Primark Shoe Haul

Out of all my friends, I've always been the least interested in shoes. My collection peaked at around 5 pairs - including my slippers. However recently I've become intrigued - even excited - by shoes since experimenting with my outfits more! They really do have the power to change the mood of a look and heels provide me with the few extra inches I need to be the same height as my tall male friends. Take that, Gav.

Although I am beginning to enjoy shoes instead of seeing them somewhat as a chore, I am a very frugal person. I can't imagine myself spending over say £30/40 on good footwear - unless I'm not the one paying that is (shoutout to my sister and her student loans for my Blowfish boots - love you both). I won't even buy Converse unless I reaaally like them (I've had two pairs) and real Uggs are out of the question (chocolate is much more important).

My rebellion against high priced shoes led me to - you guessed it - Primark. What better place for me to experiment with fun footwear? So, I finally present to you, a Primark shoe haul by someone who doesn't particularly like shoes:

Primark // £14
Black goes with everything, so it goes. I loved the open criss cross pattern, the silver stud detailing and also the big fat wedge. I prefer wearing a wedge heel over a tiny thin one - I think subconsciously it makes me feel safer and better balanced (however I still fall in them - practice makes perfect!)
Primark // £12
It truly was love at first sight. The (again) wedge heels have a nautical feeling with the unique rope design on the wedge which I adore. The bold red makes the shoes a statement piece and I feel very classy wearing these shoes - perhaps a little vintage? To further the sailor theme, check out an outift I created with these shoes below:
Do you like it? The shorts were an impulse buy that I certainly do not regret!
Primark // £6
Pink is my favourite colour. Pink can also be a very summery colour so when I saw these cute flats I just had to get them - and for only £6! The gold detail adds interest meaning I can wear them with casual outfits but also if I fancy dressing up a bit without wearing heels!
I would also like to note that in the taking of the second photo, an angry bee chased me away from it's territory and I was locked out of the house in my dressing gown. See what I do for this blog?! You're welcome.
Overall, I am very pleased with my new purchases and can't wait to wear them to all the exclusive parties I have in the summer (hahahaha good one).
What's your opinion on shoes? Do you have a budget or am I being a party pooper? Let me know in the comments or on any of my social media accounts - I'd love to hear from you!

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