So I Put Fake Tan on My Eyebrows...

So I put fake tan on my eyebrows - but hear me out! The reason for this life-changing decision was due to learning this long-lasting brows trick from rclbeauty101 on YouTube. In her "Prom Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!" video, Rachel explains how she uses dark fake tan to fill in her brows which lasts about five days without the need to top up every day.

The idea of not having to spend a good five minutes every morning making sure my brows are on point sounded amazing to me so I knew I had to try it. Luckily I still have some Vita Liberata NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse left after being sent it to review and although Rachel suggested using dark fake tan to avoid an orange tint, mine is medium and worked out okay. Perhaps this is because my eyebrows aren't naturally as dark as hers?


These are my eyebrows without any product. They have an alright shape but are a little patchy here and there and start to fade away after the arch. Also, the arch on my right eye (your left) begins earlier than my other eye so I usually extend this with product and attempted this with the fake tan.

Layer One

I was happy to see that I had not turned into a tangerine with the first layer of fake tan, although it is slightly more warm toned than what I usually use. The first layer created the basis of the shape I wanted and did add a little colour and definition but it wasn't enough so I tried a second coat.

Layer Two

The outline and shape of my brows became much more defined with the second layer and the warm tones came through stronger. However, as I have strange brown hair that has hidden goldy highlights that appear when it's sunny, I decided I could get away with this shade.

This is how my eyebrows turned out in the end and I was pretty pleased with them. The mousse/liquidy texture allowed me to create a more defined outline but I was still able to blend the product on my skin for a while so it was easy to correct any mistakes or unnaturally harsh edges.


Unfortunately, when it came to removing my makeup at night, all my makeup came off. Including my fake tanned eyebrows. I was heart broken. The whole point of this was to have brows that lasted a good few days. I tested makeup removing with both a face wipe and my face oils and the fake tan came off both times. However I did notice that the hair (not the skin) was still tinted a little darker and warmer than usual but nothing like I had expected.

After wearing and re-applying them three days in a row, I did have a slight tint to my skin but it was very faint. Perhaps if you use dark fake tan like Rachel originally specified it would stay?


This first attempt was done a while ago and since then I have tried the technique a few more times. With practice, I believe I have given myself an even more defined brow but I still think I have managed to avoid the scouse brow look. Also I can't get it to stay overnight. Sigh.

Here are a few examples from my brow journey (warning: selfies galore):

Although this experiment was not a total success re longevity, I still am pleased with the appearance of fake tan on brows. And, as I don't wear fake tan anywhere else on my body, I suppose I may as well make use of what I have left!

And so the quest for long-lasting eyebrows continues.

Have you ever tried fake tanning your eyebrows or would you try it? Let me know if you have any suggestions for long-lasting brows too - it would mean I can sleep in for an extra five minutes!

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