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It's just over an hour till it's officially Christmas, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write my last holiday post for this year *tear*.

Big thanks to my blogging friend Ka(5)thleen for nominating me for this tag - she recently posted an amazing Wicked makeup tutorial which is definitely worth a read.

 1. When does Christmas start for you?

I'm the sort of person who doesn't get excited for most things until they are actually happening, so although I enjoy a carol or two around mid-December, Christmas officially begins at the 1 week countdown.

2. What is one Christmas movie you have to watch?

I have a confession. I haven't seen a lot of famous Christmas movies - including Home Alone and The Grinch! I do however thoroughly enjoy Elf and every year my family and I sit down to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol - a Lowe tradition it seems.

3. Do you bake or buy a Christmas cake?

Confession time again: I buy my Christmas cake! Oh, the horror. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the fruity substance. Instead I prefer the desserts made by either my aunt or mum at the dinner table! Chocolate bread and butter pudding? Homemade chocolate ice cream?! Yes please!! (the chocolate thing is a favourite of mine)

4. When do you put up your Christmas tree?

Our (artificial) Christmas tree is usually resurrected each year around the 6/7th of December and then taken down on the 6/7th of January.

5. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?

I love my tree because it is an explosion of colour and memories from all the homemade decorations made by my sister and I as well as souvenirs from family holidays and gifts from relatives, such as these cute knitted figures made by my granny.

6. When do you start playing Christmas music?

This year I haven't actually played any myself, only listened to other people's or when I have been working. I'm sure you can understand why I'm already rather sick of the same old songs after hearing them blasted for four hours straight at 6.30am. Although I am fond of Sam Smith's "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas".

7. Do you use the same Christmas decorations every year or buy new ones?

We have used a variety of decorations for many years, including tinsel in gold, red, silver and green strung up all over the walls and round the stair banisters as well as many groups of soft toy reindeers and snowmen! Now I'm all excited!

8. How do you spend Christmas Eve?

Well, right now I'm writing up this blog post. This morning I got a haircut, I worked at Next from 2-6pm and then I exchanged Christmas presents with all my friends! A family tradition on Christmas Eve is to have a takeaway curry from our favourite Indian for dinner - with Shloer accompanying of course. I'm pretty sure it's one of my favourite parts of the year.

9. Advent calendar or no advent calendar?

I always have an advent calendar but an old knitted one with felt pockets which my mum places sweeties in wrapped in tin foil. Cute eh.

10. Do you leave a snack out for Santa and his reindeer?

We used to leave out mince pies and milk for Santa as well as a carrot or two for the reindeer. However we then discovered that Santa prefers Irn Bru to milk (thanks to dad for that info) so began to leave that out instead ;).

11. How does Santa get into your house?

You'd have to ask him, I suppose!

12. Mince pies, yay or nay?

I used to dislike mince pies but now I LOVE them!! Especially with a Costa latte on a cold wintery day. Now I want one. Meh,

My Christmas tree!

13. Snowballs, egg nog or mulled wine?

I like snow for about a day, but then once it goes all icy and slushy I just hide in my house till spring haha. Mulled wine is pretty amazing though and I've never had egg nog because the name of it has put me off! Maybe I'll try it this year...

14. What scents remind you of Christmas?

Unfortunately I'm not much of a candle person, but I absolutely adore cinammon scents for Christmas. Also, I have been loving using the Body Shop's Glazed Apple products and highly recommend them for anyone who loves sweet smells!

15. How do you spend Christmas day?

First off, I get up around 8 - not too early and not too late. Christmas breakfast for me is usually a poppadom from my curry the night before - a very special treat! Then I open my presents with my family before having a Christmas bath and getting all dressed up before heading to my aunt's house where more of my family meet up for Christmas dinner and a new peculiar game every year! I can't wait till tomorrow!

As it is so close to Christmas, I'd like to tag anyone who has a few spare hours or can't sleep due to excitement! Merry Christmas to everyone and I have an exciting surprise for after the holiday...

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