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Luckily for me, I have just started season 3 of Gossip Girl, so still have a fair few episodes to go. However, if you have finished your favourite series or are looking for a new film or TV program to watch, check out what is next up on my Netflix list - you may just find a new favourite!

Gossip Girl

It's a classic Netflix series - after being nagged by all my friends to watch Gossip Girl, I finally caved in and haven't been disappointed. The drama in the lives of these rich kids of New York is insane but makes for an incredibly addictive watch. Unfortunately the identity of Gossip Girl was revealed to me recently (you don't find out till the last episode) but after crying it off (I'm not even joking) I decided it was worth watching the rest - for Chuck xoxo. PLEASE just watch it now!!

Orange is the New Black

Created specifically for Netflix, Orange is the New Black is one of the most refreshing series I have watched. The subject of a women's prison is unique for a drama comedy, and with every episode you grow to love the perhaps stereotypical, slightly over-exaggerated characters; even though a fair few are murderers. Word of warning: don't watch with your prude parents - trust me.

Lucky Dip

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind: After loving Jim Carrey as Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events, I set out to watch other films where he stars but unfortunately not many are on Netflix. This film about experimental memory surgery has peaked my interest (I love when films include peculiar situations in real life time) and is next on my Carrey list.
  2. 50/50: This film was recommended to me although the subject matter does seem very controversial for my tastes. I do however enjoy finding out what other people are interested in and why, so I am determined to at least start watching this film which is a comedy about cancer? It sounds sick but we'll see how it goes I suppose...
  3. Clueless: If I'm honest, I just really want to watch this after seeing the music video for Fancy by Iggy Azalea - I love her so much!

Ben Stiller

  1. Meet the Fockers: Ben Stiller is another favourite actor of mine. I fell in love with his performing after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (please watch it now) and since have been on a quest to watch all his films! Which is why I also want to watch...
  2. Zoolander: With Zoolander 2 on its way, I feel I need to watch the first one ASAP because I've heard so much positive feedback from friends and it sounds like the sort of feel-good comedy I'd love to watch to get away from the wet and windy weather outside. Popcorn, anyone?

Rom Coms

  1. In Your Eyes: I do love a good rom com. This is a story about two strangers who can see what the other sees... Sounds confusing but I'm interested to see how this is portrayed in film and if the concept comes across less complex than it sounds at first!
  2. Like Crazy: I'm currently just over halfway through this film about a long-distance relationship between an American man and a British woman. After stupidly deciding to ignore her Visa, the woman is not allowed to return to the US on her next visit. It was her own fault to be fair. However, the movie has some arty transitional time pieces that have reignited my love for making short films of my own - maybe one will appear on my YouTube sometime...
  3. 10 Rules for Sleeping Around: This film has either one or two star ratings from what I have read but that is what drew me to it. Sometimes I like to watch films that have been written off as trash to see whether I agree or not and to work out why it has been so badly received. The title isn't the most promising but I have a feeling it will be... interesting, let's say.


The above are what I plan on watching soon, however when I do finish Gossip Girl I'm tempted to start Pretty Little Liars as the friend who recommended this to me (Emily) was also the one who started my obsession with Gossip Girl, describing PLL as "creepy, addictive, mysterious and enticing". Hopefully it won't be too creepy for my tastes. I also need to watch Mean Girls which isn't on Netflix!! My final pick is Bratz: The Movie - I still have the PS2 games and loved playing with the dolls when I was younger, thus I have a duty to watch the film (any excuse will do really)!

What films/series are on your to-watch list? Any Netflix recommendations - anything except horror is welcome!

*all images sourced from Netflix

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