Why I Changed My Blog Name

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Changing my blog name was definitely not an easy decision, but I believe it was a necessary one.

Blogging since June has allowed me to see what direction I want to head in. I have had the chance to experiment with different topics such as food and events in Edinburgh and even fashion, when I initially started off with the idea of a beauty blog.

I now feel that I understand myself and my hopes for the blog more and chose to totally rebrand to reflect this change. Moving to Blogger was the first step as my old platform meant I couldn't use Bloglovin! Click here if you'd like to follow me on the site!

Of course, I am still 'on a journey' (that sounds so cheesy) of blogging and this excites me! However, Wished for Ruth unfortunately had to go due to several reasons:

  • There are no harsh sounding letters which makes it hard to annunciate
  • People often miss out the ed when spoken, and then typed
  • People mistake me for Ruth when my name is actually Mairi (can't blame 'em really)
  • A few of my peers said they initially associated my title with the 'Make a Wish' foundation for children with life-threatening illnesses, which is definitely not what my blog is about
  • I have difficulty pronouncing my ths (I'm hoping to start a YouTube...) 
I then contacted Wendy from ThankFiFi (love her blog) as she is often mistaken for Fifi (and once Mr K - her dog's name!) for some advice. She told me I shouldn't change my name solely based on other people's opinions, especially if I have a strong connection and love for it. However, I realised I had grown out of Wished for Ruth so decided to take the plunge.

And, finally, I really wanted to overhaul everything to motivate me after realising I needed a change - including my blog name.


  • I love to say Copper Pink. It's easy to pronounce without mumbling, it has a lovely hilly sound and it's just a fun phrase in my opinion.
  • I love the colour.
  • I love how pink is a stereotypical feminine colour, yet copper is an unusual twist. I like to transfer this meaning to my blog. As in, yes, I do blog about beauty, fashion, lifestyle (whatever that really is) etc. but I hope to add my own personal twist - the copper element. A bit of yin and yang going on in that logo.
  • I love my copper pink cat ring (you can view it here). I've worn it for around three years now and, it may sound silly, but I believe it gives me confidence in everyday situations. Plus, I love cats.
And that's why I changed my blog name. I do hope you stick around and please contact me if you're in a similar situation - I'd love to help if I can.

Thank you for reading,

Copper Pink

(I'll need to make a new signature now I suppose!)

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