OOTD: Shorts in Winter?!

Last night I hosted my very late 17th birthday party and, as it is nearing the party season, I thought I would show you my look - outfit,  makeup and hair - to hopefully provide some inspiration!

This post is focusing on my outfit and next weekend will feature the makeup and hair - the curls took me under 10 minutes to do!
OOTD stripes and spots crop top

I wanted to experiment with contrasting patterns (stripes and spots) and luckily the famous combination of navy, red and white allowed me to pull the look off.

But shorts - in winter?!

OOTD stripes and spots crop top
  • Jenny's beautiful birdcage necklace was a gift - it's so pretty!
Although crop tops may not be the most practical choice for winter (unless you're indoors like I was or can wear a thick jacket), I think sophisticated shorts are a great piece to play about with. And by 'sophisticated' I mean not denim haha. I'm loving the leather shorts at the moment but not sure I'm brave enough - yet.

The great thing about shorts is that you can layer them over tights, leggings etc. when the colder weather does, inevitably, take over from summer. I am currently wearing 600 denier tights - yup, 600! The best bit about shorts though? You can wear them when the sunshine makes its return too - but without all the layers!

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I will definitely be stocking up on some more shorts and maybe skorts too - they're great when you want to wear a skirt but have to play Twister and don't want to flash anyone. Life lesson there - sadly from experience.

Will you be wearing more shorts this season? Or perhaps you have another unusual AW favourite - let me know!

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