Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers

My love for Nutella is indescribable. It cannot be put into words. However, if someone gifted me even just a small jar of the good stuff, I would smother them with hugs. And who doesn't like hugs? It's a win-win situation.

I know many other Nutella fans will share my feelings and so if you know someone like me, here is the perfect gift guide. Highlights include etsy accessories, a live Pinterest feed and DIY vegan Nutella!

If you do decide to gift any of these ideas, you'll be smothered with hugs in no time! Don't say I didn't warn you ;).

Giant Tub of Nutella

Source: Amazon 

Okay, so this one might seem a bit obvious but ultimately, a Nutella lover's favourite thing is the spread itself, and the bigger the jar, the more hugs for you. This 1kg Limited Edition jar from Amazon is the perfect Christmas gift for £25.50 however the shipping costs are pretty sky high - check before you buy! But check quickly because there's only six left in stock.

**3kg jar that is in stock (unlike the one above) can be found over here**


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  1. Slutella Value T-shirt | £10.95 | Zazzle 
    This clever graphic is available on a variety of unisex tops and hoodies starting from just £10.95. This is definitely my kind of t-shirt *hint hint*.
  2. Cute Little Nutella Jar Graphic T-Shirt | $20/£12.75 | Your Next TShirt
    How utterly adorable is this little logo? You can make it even more cute by buying it printed on a baby one piece!! Annnnd you can select from a few different background colours too.
  3. Spooning My Boyfriend Raglan | $35/£22.59 | HUMAN
    I love the style of this top and of course the message is just sublime. Top banter. Also comes in a variety of t-shirt styles and colours.
  4. Keep Calm and Eat Nutella Value T-shirt | £18.95 | Zazzle
    I've never really understood the Keep Calm craze but if it and Nutella are your baes then this is the top for you!

Personalised Label

Source: Selfridges

A personalised Nutella jar that I can keep forever and use as a vase or pencil holder in my room so I don't forget my name? YES PLEASE. The site says "visit the Foodhall in all Selfridges stores to get your personalised Nutella".  Unfortunately you can't order online (or get it delivered I believe) and I can't seem to find a price either! Oh and I just realised all Selfridges stores are in England. But, if you live elsewhere, perhaps a nice English blogger who is feeling the Christmas spirit can help you out!


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  1. Nutella and Toast Ring | £9.87 | IluLe via Etsy
    This is such an unusual statement ring that will definitely start a conversation or two. If you'd like something a little less bulky, I also picked out this ring.
  2. Nutella Inspired Bow | £7.89 | GeekWithMe via Etsy
    Isn't this a fantastically unique gift idea? The handmade bow can suit both genders as either a hair bow or a bow tie! Just select which type of clip attachment you'd like and you're set.
  3. Nutella Bow Earrings | £4.13 | MollyCreation via Etsy
    I have seen a few Nutella earrings but these pair are definitely my favourite due to the addition of the decorative red bows! They add a touch of femininity and glamour to our favourite spread.
  4. Nutella Jar Pendant | £4.61 | IluLe via Etsy
    Made by the same creator of the bold ring, this pendant caught my attention due to the spoon in the jar which is obviously a big part of any Nutella lover's daily routine.


  • Nutella: The 30 Best Recipes (Cookery) is the #1 Best Seller in Puddings & Desserts on Amazon so I guess it can't be that bad! | £6.99
  • Know someone who loves everything about Nutella except the non-vegan bit? Then this recipe is for you.
  • Have a go at making this White Chocolate Nutella - the recipient will really appreciate the effort.
  • If you or your giftee isn't a domestic goddess in the kitchen, purchase Hotel Chocolat's take on the popular spread for just £6. I can personally recommend this.
  • Finally, a very easy gift is to provide this link on a lovely piece of card, for example. It shows all the latest pins from Pinterest tagged with "Nutella recipes" and will update every time you visit the link! I shortened it for you ( so it looks nicer too - no need to thank me. 

The Perfect Spoon

Source: Etsy

And of course to eat all that Nutella you're going to need the perfect spoon, aren't you? Well, you can order your very own hand-stamped spoon from PeggysPassions on Etsy, starting from just £5.24.


Gosh, now all I can think about is Nutella! I am definitely going to be baking these goodies very soon. Wish me luck!

Hopefully I've given you some food for thought (pun totally intended) for your Nutella loving friends and family members. I know if anyone gave me any of these gifts, I'd be thrilled. Except the earrings because I don't have my ears pierced, but you get the gist.

Good luck with your gift buying and let me know if you have any chocolate or beauty related gift guides - I'm really struggling for my friends this year!

Mairi x
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