Just Let Me Catch My Breath...

I probably have a stitch right now. My hair's a mess because the wind is unbelievably wild and I can feel the rain spying on me to see how much I would loathe a cold shower (a lot).

It's dark, cold, windy and wet. That's the problem with New Year's Resolutions - they come mid-winter. Getting fit is terribly hard to do when jogging is the first thing on your list and just the thought of stepping outside makes you shudder, nevermind actually doing exercise.

However, I'd like to write this to prove to you all that it is possible to run (or walk fast) in these inconvenient weather conditions. I'm doing it right now, running into the wind because I go a circular route and being terrified that a tree is going to fall on me and my friend. But we're doing it - together. Throw in a threw lunges and squats (for those bubble butt dreams) when we're under shelter and we're good to go (maybe good is a tad extreme).

To all my fellow joggers (beginners or otherwise) out there: I believe in you!

It's raining?

Wear a baggy kagoul, a balaclava, an umbrella hat for goodness sake!

Worried your hair will get messed up?

I don't care! You'll probably shower once you're back anyway. If not, have you heard of these crazy things called hats?!

Aww are you tired? Had a long day?

Guess what, fresh air wakens you up. Nice try though.

You're sore from last time?

No pain, no gain. No excuses.

(Unless you're craving chocolate, I may let you off under special circumstances like that. Tweet me for permission if you're unsure.)

Although I am trying to encourage everyone (and myself) to stick to your goals, don't beat yourself up over missing a session or two (or three). Just try your best from then on and try not to slip back into old habits.

Also, my jogging friend (Emily from smileforem) and I are signing up for the Colour Me Rad 5K run in Edinburgh on the 9th May - it would be fantastic to see you there! Basically you wear white and then get colour bombs thrown at you and finish the race as a human rainbow - I can't wait!

Good luck fellow joggers!

How have you been coping with your fitness/jogging goals this year?

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