Living the Kool-Aid Hair Life

When you first get your hair dyed, people can't stop fawning over your new do. I'm not complaining. However, with normal hair dye, the excitement does eventually fade and although you still look ace, the compliments diminish as people get used to the new you.

With Kool-Aid however, there is a whole other area of curiosity and conversation to explore as I have found out from having pinky-red (I wanted pink so let me call it pinky-red) ombre/dip dye hair for about a year now. All thanks to the American powdered drink - Kool-Aid.

Living the Kool-Aid Hair Life

  1. Since you dye your hair at home, the next time you visit your hairdresser you're due the inevitable "Wow your hair is so nice DID YOU DO THAT YOURSELF?!" followed by the question of how you did it and what you used and how long it took you etc. But then, when you tell them you used Kool-Aid, which, yes, is a powdered drink from America, they will be BLOWN AWAY. I'm not even kidding.

    When I told my hairdresser, she gathered round almost the whole salon staff and showed off my hair as she gushed about how it was done with a drink. Meanwhile I just sat there and smiled like an idiot.
  2. Be prepared for a very different reaction from your family, particularly your parents. When they discover you dyed your hair bright red/green/purple/yadayada with a drink you'll most likely be met with "and people drink that stuff? IMAGINE WHAT IT DOES TO YOUR INSIDES!!" To which you nod in agreement but remind them it's okay because you only use it on the outside and it gives you magical unicorn hair for just a couple of pounds. That'll set your frugal dad's mind at ease (well it does to mine anyway).
  3. IT NEVER FADES. The first time I dyed my hair was July 2014 and since then I have re-dyed it twice. So three times overall. So yes it does fade a little, the vibrancy is lost after a few months but a quick top up and you're good. Plus, you may prefer the faded result like me in which case you don't have to top up for ages! The longest I have left mine was seven months and it was still looking pretty fab, if I do say so myself.

    Indeed, seven months down the line I received a compliment from a lovely lady in Lush about my red dip dye (although I'd say it's sort of ombre-ish).
  4. It's kind of a hairstyle on its own. This is perfect for lazy people like me or those who suck at styling their hair (again, like me) because you wake up, brush your hair and BAM you look awesome with bright bold coloured hair.

    It also looks really pretty with braids and fishtails due to the gradient effect. And depending how you style a bun you can decide how much colour you want on display or if you want it tucked away.
  5. You get to feel Pinterest-worthy. My Beautiful Hair Pinterest board contains mostly candyfloss pink hair and although that is my dream hair colour, the (pinky) red I've got going on at the moment also makes me very happy. I may just pin my fishtail braid... (no shame).
  6. The last thing about living the Kool-Aid life is probably one that doesn't strike many at first. It's that you don't have to bleach your hair! My hair is still lovely and soft (well it has its good days) despite dying it three times with Kool-Aid. Also, because you don't have to bleach your hair, it creates a much more natural (or as natural as brightly coloured hair can be) look and is easier to create a soft gradient effect.
If you're interested in dying your hair with Kool-Aid, I suggest you read my very old but informative post about how I dyed mine for the first time! If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Have you ever dyed your hair with Kool-Aid? If you would, what colour would you aim for?? I'm really tempted to try purple but I'm too scared haha!

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