Prom Dress Adventures in Glasgow | Vlog

I think March is the month where people start panicking for prom when they realise they haven't thought about it at all. However asides from all the other stuff, finding the 'perfect' prom dress is the ultimate dilemma for all.

Most of my browsing so far has taken place online and although I have had a few bad experiences with dodgy sites, luckily I haven't ordered from any of these. As much as I love the internet, I thought it would be a good idea to try on some dresses to get an idea for the shape, styles etc. I liked.

Accompanied by Dana and Kerry who are also on the hunt, I set off to Glasgow to browse boutiques (and Poundland). Here is a short vlog of what ensued...

Hope you enjoyed the video! Are any of you preparing for prom? What type of dress are you looking for and have you found any good stores/sites? Let me know in the comments :) clicking here!

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