Harvey Nichols Nails Inc Nail Bar Review

If you understand how unwilling I am to spend my own money on pampering myself, you will know I was very excited when I received a voucher for a manicure at the luxurious Harvey Nichols Nails Inc nail bar in Edinburgh. The 15 minute mani also came with a glass of champagne! Unfortunately though I am only 16 and so had to give the fizz a skip. My sister liked her morning drink though (what an alchy).

In addition to the manicure, the voucher stated we had £15 to spend on Nails Inc products. However, when booking our appointments, we were told the vouchers had expired after 6 months so we could only get the manicure and not the products. We were pretty annoyed by this as there were no expiry dates on the vouchers themselves and so had lost out on £15!!

I decided to go for the gorgeous nude shade Porchester Square. I only found out afterwards how popular this shade is but I can definitely see why! It is a lovely beigy nude but with subtle lilac undertones which can make your nails look very purple in some lights. I am in love with the shade however at £14 it is pretty expensive!

Luckily there is a £3.99 dupe available...

Wanting to achieve this colour at home, I hunted down a duplicate on the web! This article by Vivianna Does Makeup shows the perfect dupe: Barry M Hi-Shine Gel Effect Nail Paint in Almond.

I know what's on my wishlist now!


the manicure was a relaxing experience with friendly and professional staff. The application had a few streaky areas and bubbles which was a little disappointing and, to top it all off, my nails chipped just two days later! I think I'll stick to the £3.99 DIY version next time!
How have your experiences of nail bars been? Any recommendations or horror stories you'd like to share?

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