First #EdFashion Chat Highlights

The #EdFashion Twitter chat debuted last night and was a fantastic experience hosted by the amazing @EdFashionTweets. The chat aims to unite local fashion creatives including bloggers, models, photographers etc. and to raise awareness of the superb fashion talent in Edinburgh.

Q1 asked everyone to give a short introduction including your occupation (well mine is a hobby) and their postcode to get a rough idea of our locations within Edinburgh - don't think there were any other Eh12ers though. I did however start a conversation about cats which is always a good thing. It was shaping to be a good hour!

Q2 allowed everyone to share their recent projects or favourites to allow others to see their work to get an idea of what they actually do rather than just saying "I'm a blogger" or "I'm a photographer".

Here are a few of my favourites:

It was great to have access to everyone's images and links in one place at the one time, allowing everyone to showcase their favourite work.

Q3 asked what your favourite clothing store is in Edinburgh and, as a fashion blogger, I felt a bit bad because I haven't really visited any local boutiques - only highstreet chain stores! I did however find others who also love Primark and we decided it's not the cost of the item that matters, but how you style it. Although I would love to visit Godiva and Hannah Zakari sometime!

Q4 got into the nitty gritty of whether creatives feel Edinburgh is celebrated enough for its fashion but also the creative industries and what we would like to see more of in the future which produced some very interesting ideas and opinions.

I definitely agree that Edinburgh doesn't receive enough credit and it definitely needs more exposure - it's just how do we go about getting the word out. I think the first step is making creatives aware of each other and collaborating to work as a team and not individuals.

Q5 allowed individuals to share a little more about themselves, asking how we would describe our style and what/who we are inspired by.

I couldn't not put my own tweet in, could I?

Q6 ended the chat nicely inviting participants to share what Edinburgh fashion event is next in their diaries! At the moment mine is empty so any invitations are welcome haha.

If you are a local creative it would be great to see/tweet you at the next #EdFashion chat! I believe one will be held on the last Sunday of each month from 9-10pm but you can follow @EdFashionTweets to keep in the loop!

What would your answers have been to these questions? And will you be joining in the next chat?
See you soon!

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