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Although I didn't manage to see all of the Oscars this year, I made sure to drool over the gorgeous gowns and makeup looks afterwards. If only I could have all the dresses for my prom - a girl can dream. Although the outfits may be just a little out of my budget, you can definitely recreate some of the dazzling beauty looks at home. I've picked out a few of my favourites plus what products I would use to get the look at home. Let me know what your favourites are!

Emma Stone

Emma's hair colour beautifully complimented her incredible dress while her makeup added the finishing touch. Her bright coral lips had a lovely velvet finish while the flush of colour on her cheeks created a very youthful appearance (not that she needs any help there anyway!)

To recreate this lip colour on a budget, I would cover my lips with a brownish lip liner such as Make Up Academy's in Caramel Nougat (£1) and then apply Make Up Academy's new Luxe Whipped Velvet Lips (£3) in the shade Ritzy. Although a little pinker, if you blot the colour the brown base below should balance out the overall shade. I love layering lip products and experimenting!

*images sourced from Make Up Academy*

Cate Blanchett

Another makeup look I adore - the soft colours are very feminine and let that stunning statement necklace stand out. Cate sticks to cool toned colours to match the cool blue necklace with just a flush of light pink/nude on her cheeks and a sheer pinky mauve on her lips. It's a very wearable look for everyday and I would personally use just a touch of Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lavish Mauve (£8.99) along with Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Galaxy (£6.49).

Lady Gaga

I have heard some say that this is quite a subtle look for Lady Gaga, but it really is a gorgeous one. She pairs classic red lips with an unusual accompaniment of shimmery pink eyeshadow which is feminine and creates a beautiful eye shape. The brown crease colour adds to the softness of the eyes creating a very flattering look overall that isn't too harsh.

For red lips, my current go-to is Make Up Revolution's Amazing Lipstick in Dare (£1!!) which is matte but if I want a glossy red like Lady Gaga, I top off the lipstick with Make Up Academy's Intense Kisses in Pucker Up (£2 however currently on sale for 75p! Hopefully they're not being discontinued...) You can see the lipgloss in action over here!

To get that beautiful pink shimmer, I would probably use my Benefit peek-a-bright eyes palette but as this is a budget beauty post, I would suggest using a white base (such as Make Up Academy's Intense Colour Eyeliner in Snow White (£1)) topped with a generous amount of Barry M Dazzle Dust Eye Shadow in Athena (£4.59) for a slightly more subtle shade. Just make sure to use a brown for the crease colour instead of black for a softer look like Lady Gaga.

I hope my finds are useful for you and let me know if you try any of the looks out! Which is your favourite of my top three picks and did you have a different favourite look or dress from the Oscars?

See you soon,

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