My first ever haul vlog! What a momentous occasion - thank you for sharing it with me.

This haul began back in January in the New Year sales so I was quite surprised to see summer clothes on the hangers. A playsuit for a fiver? Yes please. This is the first year I am going abroad without my parents so I am very excited but also a little nervous! Four friends and I are heading off to Malta mid June where I will take lots of summer outfit photographs for you with blue skies and white sand in the background (unless there are thunderstorms - hope I haven't jinxed it...)

Summer Clothes Haul | YouTube

I absolutely love fancy nail art however recently I have been attempting to create designs that look awesome without requiring extreme levels of skill as well as time and patience. I also like matching my nails to my outfits. With the not-so-good-but-cheap topcoats I use, my artwork usually only lasts a couple of days which works out fine as you don't wear the same outfit for a whole week (unless it's unbelievably incredibly fandabbydosey).

This design was inspired by the yellow/mustard floral top I bought from New Look (in the sale) a couple of weeks ago. Yellow is one of my favourite nail polish colours because it's rarely seen and is bright and fun - perfect for spring and summer.

Metallic Florals: Nails of the Day


It's been so long, hasn't it? I am so so SO pleased to say I sat my last ever school exam this morning and am now freeeeeee! Not even the fact I answered "Why do you want to learn German?" with "because I like walking" instead of "travelling" from my German speaking exam can get me down - summer has officially started. Now I need to look for a summer job... any offers?


On Saturday 9th May, I took part in my very first 5K run. You may know I've been trying to improve my fitness as a New Year's Resolution (P.S. I can now squat 40kg!) and signing up for the Colour Me Rad 5K was intended to act as motivation for me to keep up with this goal.

This is after the 5K, if you couldn't tell ;)

I Ran 5K and Turned into a Rainbow

When you first get your hair dyed, people can't stop fawning over your new do. I'm not complaining. However, with normal hair dye, the excitement does eventually fade and although you still look ace, the compliments diminish as people get used to the new you.

With Kool-Aid however, there is a whole other area of curiosity and conversation to explore as I have found out from having pinky-red (I wanted pink so let me call it pinky-red) ombre/dip dye hair for about a year now. All thanks to the American powdered drink - Kool-Aid.

Living the Kool-Aid Hair Life

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