Topshop's (Fun) Fashion Forum Event

With the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival taking place (7-25 July), last night I attended Topshop's Fashion Forum Event and what a great night it was! The after-hours event began with a bit of mingling, cake and champagne (don't worry, I stuck to the brownies).
Perhaps digressing slightly, but those were some seriously deliciously gooey brownies provided by the amazing local Lovecrumbs! If you are craving cake I suggest you head over there straight after reading this post or check out their heavenly gallery *drools*.

After refreshments the fashion side of the evening began with a Q&A session with a panel of guest bloggers and fashion experts. The panel included, from left to right: Laura Galloway, Topshop's Personal Shopper; Sheri Scott, blogger at Forever Yours Betty; Wendy H Gilmour, blogger at ThankFiFi; Sarah Fraser, blogger at We Shop Therefore We Are.
Each speaker had their own individual style and so it was great to hear a variety of opinions, proving that style is not defined by one ideal but instead by our personal eccentricities.
One of the most interesting questions for me was 'which trend would you like to see ditched?' which proved to be very controversial amongst the panel and the audience! Chokers, jelly shoes and culottes all made it onto the list. I didn't even know what culottes were before seeing them last night, and just in case you don't either, here ya go:
This print in particular proved to be quite popular amongst the panel (particularly the presenter!) however I and I'm sure many other people are still undecided on the trend!
Photo credit to Cera Kamonji
After the interactive Q&A, my friends and I managed to talk to Sheri Scott from Forever Yours Betty - she is such a lovely person! She is so enthusiastic, friendly and has fantastic style! I have already checked out and followed her beautiful blog. I highly recommend you also take a peek at Forever Yours Betty - you won't regret it.
The excitement didn't end there though as we were each given a free gift with any purchase. Being a bit low on cash I was swithering between buying a £3.50 pair of frilly socks or spending a little more but I decided to splash out a bit as a thank you for the great night. Now I have a beautiful gold necklace which I was lacking (the one I'm wearing is my sister's!) for a reasonable £7.50 and a collection of rings and midi rings (which I have always wanted) for £12.50. Add student discount and I spent just £18 on five rings and a necklace - not too bad for Topshop.
The free gift was Topshop's brow palette which I received in the shade "Whatever" with a retail price of £12!! Look out for a review of it soon!
Overall, for my first bloggers' event it was an incredibly fun and exciting experience and I can't wait till the next one!
Oh, and since I found it the most interesting question I'd like to open it up to you: which trend would you like to see ditched? Mine would either be chokers or wearing leggings with too-short tops!

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