For my first trip abroad in 2019, I spent one weekend in Milan with my friend Emily who moved there in 2018 to au pair. My expectation of Milan was that it was a great city weekend break for shopping and high-end fashion in particular - but that that was about all there was to do. Luckily I discovered you can spend a fantastic 2 days in the city, even in winter, and enjoy yourself without spending a single penny if you don't want to. Day one was for the must-see sights, and day two was a little alternative...

Corso Como in Milan: An Alternative Weekend Guide

Trello is an online project management app I use to stay organised for life in general as well as a university student. With lists, cards, checklists and calendars, it's kind of like a digital cork board or weekly planner - but better. So I'm excited to be sharing my tutorial on how to use Trello for optimal productivity and organisation.

Guide to Using Trello for University | Productivity + Organisation Tips

Hello there, if you're looking for Mairi's 7-day vegan meal plan - you're in the right place.

There's just under one week left of #Veganuary, but that doesn't mean you have to stop. Whether you're now convinced to go fully vegan, or want to cut down on your meat and dairy intake going forward, I'm hoping I can provide you with some inspiration for yummy vegan meals to keep you excited about veganism.

Quick Guide to a Vegan Diet + 7-Day Meal Plan

For the past few New Years, I have always set Resolutions. But this year, I'm creating Intentions for myself instead. The difference I understand is that resolutions imply a problem needing fixed, whereas intentions invite a more positive outlook of growth.

For example, Jen at Aim Happy writes:

"The resolution to lose weight is based on dissatisfaction with self, which feels like sacrifice and depends on self-control. [Whereas] The intention to have a healthy relationship with your weight is based on ... acceptance (love), from which positive change feels natural."

I feel over the past year I have achieved a healthier balance of accepting and embracing myself as I am now whilst simultaneously working towards improving myself. And I think intentions greatly support this mindset.

Intentions direct the mind and give us purpose.

New Year's Intentions: Conscious Living

Although this year has been the one I have posted least on my blog, it has, I believe, been my most creative year yet. 2018 for me has been a year of healing and incredible growth regarding my self-esteem, self-worth and independence.

I have learnt to accept and move on from the past by creating and seeking new opportunities for myself, and am realising what's important to me to live a fulfilling life of purpose.

thank u, next year: Reflecting on 2018

You may know that Chouchou is where I interned in summer 2016, which gave me the additional opportunity of living abroad for the first time in Barcelona for 10 weeks. Since then, Silvia (founder of Chouchou) and I have kept in touch working on a couple of exciting projects together. So I was thrilled when Silvia asked if I'd like to style one of her newest and most colourful designs - the Kimono Love Top in the bold floral Bombshell print.

Chouchou is an independent brand founded in Glasgow by Silvia Pellegrino. I'm so glad to continue to be involved with the brand as Silvia is an incredible business woman. She may not know it but her enthusiasm, success and belief in my abilities gives me the confidence to strive to be a go-getter myself.

While I was interning for Chouchou, Silvia created a one-of-a-kind denim-look kimono jacket with faux fur edged collar. For this summer, she has reimagined the kimono design into a lighter top perfect for the warmer weather we're currently being treated to in Scotland.

When planning how to style the Kimono Love Top, I just couldn't decide on one way, so here are two for you to enjoy. The first with red asymmetrical dress underneath makes me want to salsa the night away whilst the second below features a floral sequin skirt I bought from Topshop last week. You might have seen this mini skirt as part of a co-ord on my Instagram a few days ago - it's giving me ultra psychedelic vibes.

The Kimono Love Top comes in a second print called Candy. Candy is also floral but in a pastel pink colour and not quite as graphic as Bombshell. Take a look on Chouchou's website and see which print you prefer.

And if you're loving this beautiful top as much as I am, you should definitely check out the rest of Silvia's new designs including bodysuits and co-ords in more standout prints as well as an all-sequin black hooded top which is just incredible.

Which of the new Chouchou designs is your favourite? Let me know in the comments or over on Instagram @copperpink!

You can keep up to date with Chouchou on Instagram @chouchoucouture or by signing up to their newsletter on their website.

Styling Chouchou's New Kimono Love Top

Hello hello!

If you follow me over on Instagram @copperpink, you may have already seen this Amsterdam travel vlog on the new IGTV platform. But if you haven't or if you're not a fan of vertical/portrait videos, then I have good news for you! I have managed to edit the IGTV version into horizontal/landscape dimensions and have now uploaded to YouTube. You are most welcome.

Vlog: Amsterdam Antics Day One

Aside from my patchy lobster sunburn and ridiculous hay fever, I have been loving the sun we've had in Scotland the past few weeks. One thing I especially enjoy about warmer weather is my wardrobe. I am someone who loves to chuck on a top and shorts without having to worry about layers, how cold it's going to be, should I bring an extra jumper just in case and oh yes where will I put my 10 jackets once I arrive to wherever it is I'm going?

One summer piece I have wanted for a while now is my very own Hawaiian or Aloha shirt. I used to think they were only for 'shit shirt' nights, but with 'dad style' trending and the hot weather requiring looser fabrics, I decided to give them a go. I think they're pretty cool now. And I'm cool for saying 'cool'. 😎

copperpink copper pink scotland scottish edinburgh leith shore fashion fitness wellbeing summer ootd hawaiian aloha shirt startup waterfront canal hot weather forecast

copperpink copper pink scotland scottish edinburgh leith shore fashion fitness wellbeing summer ootd hawaiian aloha shirt startup waterfront canal hot weather forecast

Photography by Alice from Twenty-Something City

I went for a classic tropical palm leaf print with bright red (hibiscus?) flowers. If you're going to get a Hawaiian shirt you may as well go all in. Mine is from the beautiful collection of retro-looking shirts at Pie in the Sky in Edinburgh on Cockburn Street. This is a fab shop loved by both locals and tourists, selling a mix of groovy clothes (including Isolated Heroes), feminist pins, pride patches, Manic Panic hair dye and so much more.

What makes this shirt so special to me is that I bought it whilst with my friend Mona, who was staying with me in Edinburgh for a few days. Although Mona and I both go to RGU in Aberdeen, we actually met for the first time in Toronto, Canada during our study abroad semester last year. This was Mona's first time in Edinburgh and it was incredible showing her round my hometown. I always feel so proud and grateful to live in Edinburgh when I see how much admiration newcomers have for the city.

copperpink copper pink scotland scottish edinburgh leith shore fashion fitness wellbeing summer ootd hawaiian aloha shirt startup waterfront canal hot weather forecast

copperpink copper pink scotland scottish edinburgh leith shore fashion fitness wellbeing summer ootd hawaiian aloha shirt startup waterfront canal hot weather forecast

But it's not just Mona's visit that makes this shirt and outfit special to me. Oh no, there's another part to the story. Do you see these high waisted denim shorts with the sensually deep pockets? I can't resist a practical deep pocket or two.

These shorts, now my favourite shorts, were bought in Toronto, Canada during Mona and I's study abroad semester last year. I remember arriving late August, not realising how high the temperature would still be. I was expecting autumn (or fall as they say in Canada) and was met with a burning summer followed by an unexpected heatwave. So in my first week I headed to vintage shop Public Butter and picked up these shorts for just $20 (about £12).

I pretty much only wear high waisted garments now. I think the cut is so flattering and yes it does help to suck in my lower stomach when I'm bloated from periods/life or have just eaten too much lol. Not only that, I feel more secure in high waisted than low waisted items and hence much more comfortable and confident when going about my day.

Did I mention the practical deep pockets? These are definitely my favourite shorts.

copperpink copper pink scotland scottish edinburgh leith shore fashion fitness wellbeing summer ootd hawaiian aloha shirt startup waterfront canal hot weather forecast

copperpink copper pink scotland scottish edinburgh leith shore fashion fitness wellbeing summer ootd hawaiian aloha shirt startup waterfront canal hot weather forecast

Check that low-angle shot. Am I a model yet?

Another thing I do love about my shirt is how many different ways you can style it. I do like to wear it open in summer to keep me cool, but sometimes I'll wear it closed to fool people into thinking I own more clothes than I do (this doesn't work).

I am also a fan of buttons as if you are having a day where you're not feeling very body confident (which we all do), you can wear the shirt closed. But if you do feel more confident during the day you can unbutton as much as you like. This also means you can dress it up for night and play about with tucking it in, wrapping, tying and safety-pinning all over the place. I have two safety pins in below.

My next challenge is to attempt this very creative styling with my Hawaiian shirt as shown by Sheri/Betty from Forever Yours Betty.

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I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I have recently been trying to create more and higher quality outfit shoots and images for the blog and Instagram. So whilst I'm still a little out of my comfort zone in terms of posing for photographs, I hope you'll start to see improvement and that I can provide you with some really valuable content through these pretty pictures. Each shoot gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward regarding my creativity and self-esteem, even if I sometimes feel a little awkward during.

Big thanks to Alice from Twenty-Something City for actually inviting me to shoot with her, otherwise I'd probably still be on my sofa wishing I was out doing them!

One way for me to feel comfortable during shoots is to wear clothes that I genuinely feel confident in. The special memories I associate with my Hawaiian shirt and high waisted shorts give me that confidence. If you're feeling a little less fab than usual one day, try wearing a piece with a special memory for you.

How is your summer going? Do you have any special summer pieces in your wardrobe?

P.S. I uploaded my first vertical vlog on IGTV - it's a travel vlog about my first day in Amsterdam and you can watch it here. Let me know what you think!

Aloha Summer: Hawaiian Shirts and High Waisted Shorts

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