Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat Review

If you read my blog, you'll know I have an obsession for anything glittery (or if you read my bio). There's just something about all those sparkles that makes me feel fuzzy inside! Anyway...
The problem with wearing glitter on your nails, as I'm sure we all know, is the effort and time it takes to scrub it away with nail polish remover. But don't worry any longer - for miracles do exist!!

Let me introduce Miss Sporty's Peel Off Base Coat, retailing at a bargain £2.29!

Source: Miss Sporty

This type of base coat is pretty self-explanatory and I'm so glad it exists - it's just fabulous. Previously I had only seen it available from more expensive brands such as OPI and Etude House, so I was super excited to see more affordable brands create this magic stuff. My first encounter was with MUA's base coat, and I was incredibly disappointed - let's not even go there.

After reading this helpful post by The Nailasaurus, I decided to try out Miss Sporty's take on the trend and I was pleasantly surprised.

Initially, I was reminded of the PVA glue we used to use at primary school for creating fridge-worthy masterpieces and the like. The benefit of the polish initially showing up as white is that it's easy to see where you have applied the product which helps you cover all nail area.

Within as little as two minutes the polish dried clear and I was impressed by how smooth the surface seemed. I decided to indulge my love of glitter and spend some of my wages from my Christmas temp job on new nail polish - how exciting!

I'm hoping to do a post soon with all the nail polishes I bought so look out for that before February.

I only witnessed one chip/peeling in the first day and I found that if an edge did start to lift, I could easily smooth them down again with my finger. But if you're someone who picks their nail polish, there is no hope for you I'm sorry haha.

When I did want to remove the polish, I simply used my other nails to peel off the layers - usually in one go and my nail was completely clean underneath and not dry or damaged. It was a momentous occasion! As long as you don't go over the edge of the base coat with normal nail polish, your nails will  be clean after removal.


I'd definitely recommend Miss Sporty's take on the peel-off trend if, like me, you're a fan of glitter nail polishes but really hate the effort in taking them off with nail polish remover. I may even use the coat for non-glitter polishes if I only want to wear a design for a day or two, as it is much quicker to remove than using regular nail polish remover. However, it's durability isn't the best, but what can you expect from an easy-to-remove product? For the price, I'd say it's a must-have for your collection.

Have you tried Miss Sporty's peel-off base coat or another brand's? Is it just me that loathed MUA's?

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