Twenty Princes Street and Juniper Cocktail Bar

Imagine you are a food-loving Edinburgh girl turning twenty. Where do you go for your birthday meal? Why, Twenty on Princes Street of course!

Described by themselves as having a "wondrously elegant and stunning setting" featuring a "seamless mix of traditional elegance and contemporary design", I was very excited to visit such a glamorous and formal restaurant. And if you enjoy adjectives as much as I do, I recommend reading the rest of their About Us page.

The delicious food was, of course, the highlight of the evening.
It may not be the cheapest restaurant but you definitely get what you pay for. Also, I do know they have a terrific offer for two main meals and two drinks all for £20 - available Monday to Friday, 12 to 6pm. How spiffing!
Click here to view all their special offers currently available. I would love to try out "A Very Unusual Afternoon Tea" - what do you fancy?
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After our meal, we decided to head to the restaurant's sister cocktail bar, Juniper. My sister highly recommends the cocktails - my ginger ale was nice too. What intrigued me more, however, was the beautiful decor in the secluded area known as the "library". Feast your eyes on this inspiring interior!
Gah I fell in love with this interior at first sight and now I'm bursting with creative ideas on how to redecorate my bedroom. If you are in Edinburgh, you should try out the restaurant and/or bar - I'd love to know what you think!
One of my favourite parts is the eclectic mix of furniture - what's yours?

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