Valentine's Day is Kinda Silly

For me, Valentine's Day isn't about the biggest diamond or the Michelin star restaurant; it's a bit of a silly tradition to be honest. If you love someone, you shouldn't have to use this date as a way to prove you love them, they should know it all year-round. But it is cute, and I will be doing something special for it, because it's fun. But I don't feel pressured, which is the important thing.

Valentine's Day reminds me why I am in a relationship, and challenges me to think up the perfect gift/activity for my boyfriend. If that happens to be Netflix with B&J's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, then that's what we'll do. If it's bungee jumping, then maybe I'll watch from the sidelines. Whatever it is, it's a small reminder of what your relationship means to you.

Although people should not feel to pressured to conform to society's expectations of gifts etc., the date is a good opportunity for those in a relationship to stop and think. To think about what makes their feelings unique and why they do love their partner.

Valentine's Day is heavily commercialised, however you don't have to buy into that idea.

I think it's a good idea to challenge this norm by recognising what makes your relationship special to you and expressing this to your partner, whether that be a super-duper hug, a trip to Paris or anything in-between.

Hopefully I don't sound like too much of a hypocrite.

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day, whatever you get up to.

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