The #EdFashion Twitter chat debuted last night and was a fantastic experience hosted by the amazing @EdFashionTweets. The chat aims to unite local fashion creatives including bloggers, models, photographers etc. and to raise awareness of the superb fashion talent in Edinburgh.

First #EdFashion Chat Highlights

I always look forward to the next Edinburgh Bloggers’ event and this time was definitely not a disappointment. In partnership with Coast, Edinburgh Bloggers and Metropolitan Fashion Show, us lucky bloggers were invited along to an exciting evening at Coast on George Street.

Edinburgh Bloggers Coast Event

Instagram has really grown on me recently, highly due to the fact I am studying photography at college at the moment and so my searches for #abstract, #dslr and the like have increased greatly.

You may have seen my last selfie which I did indeed take on my new camera - it's perfect (the camera, not the selfie...).

Fave Insta Feeds

I think March is the month where people start panicking for prom when they realise they haven't thought about it at all. However asides from all the other stuff, finding the 'perfect' prom dress is the ultimate dilemma for all.

Prom Dress Adventures in Glasgow | Vlog

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. I spent mine at Dobbies testing out my new camera and eating cake with my family. A great day was had by all.

In celebration of the occasion, I painted a very feminine design on my nails which I am actually pretty pleased with.

NOTD: Mother's Day

This is my second post on Edinburgh Fashion Week which is currently happening and ends on the 15th March so there's still time to participate! The first show I went to was the John Lewis Tutorial which you can view photos from in my last post.

Edinburgh Fashion Week: Thistle Street Show

This weekend just past hosted Weekend Fashion Event on the Mound as part of Edinburgh Fashion Week (7th-15th March). It was my first experience of a Fashion Week, and while it probably wasn't quite as big as London, Paris, New York etc. it was still an amazing weekend.

Edinburgh Fashion Week: John Lewis Tutorial

Frisky is one of my favourite places for a healthier-than-icecream treat in the warmer weather thanks to their delicious froyo or frozen yogurt. Luckily they also sell quirky bubble tea and fresh fruit smoothies for when it's not yet appropriate to sunbathe in the Meadows or Princes St Gardens.

This morning I attended Frisky's smoothie tasting session on Lothian Rd to try exciting new flavours as well as the ones already available at the store. My favourite was the pink one - surprise surprise.

Frisky Smoothie Tasting

I cannot believe it's March already - this year has gone so fast. They just seem to get quicker and quicker each time! February has been a pretty good month for me so here are a few of my favourites.

February Favourites 2015

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