A Fun Date with Edinburgh Zoo

What's a trip to the Zoo without skipping alongisde the flamingos, a few Lion King references and naming all the monkeys after your closest friends? A pretty bad trip, I'd say.
Enjoy my photographic thoughts on Edinburgh Zoo and the animals within it.

Meet Grant, my date (dat title reference). He loves to smile for the camera.
Insta-worthy, am I right?
The Zoo may seem a little pricey, but if you happen to know someone who is a member (a.k.a me!) and visit with them, you will be able to get in with member's guest discount! Check out their website for more details. For ticket prices, including member guest discount, just click here.
Have you been to the Zoo recently? Any favourite animals? I personally adopt the Kune Kune pigs with my big sister Helen so look out for our names on the sign!
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