I've really been trying to improve my nail art this year, and luckily I received a fair few new tools and polishes for Christmas so I've been spending my free time getting acquainted with them. If you're looking for some nail-spiration, maybe I can help you out...

Apologies for messy nails in advance, that's something I need to work on!

Barry M Metallic & Glitter

On My Nails Lately

My breakfast usually consists of half a banana and a glass of apple juice - not the most exciting recipe I'm sure you'll agree. Recently I've actually been skipping breakfast (the horror!) just so I could have an extra 15 minutes in bed - it really was that bad.
However, studies show blah blah blah that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing you with energy and nutrients to make your Monday less sucky and believe it or not: people who eat breakfast are (for the majority) slimmer than those who don't. Pretty snazzy eh.

After trying out a rather healthy, tasty and easy to make breakfast at my friend's house, I decided to share my new-found love for breakfast with you. What a coincidence when I discovered that we are in the midst of National Breakfast Week - perfect timing!

National Breakfast Week for Lazy People

I do love Burns Night; revelling in our Scottish roots (and remembering Robert Burns of course) surrounded by family, local food and maybe a ceilidh or two. 'Haggis, neeps and tatties' is what's on the menu tonight accompanied by Irn Bru and a small whisky for the parents. Maybe my mum will even have made some tablet for afterwards (fingers crossed).

Tartan Tribute

Luckily for me, I have just started season 3 of Gossip Girl, so still have a fair few episodes to go. However, if you have finished your favourite series or are looking for a new film or TV program to watch, check out what is next up on my Netflix list - you may just find a new favourite!

Gossip Girl

Finished Another Netflix Series?

I have tried a fair few face masks in my time, but for my mild acne and oily/combination skin, LUSH's Cupcake (£6.50/75g) has to be my favourite. The best bit? It smells like chocolate!

LUSH Cupcake Fresh Face Mask Review

I know it's only January, but I can't wait for spring to make its appearance (and then summer). Recently I have received a few emails about Spring 2015 trends and so asked my friend Dana to help me create some trend-inspired outfits. We each brainstormed a daytime and a night outfit and added our favourite trend-heavy pieces to our Pinterest boards. Find mine here and Dana's over here.

This is when I know it's spring!

Spring 2015 Trendy Outfits

I probably have a stitch right now. My hair's a mess because the wind is unbelievably wild and I can feel the rain spying on me to see how much I would loathe a cold shower (a lot).

It's dark, cold, windy and wet. That's the problem with New Year's Resolutions - they come mid-winter. Getting fit is terribly hard to do when jogging is the first thing on your list and just the thought of stepping outside makes you shudder, nevermind actually doing exercise.

Just Let Me Catch My Breath...

If you read my blog, you'll know I have an obsession for anything glittery (or if you read my bio). There's just something about all those sparkles that makes me feel fuzzy inside! Anyway...
The problem with wearing glitter on your nails, as I'm sure we all know, is the effort and time it takes to scrub it away with nail polish remover. But don't worry any longer - for miracles do exist!!

Let me introduce Miss Sporty's Peel Off Base Coat, retailing at a bargain £2.29!

Source: Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat Review

New Year's Resolutions have never played a huge part in my life, but last year I decided to change that and I'm glad I did. I thought about my goals for the future and created Resolutions focusing on these.

I think reflecting at any time of the year, January or July, is a great way to evaluate how you're doing and to work out how you can shape your future and aim for the direction you want to go.

Thus (great word), to help me pick Resolutions for 2015, I used the list I compiled in 2014 to review my year and see how well I did in following my goals. I felt a video would be the best way to express my thoughts and opinions, so enjoy!

I filmed this on the 3rd and since then I'm proud to say I have completed more of my daily journal. I really feel I've achieved something when it's all up to date, so here's a wee peak.

New Year's Resolutions: Then and Now

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Hogmanay and celebrated in style.

I enjoyed a night with some of my closest friends, Buck's Fizz and Spotify. There was a dog as well - pretty perfect party I must say. As it was a festive occasion, I decided to get dressed up in sequins, my new kimono from the New Look sale and my heeled boots.

Sequins, Kimonos and Heels, Oh My!

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