love curling my hair. Unfortunately, my hair is pretty thick which means it takes absolutely aaaages with a curling wand. It also damages it long-term so I knew I needed to find another solution to get the flowing curls I so desired.
In a quest to find the best non-damaging ways of curling my hair, I came across the unusual sock method.
I followed this tutorial by Ulrika over at Divine Caroline and Yet Another Beauty Site. After following the instructions, I ended up looking like this:

My No-Heat Sock Curling Experience

SS14 has brought us some spectacular trends but two in particular have caught my eye. With summer, came the lovely flowing kimonos. With festivals, came the boho chic tassels. Mix these two styles together and what do you get? A rather beautiful creation known as the tassel or fringed kimono. Here are just a few of my favourites:

Trend on Trend: Kimonos and Tassels

With the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival taking place (7-25 July), last night I attended Topshop's Fashion Forum Event and what a great night it was! The after-hours event began with a bit of mingling, cake and champagne (don't worry, I stuck to the brownies).
Perhaps digressing slightly, but those were some seriously deliciously gooey brownies provided by the amazing local Lovecrumbs! If you are craving cake I suggest you head over there straight after reading this post or check out their heavenly gallery *drools*.

Topshop's (Fun) Fashion Forum Event

I have always been terrified to dye my hair after hearing so many horror stories of bleached chunks dissolving and falling out - not for me. However, I have always wanted to have pink hair, kinda like candyfloss. Can you see my dilemma?

Without bleaching my mousey-brown/dirty-blonde locks I know I can never achieve the baby pink I desire, so I have had to research non-damaging hair dye techniques. Enter Kool-Aid. The popular American powder drink is known for having a variety of flavours in an assortment of bright colours. Luckily this mean it is great for dying your hair! Although I wouldn't like to imagine what it does to your insides...

Dying Hair with Kool-Aid, Oh My!

I have been so eager to paint my nails since they decided to grow for summer (yay!) and fancied trying out a new nail art design. I settled on the cling film technique, commonly known as the 'saran wrap' technique in America. You can find a great tutorial for it by Leanne at Do Not Refreeze here.
I wanted a really colourful combination and thankfully the end result leaves me feeling all lovely and summery - just what I was aiming for. I appear to not be very good at naming nail art designs - any advice would be appreciated greatly!

Summer Deconstructed | Nail Art Design

It's FINALLY summer and, for once, the weather has been agreeing with the appropriate season. In celebration of this I took to the town and rewarded myself for a hard year at school (any excuse will do really). Hope you enjoy!

Stocking up for Summer: Beauty Haul

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