How To: Maximum Volume with BaByliss Boutique Deep Waves Styler

I love scrolling through all the beautiful hairstyles on Pinterest and Instagram, but I strongly dislike the fact that I can't do any of them. Like, any. At all. My hair and I have an extremely temperamental love-hate relationship.

Luckily, my friend, Emily, is quite the expert on hair-related matters and offered to show me how she gets maximum volume using her BaByliss Boutique Deep Waves Styler (2447U).

Oh my gosh it's time for a tutorial!!

What You Need:


*Thanks to Emily for writing up the steps :)*
1. Section hair into thin layers - not thin enough that it takes you 
a decade to get all your hair done, but thin enough so all hair gets waved. 

2. Place a section of hair into thirds; one over right shoulder, one over back and one over left shoulder. This will make it easier to know which parts have been waved and which haven't. 

3. With the wavers in your strongest hand, press onto the hair tightly and hold for 5-10 seconds. You should 

personally be able to estimate how long each piece of hair should be affected by heat.

4. Move the wavers down the hair; the hair can be hot once just waved - be careful!

5. Once a section is complete, drop the next section on top of the finished one. This gives you a chance to build up the layers and 'boomf' the hair up.

6. Catch any extra strands of hair that you spot that haven't been waved and wave them; this will add more volume to the hair and also make it look nicer once finished.

7. Spray each section with hairspray (we used Fudge Urban's Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray), spraying upwards to affect the waves in the lower sections. 

8. Once finished, decide if you want hair/bangs to be pinned back and add hairspray to that section in order to keep it in place.

9. Spray all over with Mark Hill Holiday Hair Sun, Sea Frizz-Free Anti-Humidity Spray to allow the waves to last longer in all weathers and overnight.

*Thanks to Emily for writing up the steps :)*

Aaaaaaaaand you're done!

Big thanks to Emily for demonstrating her technique - go follow her on Instagram to see more of her lovely hair and face! Also thanks to Stephanie for being a fabulous camera woman!

Part 2 of our girls' night in will include pictures of Stephanie's beautiful uber-long hair! It was a dream to have so much hair to play with!

Do you have any tips or techniques for voluminous hair? Please do share!!

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