LUSH Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

I think I may have discovered my new favourite bath bomb. My all-time favourite was Golden Wonder, but Shoot For The Stars from LUSH may have knocked its Christmas co-star off the top spot! It was so good that I made a video of it! (see it below)

I absolutely adore LUSH's dreamy description:

"Paint the swirling colours of the night sky over the surface of your bathwater with this multi-coloured bath bomb. Drop this in your bathwater and watch it shoot around the bath releasing multiple colours before leaving a trail of quicksilver. As the spinning and swirling orb comes to a standstill, enjoy the sweet scent found in Honey I Washed The Kids and the calming, shimmering midnight blue water."

I used the flash so you can see the beautiful silver shimmer!

It truly is like bathing in a night sky. The bright purple and pinks remind me of galaxies while the silver shimmers amongst the inky indigo water look just like a million stars. Did I mention there are confetti stars that dissolve and the dark colour leaves no residue! Gosh, I think I'm in love.

I was so shocked when the bath bomb started spinning round and round as I had no idea what to expect beforehand! Foam spirals and bright pink bubbles started shooting out from the little ball as it whizzed its way around my tub. I decided to take a video of the bomb in action before I knew about its crazy ways and I am definitely glad I did!

Isn't it gorgeous?? The only bad thing for me was that I could barely smell the Honey I Washed the Kids scent! So I guess this is a good product for people who hold their breath when walking past LUSH stores haha.

What is your favourite seasonal LUSH item?

Mairi x
Copper Pink

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