Collection Supersize Fat Lash Mascara Review

As you may already know I have a fantastic skill for losing makeup products on a very regular basis. So, when I lost my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I went straight out to buy another one! I then found my original afterwards - oops...
Luckily for me, Boots had (and still has!) a deal to get a free Collection Supersize Fat Lash Mascara when you spend £5 or more on Collection products! Retailing for £2.99 it's not that big a save but who can resist an offer on mascara (not me)?!

It promises to be a "super volumising mascara for big, bold lashes" and the packaging is pink - everything is looking good so far...
Ohhh and it's a bristle brush. Disappointed. I much prefer plastic wands because they separate my lashes and I find it easier to make less of a mess with them! I bought the shade Ultra Black however you can also buy Brown/Black and Black.
I applied two coats without curling my eyelashes beforehand. The formula is fairly wet which caused quite a bit of smudging during application on my bottom lashes.
The mascara definitely defines, lengthens and does add volume. However, the thick brush doesn't separate my eyelashes which is what I aim for with mascara. 
I definitely wouldn't recommend using Supersize on your bottom lashes (look at that smudging!) however for the top it certainly does a good job. I didn't experience any further smudging throughout the day which is a big plus. Not the best I've used but for just £2.99 I would definitely repurchase.
Next time I plan to first apply my trusty SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up mascara (£6.29) to separate my lashes and then apply Collection's Supersize Fat Lash for maximum volume and definition!
Do you prefer bristle or plastic mascara wands? Any good mascara recommendations? I want to try moooore!

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