Surprisingly, I have only ever had one commercial advent calendar, and that was when I was a vegan! Other than that, my parents would wrap up 20ps and Maltesers in tin foil and use a knitted calendar with a picture of Santa in a snowy scene at the top (am I the only one?).
Source: John Lewis

My Top 5 Advent Calendars

Two years ago, I embarked on a 30 day mission to live a vegan diet. Why? I like a challenge and I wanted to see how I coped with a supposedly healthier lifestyle.

Going all out vegan was definitely too much for me - go team sausage!

However, always looking for ways to improve my health and lifestyle choices, I decided to try out Graze after a few of my friends recommended it.

So, what is Graze all about?

Trying to Be Healthy with Graze

I've never had much luck with fake tan. I'm quite happy with my own pale complexion, but after being asked by Vita Liberata if I would like to test out a product from the new NKD SKN collection, I decided to try to conquer fake tan once and for all.

Vita Liberata NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Review + Discount Code

Last night I hosted my very late 17th birthday party and, as it is nearing the party season, I thought I would show you my look - outfit,  makeup and hair - to hopefully provide some inspiration!

This post is focusing on my outfit and next weekend will feature the makeup and hair - the curls took me under 10 minutes to do!
OOTD stripes and spots crop top

OOTD: Shorts in Winter?!

I think I may have discovered my new favourite bath bomb. My all-time favourite was Golden Wonder, but Shoot For The Stars from LUSH may have knocked its Christmas co-star off the top spot! It was so good that I made a video of it! (see it below)

LUSH Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

My love for Nutella is indescribable. It cannot be put into words. However, if someone gifted me even just a small jar of the good stuff, I would smother them with hugs. And who doesn't like hugs? It's a win-win situation.

I know many other Nutella fans will share my feelings and so if you know someone like me, here is the perfect gift guide. Highlights include etsy accessories, a live Pinterest feed and DIY vegan Nutella!

If you do decide to gift any of these ideas, you'll be smothered with hugs in no time! Don't say I didn't warn you ;).

Giant Tub of Nutella

Source: Amazon 

Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers

Recently I was offered the amazing opportunity to meet Carolyn Baxter; a local dress designer, boutique owner and Youtube partner with almost 22,000 subscribers!

The point of the event was to hear Carolyn's story of how social media led her to launch her own successful fashion business. She has had such an exciting past four years with the rapid growth of her YouTube channel, presenting New Look TV in Glasgow and many more fantastic opportunities - not to mention the startup of her own business!

The boutique (44 London Street) is decorated beautifully, with all of Carolyn's gorgeous designs displayed for customers to browse.

Carolyn Baxter

Photo credit: talti from

Why I Changed My Blog Name

This week I got my first taste of working in the fashion industry by helping out with Metropolitan Fashion's catwalk show, displaying Christine Watson's "A Touch of Pink" collection. And? I loved it!

My role was to run the social media accounts and I have some lovely Instagrams to share with you below. The experience was very hectic but incredibly fun and the atmosphere was just fantastic.

"A Touch of Pink" Fashion Show in Pictures

Latest Instagrams

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