What I Wore to the Bathgate Galaday

Saturday marked the annual Bathgate Galaday, a tradition dated back to 1844 in memory of John Newland's contribution to the building of Bathgate Academy.
Every year on the first Saturday of June, locals and not-locals (such as myself) gather to watch a spectacular parade including all sorts of creative floats and costumes, not forgetting the marching bands. Afterwards, entertainment is provided with Procession in the Park and also "the shows" - where you will find a multitude of helter skelters, carousels and dodgems! All in all, it's a great day out for the family and there are a few other related events such as the Torchlight procession. The candy-floss is pretty good too!
If you'd like to find out more about the fun event, just click here!
It was such a lovely sunny morning that I decided to dress appropriately! I felt a bit like an ice cream cone in fact - due to the colours, not the overall look...
The end result was a very feminine and I felt quirky outfit, with a few pops of pastel amongst the pretty neutrals. And woah - double denim!!! Well, if my shoes count anyway.
Top: Internacionale
// This was a gift from an Italian exchange student I hosted a couple of years ago - still fits!)

Jacket: New Look
// Depop - Chloe Davidson // £6 (roughly)

Skirt: New Look
// Depop - Chloe Davidson // £6 (roughly)

Leggings: H&M
// £7.99 in the sale - it was love at first sight.

Bag: A bag shop in Brussels, Belgium
// €15 // £12 (roughly)

Shoes: Unknown
// I got them online for £6.99 after googling "cheap shoes uk" and now can't find the website... oops!

Necklace: Accessorize
// £8 if I remember correctly (I probably haven't)


If you're wondering what Depop is, it's basically an app where people sell items - usually second-hand but not always. It's a bit like a simplified eBay. I have had no problems with it so far, but always make sure to check for reviews and feedback before buying from a particular seller! I highly recommend Chloe Davidson if you live in the UK - I bought both the jacket and skirt from her for £15 including shipping and I was very impressed with the incredibly fast and friendly service!
Of course, no summer outfit would be complete without a pair of dashing sunglasses!
Sunglasses: New Look
// £4.99 (what a bargain!)
Ring: Depop - Mackenzie Anne
// $10 // £5 (including shipping)
What did you think of my first "What I Wore" post? And what did you think of the outfit itself?! Have you got your summer wardrobe out already? I can't wait to wear more shorts and skirts instead of jeans all the time! Please stay Sun!!
Until next time,

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