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I've really been trying to improve my nail art this year, and luckily I received a fair few new tools and polishes for Christmas so I've been spending my free time getting acquainted with them. If you're looking for some nail-spiration, maybe I can help you out...

Apologies for messy nails in advance, that's something I need to work on!

Barry M Metallic & Glitter

I have read mixed reviews on the metallic silver shade, some saying it applies streaky however I haven't had any problems with it and it only took one coat to be fully opaque - a nail lover's dream! I now want all the polishes from the Glitterati collection after viewing the swatches on Brit Nails over here. In fact, I think I just want the whole Barry M collection... A girl can dream.

SEVENTEEN Copper Pink Glitter

Obviously copper pink is the love of my life and I managed to pick up these two gorgeous polishes in a Boots deal (gotta love 'em) for not a bad price at all. The pink glitter is quite thick and could probably be used without a colour underneath but I love the combination of these two and will definitely be wearing them again.

I am also in love with the peel-off base coat from Miss Sporty - click here to read my review of it.

That Summer Skirt

For this look, I was inspired by one of my favourite summer skirts which I debuted in Rome last year. I had always wanted a yellow nail polish (and not the cheap neon one from when I was 7) and luckily managed to find the perfect polish from Miss Sporty for just £1.99! As soon as I saw the Tropical Punch topcoat I was reminded of my skirt, and after adding a few dashes of silver with a nail art pen, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out for a fun summer design.


Striping Patterns

This design was a bit messy for my liking, but this was because I used too thick a layer of polish and I'm looking forward to perfecting it next time (or the time after that...). I used to think striping tape could only be used to decorate the nail, but then I found this great tutorial which is pretty similar to my pictured nails where you paint over the stripe then lift it off to reveal the layer underneath. Great for straight lines if you're not the best at freehand.

I hope you've enjoyed having a wee sneak peek into my naily life (is that a pun?). I've just been out for dinner with only 8 fingers painted and no thumbs because they were messy and I didn't have time to repaint them - oops! Dad said maybe I'll start a new trend... I kinda doubt that one.

What nail designs or polishes have you been loving lately? I think nail polish is an area where it's okay to want every single shade and texture in existence - if only I had the money to fulfil my dream. Please tell me I'm not alone in my addiction haha.

See you soon,

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