Want Katy Perry's Lips on Your Lips?

Rachael, Emily and meee!

Okay, so this post may not be exactly what you expected from the title. Unfortunately I don't know the secret of how to get a kiss from the amazing Katy Perry. However what I do know is how to get sparkle-tastic Katy Kat lips, thanks to Beauty Boulevard's new product.

Seeing Katy Perry on tour was one of the best nights of my life. EVER. The last UK leg of her Prismatic World Tour took place on Saturday, and now we Brits must unfortunately say farewell.

Beauty Boulevard's innovative Glitter Lips product embellished my lips as I sang screamed out Roar and Firework - the ultimate test. Keep reading for a review of this fascinating gem!

I knew I had to dress up to see the one and only Katy Perry and what better way to show my appreciation for her than glam glitter?! A few Google searches later and I discovered Beauty Boulevard, a relatively new brand co-founded by Rachel and Paula. You can find them on Twitter here.

I fell in love with the idea and was interested in the claim that it can make it through a three course meal including drinks. I'm very pleased to tell you that it did indeed live up to this claim (I tested it out during dinner the day before the concert too!).

The packaging is very simple, with a handy little window so you can see the shade before you buy. I bought mine online, however I believe it is starting to make it onto the shelves in shops such as Harvey Nichols! No wonder, as it is definitely not the cheapest lip product at £12.50. But for Katy Perry - it was worth it.

It contains 24 milligrams of glitter, and after four applications there is still well over three quarters left.

As you can see, it comes with an instructional leaflet which was very useful. They also have a video tutorial.

There are seven shades available, ranging from nude/gold sparkles to ruby red and even a cheeky violet! I went for Sparkling Rose which had two very different swatch images on the site...

Photo credit: Beauty Boulevard 
Photo credit: Beauty Boulevard
 Photo credit: Beauty Boulevard

I only realised the second image after placing my order and this swatch is definitely more true to the shade. Hmm perhaps the first image should be removed?

Anyway... I actually do love the shade I got even though it wasn't what I was expecting.
As you can see, it is very much the second swatch and not the first!

Applying the lip glue/gloss with the doe-foot applicator onto clean, dry lips is very easy. The glue smells like - well, glue, but it's fairly weak and fades once on your lips with little to no taste at all. I left it for roughly 20 seconds before applying the glitter with the eyeshadow-like end of the brush, dabbing it on. The glitter applies well with only a few flakes of fallout.

Afterwards, you simply leave your mouth open until you feel confident that your lips aren't going to stick together. You can use the other end of the brush to wipe off excess glitter however I found this unnecessary.
The end result is beautiful, glitzy glitter lips that I'm sure even Katy Perry would be proud to wear!
I also found it easy to remove at night using my cleansing oils, however my friends used face wipes and found they worked equally well. My lips were left a little sticky afterwards so I used a lip scrub to remove any residue. A quick swipe of moisturising lip balm and my lips were good as new!


I definitely recommend this product if you are wanting to add glamour to your look. It's long-lasting, comes in seven different shades, is a reasonable price for a special occasion or two, is easy to remove and finally it looks FANTASTIC! So much glitter *o*. Just be sure to look at all the swatches on the site to check they are the same so you know what you are getting!

Check it out at Beauty Boulevard!

Big thank you to my friends Emily and Rachael for helping me test out the product!

Do you fancy trying out the glitter lips trend? What event would you wear it to - any big concerts coming up?! Perhaps my glitter lips will make their next appearance at T in the Park...

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