and wellbeing.

You'll either find me living at home in Edinburgh or up in Aberdeen where I study Fashion Management at Robert Gordon University.

I do hope you'll stick around for a while x


But why Copper Pink?

My blog originally began as Wished for Ruth, but after five months I realised I needed to change the direction the blog was heading in. Enter Copper Pink.

One of the reasons I chose this new name, is thanks to a copper pink cat ring I have had on my index finger for almost 3 years now. It's gone everywhere with me and it may sound silly, but I believe it gives me confidence in everyday situations. I also really love the colour haha.

(p.s. I lost the ring if anyone knows where I can get a replacement PLEASE TELL ME)

Lol I never found a replacement, but the copper pink cat ring lives on in my heart and soul and through the collection of copper pink items I am rapidly acquiring.

I'd love to hear your opinions and feedback, so please do comment or contact me via my social network links or email. Any PR enquiries or just fancy a chat (I love chats)? Get in touch.

Thank you for reading and welcome to Copper Pink.

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