Yes, it's Christmas Eve. And yes, many of us will still be rushing about not knowing what to buy for family and friends. But do not worry, for I have found an incredibly simple idea that is Christmas-y and can be started and finished on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer Beer Bottles (or Smirnoff, or wine, or apple juice etc.)

How to Reindeer Beer Bottles | Quick and Easy Christmas Gift

Since one of my most popular posts is my Nutella gift guide from last Christmas, I thought I would create an up to date list since most of those products are now sadly unavailable. Fear not though for I have found plenty of other quirky and fun Nutella-related gifts for the addict in your life.

And yes, I have left it a little for Christmas 2015 (apologies) but any true Nutella lover will appreciate a late but amazing present over a last-minute rush. Trust me. I've picked out my favourite prints, clothing, homeware items, the miscellaneous and of course the perfect spoon. If you're left wanting more, a search for 'nutella' on Etsy results in 100s of products so go crazy.

Giant Tub of Nutella

Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers 2015

I say beginning, however our decorations were up asap on December 1st. They probably would have been up earlier if it was up to my Christmas obsessed flatmate Shannon, but majority ruled.

Since Shannon and I both have Tuesdays off university, the week before we headed out on a shopping trip to Primark and Poundland for budget decorations. On December 1st the Christmas playlist was blasting and the flat was totally transformed. Take a look for yourself.

Shannon made an incredible amount of snowflakes and was helped by Kate to add the finishing touch of lots and lots of glitter. Chloe also shared her expertise after studying snowflakes for an entire year for her advanced Higher art project. These are truly special snowflakes.

My Flat's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last Sunday, The Music Hall in Aberdeen hosted Trend and Premiere Production's LOVE Fashion catwalk show. The evening consisted of an incredible amount of collections from both independent and big brand retailers, as well as entertainment with some truly inspiring spectacles.

LOVE Fashion Catwalk Show Part One

Happy November!

November Goals

Yes, I did survive Freshers' Week. And yes, although only being 17 and half the events being 18+, I did have an amazing week. My flatmates are an incredible bunch of people - we've already had a family roast dinner (but more on that later) - and I couldn't imagine a better group to spend the next year with. And they were also awesome during Freshers' Week - special shoutout to those who cared for me when I forgot to eat dinner and drank too much alcohol - not the best combination.

Freshers' Week Drunk Emotions

8 Things to Expect from Freshers' Week

New and exciting Luxemmewho sent me this gorgeous two piece, is an online fashion retailer based in Manchester. The brand describes themelves as a "forward thinking fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester street style" and I think I'd have to agree!

Luxemme aims to provide luxury quality for affordable prices and I was certainly impressed by my choice. I was asked to select my favourite piece from the Limited Edition range and so chose the Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece. Thankfully I love it - now here are lots of pretty pictures enjoy xxx

Luxemme Outfit Review

Music wasn't something I thought I would share when I started blogging, but I think you can tell a lot about a person from their music taste. It's a little sneak peak behind the blog and the blogger - unless you blog happens to be a music blog of course.

My first music post was much more popular than I had expected so I'm going to make this playlist sharing a monthly occurrence, considering as I make monthly playlists for myself anyway.

Spotify September 2015 Playlist

I'm finally back on YouTube! It's only been just over a month lol...

However I'm actually pretty pleased with this video, it only took me about a whole day to edit. Luckily I'm getting quicker with my editing software as I learn what all the scary buttons mean! I will admit I was a little nervous to do a voiceover as I'm not the biggest fan of my voice on recordings (who is?) but I think it turned out okay. There's always room for improvement.

Natural Makeup Look Tutorial | YouTube

August was quite a busy month for me. I attended Scot Blog Meet, met up for a Nando's (and had a salad) with one of my future uni flatmates, saw Milton Jones in the Fringe festival, oh and I saw the Lady Boys of Bangkok too, then I watched the end of the festival fireworks last night and was part of the Marketing team for Metropolitan's Talent 2015 fashion show which was absolutely craaaaazy but so exciting! Amongst socialising, blogging and sleeping too of course.

September Goals

Recently one of my good friends passed his driving test (woohoo!) and so the other night we happened to both be bored and decided to go for a drive. Not experienced in 'drives' it took us a while to agree on what we actually wanted to do and where to go. This resulted in s'mores on the beach as it was an unusually nice evening and the sky was colourful yet moody. Very Instagrammy.

The great thing about this trip is that (apart from the car, petrol, car insurance etc. lol) it was extremely cheap. A lot of the time when I meet with friends it's for food at a restaurant which can seem like a lot when you're a poor student. I think we spent £5 between four of us for this outing:

Not even £5 - £4.33! I would just like to state that I have definitely not been sponsored by Tesco for this post - it just happens to be the most convenient store where I live haha!

Oh and two of my friends had never tried s'mores!! I think they are made slightly different in the US and Canada, but here in Scotland, or Edinburgh at least, you simply roast a marshmallow on a skewer and then sandwich it between two chocolate digestives (with the chocolate on the inside). Tada - you now have a s'more! Enjoy!

S'mores at Sunset

Sometimes blogger events can seem daunting when organised by a brand wanting promotion, but when you are invited to an event organised by a fellow blogger, you can be 100% confident it's going to be superb. Every event I am invited to as a blogger gets me excited however I was particularly looking forward to #ScotBlogMeet, hosted by Charlotte from Colours and Carousels, due to the 'for bloggers, by bloggers' atmosphere.

Scot Blog Meet: For Bloggers, By Bloggers

We all have those days when we just want to chuck on a t-shirt and jeans, but that doesn't mean we have to wear boring casual wear. I like this particular outfit due to its comfort, simplicity and playfulness. Twister is a truly amazing game - who's with me? Anyone?

Right Hand on Blue OOTD

I know, I know. I went to a chicken restaurant and had a dish without chicken. I didn't even have a Beanie wrap with the usual side of peri peri chips - I had a salad. A leafy, green, healthy, vegetable-stuffed bowl of salad-ness. Arrest me.

Quite honestly, I just fancied this new addition to the menu after ordering so many butterfly chickens with a side of coleslaw and chips. I have expanded my Nando's choices from that original order to a beanie wrap with peri peri sweet potato wedges to now choosing to have a salad. Choosing to have a salad.

I Went to Nando's and Had a Salad

I always enjoy reading posts where bloggers share links they have been loving so decided to try one of my own. If you follow someone's blog, chances are you have similar interests/opinions and so you'll probably find the majority of links they suggest interesting. You may even discover a new favourite blog or cat meme! Now onto the links...

Links I Love #1

If you haven't heard of the eggvocado, it is essentially an egg baked inside a hollowed avocado. Tada. Its simplicity is one reason why I love it, but also because it's super healthy and packed with protein. After trial and error I have come up with a few tips on how to perfect the eggvocado.

How to Perfect the Eggvocado

Summer is probably my favourite season for nail polish. I like to wear bright bold colours and cute nail art designs to express my love for the hot warm mild weather (well I do live in Scotland).

To find out which shades I've been wearing this summer, take a wee look below.

Top 8 Summer Nail Polishes

Brunch. What a brilliant word. Breakfast and lunch - but together.

Lately I've been feeling quite classy as I have eaten out for a few brunches in Edinburgh including Papii (the waffles omg) and Frankie and Benny's (the Amalfi Sunrise omg). However this post will give you a glimpse into another eatery I have visited in the mornings - Café Rouge.

Brunch at Café Rouge

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I won Benefit's and Boot's recent competition thanks to this selfie:

Benefit They're Real Colour! Push-up Liner Review + Video Demo

Another holiday, another guest post! This time I spent a week in the Highlands of Scotland climbing hills and running away from scary sheep and I should have a vlog up in the next week (don't hold me to that). But for now I have another great guest post, this time from Suzy Walsh from The House of Elegance Fashion.

The fall season collections for 2015-2016 have already arrived, and the new age trends are trending around the fashion squares. Have you checked them yet? Fall trends are always worth looking ahead, mainly because the colours are toned down and the interpretations at every designer and brand are worth indulging. In this small post, let’s check the dose of fashion ideas that you need for a fun winter in 2015.

Guest Post: The Best Handpicked Trends from Fall 2015-2016 Collections from Suzy Walsh

I'm one of those people. The one at a party who quietly adds her favourite song to the queue on the Spotify playlist before swiftly making her way to the other side of the room so no one knows it's one of her tunes. Otherwise it's skipped straight away. So sad.

Sadly this is the only way I can share my music with my friends. I do admit I have made them listen to a few, uh, different styles shall we say, but I do know some good songs and remixes too!

I Know a Good Remix of That

The Gathering 8 was an exciting evening of creativity, Scottish talent and an incredible variety of unique fashion styles. To find out more about the event, read my last blog post.

Here however, is a short what I wore to the The Gathering 8.

What I Wore to The Gathering 8

As this was the first Gathering I had attended, I was a little unsure what to expect. I'm still not entirely sure I know the full extent of what #scotstreetstyle stands for but I know the aim of the Gatherings is for creatives to come together, make connections and celebrate Scottish talent.

Scot Street Style is on a "quest to reinvigorate the perception of Scotland throughout the world across Social Media and Social Reality." - source

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about, click here.

The Gathering 8

I spent 10 amazing days in Malta for my summer holiday this year. It was my first trip abroad without parents or school so I was a little nervous but also super excited to see old friends and to celebrate the end of high school. I am so happy I have left.

I do have some video clips and may try and make a little vlog about the holiday, but for now here is a short photo diary of the highlights from each day!

Thursday 18th

Malta Photo Diary

I'm back from Malta guys! I'll definitely be sharing some photos asap but as I just got home early this morning, I have a great guest post from fellow blogger Tasha from Hello Tasha about her 5 summer beauty essentials. Read on to find out what they are...
Summer is finally on it's way around and everyone seems to be jetting off to luxurious places on holiday to relax in the sunshine.  For us beauty bloggers, Summer is a time for us to switch up our beauty products and personally I have a couple of products that I deem essentials for this time of year.

Guest Post: 5 Summer Beauty Essentials from Hello Tasha

It's that time of the year again where I and many others flock to Primark to stock up on sandals for summer. However I was quite surprised when I realised that only half of my summer footwear was bought from Primark. That's a surprisingly little amount for me.

My Summer Holiday Sandals

When summer arrives, usually everyone gets out their warm bronze and gold eyeshadows and turns themselves into wannabe sun goddesses. But what if you're pale and have cool skin and don't particularly want to look like a sun worshipper, but still want to embrace your pale summer glow?

Soft Summer Glow for Pale Skin FOTD

Oliver Bonas has quickly become my favourite shop to browse in Edinburgh. Located on Hanover St, the small-ish space hosts a huge variety of weird, wonderful and beautiful fashion, jewellery, homeware and gifts. At first I thought the store was an independent boutique, but the brand has 42 stores in England and Scotland as well as the online store.

But why do I love Oliver Bonas so much? Here's a sneak peek of the shop in Edinburgh...

Why I Love Oliver Bonas

As you can probably tell from the many pictures, I am pretty in love with this outfit. We had a heatwave in Edinburgh (for 2 days - it still counts!) and the whole city was out in their summer wardrobe. The top, shorts and shoes all debuted in my Summer Clothes Haul video on Youtube.

Papaya Shorts OOTD

We sign up for newsletters all the time, sometimes without even knowing it. When you make an account with your favourite online store or buy that pretty dress you often have to tick (or untick) a box to state whether you'd like to receive their newsletter or not.

Newsletters I Actually Read

I had a pretty great day today.

8 Tips on How to Have a Great Day

Let's talk about the good bits first including my outfit, shall we?

If you read my last post about how I prepared for prom, you'll know I bought five dresses (lol) but eventually chose the one below. It only came on Tuesday - three days before prom haha. Credit to Leo for the photographs with watermarks - check out his portfolio here.

My Prom Disaster Story

First of all, buy two dresses. Decide which one you like best and return the other while you still can. Then, roughly two weeks before prom, decide you hate your chosen dress and buy two more. Oh and remember to order the one you haven't tried on in two sizes, just in case. That equals five dresses.


10 Tips for Prom Prep

Wow, I have no idea where to begin. I can't believe it has been a whole year since launching my blog.

Originally starting out under the name Wished for Ruth, I wanted to blog for a few reasons. One because I loved writing, computers, magazines and the internet and wanted to create an online portfolio of what I enjoy doing. Sort of like a diary but with pretty pictures and an excuse to take more selfies.

I also decided to blog to help me decide what I wanted to do with my life after school. I knew I loved writing and thought I wanted to study journalism but now I know I am much more interested in digital media and also fashion. I am so excited to start studying Fashion Management at Robert Gordon University this September. Of course I am still exploring all my options and have no clue what I will define my occupation as in ten years time - if it will even have an official title!

Without Copper Pink, I doubt I would have discovered how much I enjoy the Creative Industries, especially in regards to fashion. But it's not just fashion I love about blogging as I'm sure you will know a lot of my posts are about totally unrelated topics.

I used to think the blogging world was a secret exclusive club only for those with a gazillion followers but now I know this is not the case.

Blogging has given me access to an incredible community of like-minded bloggers and also those with totally different styles, opinions etc. and I feel extremely lucky to be invited to events where I get to meet friendly new faces. I'd love to collaborate with some of my new blogger friends.

I don't do "f4f" or "follow for follow?"s unless I genuinely like your blog content. Quality is key. I may not have 1000 followers on Twitter and Bloglovin but I am still contacted to work with brands who genuinely appreciate my work and do receive praise from readers (love you all). In fact it's quite interesting looking back at my most popular posts:

  1. Easy Red Lips and Curls Look
  2. Gift Guide for Nutella Lovers
  3. Hellooo Summer OOTD
  4. Tartan Tribute
  5. Edinburgh Bloggers Coast Event
I'll leave the deep analysis for now but I am pleased to see that three of my most popular posts are fashion related. I am pretty certain Copper Pink will have more fashion posts when I begin my university course in September. It's also interesting to note that most of these posts are the ones I am most proud of and happy with. If you find your content interesting, chances are other people will too.

I believe the most important aspect of blogging is to make sure you enjoy it.

Blogging started out as a hobby for me and it still is. It would be a dream to be a full-time blogger as a career and who knows what could happen. However, whether blogging remains solely a hobby or not, I will never sell out for fame or money. If these things happen naturally, they are welcome. I will continue to express my own opinions and make sure I enjoy doing so. I love blogging, I really do.

One of my aims in life is for my work to never feel like work.

This post may be a bit rambly and I could go on and on about my journey etc. for ages to be perfectly honest with you. But I'm just going to cut to the good bit which is a very exciting announcement I have in regards to the future of Copper Pink!

First Blogiversary | What Blogging Means to Me + Copper Pink Nails!

My first ever haul vlog! What a momentous occasion - thank you for sharing it with me.

This haul began back in January in the New Year sales so I was quite surprised to see summer clothes on the hangers. A playsuit for a fiver? Yes please. This is the first year I am going abroad without my parents so I am very excited but also a little nervous! Four friends and I are heading off to Malta mid June where I will take lots of summer outfit photographs for you with blue skies and white sand in the background (unless there are thunderstorms - hope I haven't jinxed it...)

Summer Clothes Haul | YouTube

I absolutely love fancy nail art however recently I have been attempting to create designs that look awesome without requiring extreme levels of skill as well as time and patience. I also like matching my nails to my outfits. With the not-so-good-but-cheap topcoats I use, my artwork usually only lasts a couple of days which works out fine as you don't wear the same outfit for a whole week (unless it's unbelievably incredibly fandabbydosey).

This design was inspired by the yellow/mustard floral top I bought from New Look (in the sale) a couple of weeks ago. Yellow is one of my favourite nail polish colours because it's rarely seen and is bright and fun - perfect for spring and summer.

Metallic Florals: Nails of the Day


It's been so long, hasn't it? I am so so SO pleased to say I sat my last ever school exam this morning and am now freeeeeee! Not even the fact I answered "Why do you want to learn German?" with "because I like walking" instead of "travelling" from my German speaking exam can get me down - summer has officially started. Now I need to look for a summer job... any offers?


On Saturday 9th May, I took part in my very first 5K run. You may know I've been trying to improve my fitness as a New Year's Resolution (P.S. I can now squat 40kg!) and signing up for the Colour Me Rad 5K was intended to act as motivation for me to keep up with this goal.

This is after the 5K, if you couldn't tell ;)

I Ran 5K and Turned into a Rainbow

When you first get your hair dyed, people can't stop fawning over your new do. I'm not complaining. However, with normal hair dye, the excitement does eventually fade and although you still look ace, the compliments diminish as people get used to the new you.

With Kool-Aid however, there is a whole other area of curiosity and conversation to explore as I have found out from having pinky-red (I wanted pink so let me call it pinky-red) ombre/dip dye hair for about a year now. All thanks to the American powdered drink - Kool-Aid.

Living the Kool-Aid Hair Life

So I put fake tan on my eyebrows - but hear me out! The reason for this life-changing decision was due to learning this long-lasting brows trick from rclbeauty101 on YouTube. In her "Prom Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!" video, Rachel explains how she uses dark fake tan to fill in her brows which lasts about five days without the need to top up every day.

So I Put Fake Tan on My Eyebrows...

If enchiladas, fajitas or Mexican food is your passion in life, then Sabor Criollo in Edinburgh may just be your paradise. Let’s clear one thing up first though: the restaurant is not a typical Mexican – it serves Latin-American and authentic South American dishes. The differences are subtle but exist.

Sabor Criollo: Edinburgh Restaurant Review

I have been extremely inactive on social media and the blog the past week and that is due to a mixture of school work and a short break with the family in Pittenweem in Fife. It's a favourite destination of ours for getting away for just a few days or a week depending how much we need a holiday haha! My school work is almost over and with a countdown of TWO WEEKS TODAY till my first exam (should probably start revising eh) I thought I'd share some of my work with you.

Don't worry, you don't have to do the work, it's just a few photos I took while I was away for my photography project. I used long exposures to create ghost-like figures for my Mysterious theme. Shoutout to dad for being my model. Which photos are your favourite? I have to cut out a few to present as my final pieces on Tuesday in a ten minute presentation that I haven't started yet lol.

I've Been in Fife

Okay, so maybe 'summer' is a little optimistic. However, Edinburgh has had a few incredibly beautiful days weather wise so I (and many other bloggers) took the opportunity to style some summer options. This was the first day I exposed my legs to the public this year - can you see them (they're rather ghost-like)? Fingers crossed this weather stays however it's Scotland so who kens really.

Hellooo Summer OOTD

Growing up, I didn't eat much meat at all, mainly because my sister was a kinda-vegetarian (but she ate Haribos). Because of this, my yearning for real meatballs instead of those fake quornballs (although 85% less saturated fat to be fair) has made me greatly appreciate meat when I do have it.
So you'll understand how excited I was to be invited to try out the new Steak on Stones addition to Steak Edinburgh on Picardy Place. I can count the number of times I have had steak on one hand so this really was a treat.

Steak on Stones: Edinburgh Restaurant Review

The #EdFashion Twitter chat debuted last night and was a fantastic experience hosted by the amazing @EdFashionTweets. The chat aims to unite local fashion creatives including bloggers, models, photographers etc. and to raise awareness of the superb fashion talent in Edinburgh.

First #EdFashion Chat Highlights

I always look forward to the next Edinburgh Bloggers’ event and this time was definitely not a disappointment. In partnership with Coast, Edinburgh Bloggers and Metropolitan Fashion Show, us lucky bloggers were invited along to an exciting evening at Coast on George Street.

Edinburgh Bloggers Coast Event

Instagram has really grown on me recently, highly due to the fact I am studying photography at college at the moment and so my searches for #abstract, #dslr and the like have increased greatly.

You may have seen my last selfie which I did indeed take on my new camera - it's perfect (the camera, not the selfie...).

Fave Insta Feeds

I think March is the month where people start panicking for prom when they realise they haven't thought about it at all. However asides from all the other stuff, finding the 'perfect' prom dress is the ultimate dilemma for all.

Prom Dress Adventures in Glasgow | Vlog

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I spent mine at Dobbies testing out my new camera and eating cake with my family. A great day was had by all.

In celebration of the occasion, I painted a very feminine design on my nails which I am actually pretty pleased with.

NOTD: Mother's Day

This is my second post on Edinburgh Fashion Week which is currently happening and ends on the 15th March so there's still time to participate! The first show I went to was the John Lewis Tutorial which you can view photos from in my last post.

Edinburgh Fashion Week: Thistle Street Show

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