Back from Hamburg


I arrived back from my school trip to Hamburg just last Friday and it went so fast but I had such a fantastic time. Staying with an incredibly kind German family, I got to explore a country I have always wanted to visit and managed to practice out some of my German speaking skills!

The Christmas decorations were beautiful and the architecture was amazing. Not to mention the actually-German German Christmas Markets! I would go back in an instant.

Here a few of my favourite photos from the trip, and I'll hopefully be making a short video or two but I wouldn't expect that anytime soon (school sucks eh) - I'll keep you updated.

My lovely host, Laura

I had such a blast thanks to an amazing group of Germans, French and Scottish like myself. Sadly this is my last trip abroad with school but it has fuelled my enthusiasm to travel in the future and I can't wait to explore more amazing places.

Oh and if you're interested in listening to some German music, may I recommend: Marteria, Drunken Masters, Casper, Cro, Prinz Pi and Kollegah? I have really weird music taste haha!

Have you been to Germany before? Any recommendations for my next travels? Malta is on my list for 2015 summer holidays!

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