How to: Bare Matte Nails

I regularly gaze in amazement at all the beautiful yet complex nail art designs out there (Pinterest being my top source), but I rarely do them myself. Why? For two reasons: firstly I'm not the neatest when it comes to nails and secondly I never seem to have enough time. However, all hope is not lost.

As a rule, I try to shape and buff my nails once a week. It only takes ten minutes or less depending how badly damaged they are (mine peel all the time) and it makes me happy to have groomed nails.

A look I have fallen in love with is your bare nails but with a matte topcoat. It gives a lovely clean smooth appearance and is the perfect nail go-to due to the low levels of effort, skill and time required.

All you really need to do for this effect is apply a matte topcoat (I use Essie's), but here are a few tips I think help to make the most of the look and give your nails a well-kempt appearance.

  • Keep your nails groomed - shaped, smooth, buffed and cuticles pushed back. My weapon of choice is the Stylfile Collection by Tom Pellereau who won The Apprentice a few years ago. The Buffer 2 is definitely on my wishlist!
  • Before pushing my cuticles back, I make sure to soften and moisturise them with cuticle oil or cream to avoid damage such as Superdrug's or popular Lemony Flutter by LUSH.
  • Stained yellow nails aren't the best for this look, so make sure to always apply a base coat before coloured polish to protect them. This one by Miss Sporty is my current favourite.
  • Before you apply any nail polish however, wash your hands so they're clean with no oil or dust which will affect the texture (causing bubbles). A sink is fine but I carry Soap & Glory's hand sanitiser in my bag for when I'm doing my nails out of the house.
  • If Nail White Pencils work for you, they'd be ideal however I find they rub off pretty quickly so don't bother with them.
I did try a before and after from buffed nails to using a matte topcoat, the difference is subtle but I truly adore the simplicity and cleanliness of the final look.

Can you tell the difference haha? Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

What's your favourite quick and easy nail look? I'd love to try out some more.
See you soon!

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