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I always look forward to the next Edinburgh Bloggers’ event and this time was definitely not a disappointment. In partnership with Coast, Edinburgh Bloggers and Metropolitan Fashion Show, us lucky bloggers were invited along to an exciting evening at Coast on George Street.

Upon arrival we were each ticked off the guest list and gifted a goody bag including business cards, vouchers and even a few freebies from Lush! We were greeted by Erskine String Quartet who performed a selection of covers of pop songs throughout the night. As a fellow cellist I was very impressed.

The main event of the evening was the mini fashion show featuring Coast’s new collections. However this started at 8pm so Kathleen, Cera and I used the time before to taste the delicious assortment of food on offer! Waste not want not eh! I felt very classy drinking my orange juice from a champagne glass.

I also used this time to meet new bloggers and found a few new faces to follow on Instagram. I always feel a little awkward approaching people at events like this but everyone is so friendly and once the conversation gets going I’m my usual happy self.

I have also just received my very first business cards and am excited to start handing these out at future events. They make me feel like a pro.

Anyway, once the fashion show started I got out my camera and attempted to take good photos. Still trying to figure out how on earth to work my new tech, I did manage to get a couple but they’re not my finest pieces haha. All the outfits were gorgeous but I think the dress worn by Eshiva was my favourite – I can’t resist lace, especially when it’s accompanied by feathers and sparkles!

The theme of the night was a magical secret garden which was shown through the floral prints in much of the new collection. The leafy vines on the chandelier also helped.

After the show there was a bit more socialising, a bit more cake and a lot of discussion/debate over which outfit was best. A raffle was drawn and Sultana was the lucky winner! I spent the rest of the evening admiring everyone’s outfits as well as the clothes on display and wishing I was rich.

That’s what I wore btw. Fitting in with the magical secret garden theme pretty well eh. Please excuse my face - low angles are strange to get used to haha.

I had a fantastic evening but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end – all the cake had been eaten. Nah I’m joking there were still a few doughnuts left, but sadly Kathleen, Cera and I said our farewells and hopped on the bus home for an early(ish) night before going back to the daily grind of school. Sigh.

Luckily I’m leaving school in just under a month, with a two week holiday during that time. Stress stress stress for exams and finishing coursework however, so apologies if I am a little distant on social media and the blog! I will try my best to maintain consistency in my posts though as I said I would in my New Year’s Resolutions post!

See you soon!

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