Steak on Stones: Edinburgh Restaurant Review

Growing up, I didn't eat much meat at all, mainly because my sister was a kinda-vegetarian (but she ate Haribos). Because of this, my yearning for real meatballs instead of those fake quornballs (although 85% less saturated fat to be fair) has made me greatly appreciate meat when I do have it.
So you'll understand how excited I was to be invited to try out the new Steak on Stones addition to Steak Edinburgh on Picardy Place. I can count the number of times I have had steak on one hand so this really was a treat.

Obviously I am no expert when it comes to steak, however for the recommended 200g per person I'd say the price is pretty good. As I had a couple of side dishes too, we couldn't finish all the meat but did conquer the majority.

The friendly staff and urban decor create a very welcoming atmosphere. The burning fire was a lovely touch and I managed to accidentally match my top to the brick walls. What a kwinkydink.

Now, onto the food!

Something which has always put me off steak is the fact that it comes as a gigantic slab of meat making it look intimidating. How on earth am I going to finish all that?!

Luckily, at Steak on Stones, the meat is served thinly sliced for you to cook yourself on the hot lava stone (note: hot!). The great thing about it is you can pace yourself and have little bits at a time and your meat is always freshly cooked! I was also worried about food poisoning however apparently many people actually eat steak completely raw so you can experiment with each slice!

The sizzling noise made when the meat meets the stone is incredibly satisfying. You can also order sides and sauces to accompany your steak.

There are about five varied choices for both sides and sauces. Grant and I ordered three sides however I had to eat almost two whole ones myself because he doesn't like vegetables (weirdo). It's fair to say I was absolutely stuffed afterwards. However I thoroughly enjoyed both my sweet potato mash topped with walnuts and my creamed leeks, peas and bacon. Gosh I want to go back right now. Oh and Grant highly recommends the chips haha.

If you have any room left after all that delicious food, the dessert menu features doughnuts. Just doughnuts. Grant went for a custard filled one and I for a fudge.

They were perfectly glazed, sugared and everything you could wish for in a doughnut. Each type has a matching cocktail however as I'm only 17, I stuck to my lime and soda water.

It was a struggle, but I did finish dessert.

You will definitely not be disappointed with the Steak on Stones experience. Although the focus is on the steak and method of cooking, the sides and sauces are also amazing. Served by friendly staff and an intimate urban setting, it truly is a gem amongst the many restaurants in Edinburgh.

I can't wait to go again.

Have you tried the steak on stones experience yet?
P.S. Happy Easter!

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