Sabor Criollo: Edinburgh Restaurant Review

If enchiladas, fajitas or Mexican food is your passion in life, then Sabor Criollo in Edinburgh may just be your paradise. Let’s clear one thing up first though: the restaurant is not a typical Mexican – it serves Latin-American and authentic South American dishes. The differences are subtle but exist.

Located on Deanhaugh Street, Sabor Criollo is a favourite with my family – particularly my dad. This is perhaps why it is so special to me, as he usually describes meals he really enjoys as “okay” or “nice” but Sabor Criollo gets a “really nice” which means a lot coming from him.

You won’t find any Michelin stars here but the food is still exceptional in my opinion. With only about six tables, the themed interior has an incredibly relaxed yet fun atmosphere and the staff are attentive and smiling. The funky Latin-American music also creates good vibes.

Although you can’t see into it, the kitchen is just a stone’s throw away and the sizzling smells of fajitas, salsa and guacamole waft past the beach outside. Or is that just a painting on the wall…

Anyone who has studied Higher Geography will know of yucca from the Bora tribe from the Amazon who eat it regularly. Well, at Sabor Criollo you too can eat like these tribespeople. Yucca fritta (meaning ‘fried yucca’) used to be a starter on the menu and I was terribly upset on my last visit when it was not there. However, I then discovered it has simply been moved to the Side Dish section and you can order it alongside your fellow diners’ starters (plus it’s cheaper) so do not fear. I highly recommend it – it has the taste and texture of parsnip and potatoes – great combo.

This time I decided to try calamari rings which were very nice (considering I'm not fond of seafood).

This is one rare restaurant where I have a set drink. Of guava juice. It’s pink. Do I even need to give you any more reasons to try it? Rubicon ftw.

My usual main course is either the fabulous chicken enchiladas or the shredded beef dish with the unusual accompaniment of plantain. I also thoroughly enjoy their rice, black beans and salsa (although I think it’s been changed) mmm…

I’ll usually be full after a starter and main course but occasionally I’ll manage to squeeze in a dessert. My family and I recommend the cheesecake and my dad thinks the banana flambĂ© is “really nice”.

High praise indeed. Not joking.

The coffee is also pretty snazzy and they have a selection of cocktails on offer if you fancy. Heads up: the vanilla coffee is incredibly yummy.

I am trying to think of some negatives however the only thing I can come up with is there used to be a toy toucan on the bar and it’s not there anymore. I think it has been replaced by a parrot which I am not happy about. Other than that, I really do recommend you try out Sabor Criollo as it is such a unique and special restaurant in Edinburgh and just a 10 minute walk from Princes St.

P.S. you get free mints with your bill.

Visit Sabor Criollo's website or call 0131 332 3322 for more information.

Hasta la Vista!

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