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Instagram has really grown on me recently, highly due to the fact I am studying photography at college at the moment and so my searches for #abstract, #dslr and the like have increased greatly.

You may have seen my last selfie which I did indeed take on my new camera - it's perfect (the camera, not the selfie...).
In celebration of my rekindled love for Instagram, I'd like to share with you a few of my favourite feeds. I am always on the search for more to follow however, so share your links in the comments!


Tonje (without the 'n') has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It's the prettiest shade of pink and she styles it in the most adorable ways. Her makeup is also superb and her fashion choices are unique but from stores/sites I can buy from which is what I love to see on Instagram. I did also love her rainbow hair phase and her feed provides me with inspiration and confidence to be more bold with my hair, makeup and clothes. Thanks Tonje!


This account is where I go to fulfil my cravings for the cutest animals EVER. A mixture of videos and photos makes this the best feed for me to get my fix of ultimate cuteness and if you think you know a better account for this - please do let me know.


I only discovered this account recently, however it is definitely one of my favourite feeds. Wannes Morino is the photographer behind these beautiful abstract pieces (you can check out the official website here) and uses film and no editing - NO EDITING. This is a rarity on Instagram what with filters etc. and the feed has motivated me to experiment with features on my camera rather than relying on editing on the computer afterwards to achieve what I want to convey through my images.


One of my favourite bloggers, Kate from gh0stparties, has the most perfect feed to match her chic and sophisticated blog design and content. All her images seem so carefully thought out yet so natural and relaxed at the same time. It reminds me of the little things in our daily lives that make them special and her taste in interior design is out of this world! I am planning to redecorate my bedroom soon and I will definitely be browsing her feed and blog posts for further tips and inspiration!

Those are just a few of my favourite feeds and I have no doubt I will find many more in the near future as I am always on the hunt for pretty things! #pinkhair is one of my favourite ways to waste spend my time productively.

What are your favourite feeds on Instagram? Please do share links in the comments (even if it's your own!) as I'd love to explore your recommendations :).

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