Dying Hair with Kool-Aid, Oh My!

I have always been terrified to dye my hair after hearing so many horror stories of bleached chunks dissolving and falling out - not for me. However, I have always wanted to have pink hair, kinda like candyfloss. Can you see my dilemma?

Without bleaching my mousey-brown/dirty-blonde locks I know I can never achieve the baby pink I desire, so I have had to research non-damaging hair dye techniques. Enter Kool-Aid. The popular American powder drink is known for having a variety of flavours in an assortment of bright colours. Luckily this mean it is great for dying your hair! Although I wouldn't like to imagine what it does to your insides...

Anyhoo, I found this wonderful video tutorial by Adelaine Morin - one of my favourite Youtubers! I dyed my hair exactly how she describes, however I used a measuring jug instead of a bowl. This technique provies a dip-dye/ombre effect and blends well with your natural hair colour, giving it a lovely tint. You have to use very hot water so this won't work for all of your hair as it will burn your scalp and it hurts soooo much (trust me).

If you would like to try and dye all of your hair with Kool-Aid, I recommend checking out this great site. I don't think it's updated anymore but it has lots of useful information as well as examples of the different colours available with Kool-Aid.

Aiming for a pinky/red colour, I decided to use three packets of Pink Lemonade and one packet of Black Cherry. The thicker your hair, the more packets you use (hence why I need 4). The great thing about Kool-Aid is that it is incredibly cheap (around 50p for one packet) however you will need to pay a little extra for delivering - I get mine on Amazon. You may also be able to get the colours you want in American candy stores.

I kept my hair in the mixture for roughly 10/15 minutes and have not yet found a comfortable position in which to do so. Just remember that your hair will feel much heavier when it is wet!

This is me being nervous/terrified before beginning.
Oh, something important - unlike most hair dying techniques I chose to wear my hair in a ponytail as Adelaine Morin suggests. It makes it easier to get all my hair into the jug without bits flying everywhere and also makes me aware of when to stop putting my head back.
The result?
And after just one week, the colour has hardly faded:
The final result it not the most vivacious I've ever seen, but a lovely, perhaps subtle, tint that I really do love. And if you want to intensify the colour you can just dye it again! It's up to you!
I hope I have maybe inspired some of you to try experimenting with Kool-Aid and I shall be sure to keep you updated if I ever try any other colours or combinations. What colour would you go for and would you try the Kool-Aid technique?!
Also, sorry for the lack of posting the past week - I really have no excuse except I was feeling a bit uninspired but I am feeling much more motivated now!
See you soon,

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