My No-Heat Sock Curling Experience

love curling my hair. Unfortunately, my hair is pretty thick which means it takes absolutely aaaages with a curling wand. It also damages it long-term so I knew I needed to find another solution to get the flowing curls I so desired.
In a quest to find the best non-damaging ways of curling my hair, I came across the unusual sock method.
I followed this tutorial by Ulrika over at Divine Caroline and Yet Another Beauty Site. After following the instructions, I ended up looking like this:

Sorry for the pouting, I seem to do it much more than I realise...
In total I used about seven socks as my hair is pretty thick and heavy and I wanted the curls to last. I also did it shortly after washing my hair while it was still damp which I am slightly regretting, as you'll see below...
I slept with the socks in overnight pretty comfortably and when I awoke I untied them all with excitement to see my princess-like curls!
Oh god the pout is back again.
Okay, so not quite the look I was going for. I'm pretty sure my hair was too wet when I tied it up, resulting in very tight, bendy, kinky curls. Ew. After brushing the curls out it did look a little better:
However now I thought my hair looked a little icky as in almost greasy, even though I had washed it the night before... I think this again is because I didn't let it dry enough before putting the socks in. I have definitely learned my lesson for next time! In fact, the majority of tutorials I have now read all state they use almost dry hair, spraying with a teenie bit of water where necessary. Oops.
I stupidly decided to try out this technique for a day where I was going out into the big judgemental world. It was just the Zoo, but still a public place nonetheless. Not wanting those monkeys to laugh at my attempt I did my best to style my sock curls and this was the final result:
Wow I pouted again. My deepest apologies.
I simply pinned back a piece of hair from both sides of my parting with kirby grips to keep the most extreme curls out of my face. I think it worked quite well actually. Those monkeys were definitely jealous of my sock style.

 My Sock Curling Top Tips

  • Dry your hair before using the socks, till just slightly damp.
  • Use less socks for less intense and more flowing curls.
  • Test out the technique on a day where you can stay indoors or re-wash your hair in case it doesn't go as planned! Or a day when you want to try out your new fancy hat.
  • Use clean socks - you don't want your hair to smell of feet sweat.
I have since found another tutorial showing a different sock technique, similar to the sock bun, which seems to provide softer curls. I will definitely be trying it out. You can find it here by Beth at Home Stories A to Z.
Have you tried sock curling? Or do you know of a better no-heat technique? I would love to try some out!

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