I've Been in Fife

I have been extremely inactive on social media and the blog the past week and that is due to a mixture of school work and a short break with the family in Pittenweem in Fife. It's a favourite destination of ours for getting away for just a few days or a week depending how much we need a holiday haha! My school work is almost over and with a countdown of TWO WEEKS TODAY till my first exam (should probably start revising eh) I thought I'd share some of my work with you.

Don't worry, you don't have to do the work, it's just a few photos I took while I was away for my photography project. I used long exposures to create ghost-like figures for my Mysterious theme. Shoutout to dad for being my model. Which photos are your favourite? I have to cut out a few to present as my final pieces on Tuesday in a ten minute presentation that I haven't started yet lol.

Now I'm off to make a projector from a shoebox for my next photoshoot - wish me luck!

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