Metallic Florals: Nails of the Day

I absolutely love fancy nail art however recently I have been attempting to create designs that look awesome without requiring extreme levels of skill as well as time and patience. I also like matching my nails to my outfits. With the not-so-good-but-cheap topcoats I use, my artwork usually only lasts a couple of days which works out fine as you don't wear the same outfit for a whole week (unless it's unbelievably incredibly fandabbydosey).

This design was inspired by the yellow/mustard floral top I bought from New Look (in the sale) a couple of weeks ago. Yellow is one of my favourite nail polish colours because it's rarely seen and is bright and fun - perfect for spring and summer.

The top will definitely be featured in an outfit post soon so I can show you the whole thing on. It's incredibly versatile for casual wear, work wear, summer wear, night wear... (the list goes on). I love how the black and white used for the flowers and leaves creates an almost metallic effect which is why I used Barry M Instant Effects Foil Nail Paint in Silver (£3.99) to create the leaves.

I then added the black detail using a Sharpie, ensuring I lightly hairsprayed the nail before applying a topcoat to avoid black smudges! I also tried using a cheap liquid eyeliner when the Sharpie began to run out however I definitely preferred the Sharpie's effect which is pictured.

For the base yellow I used Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in Popcorn (£1.99). This polish does apply a little streaky but after two coats and a smoothing topcoat I was pleased with the result. Apologies for the chipped nail (urgh) however I am in dire need of some Seche Vite topcoat but unfortunately am also trying to save money for summer and clothes and shoes. Priorities.

What have you been wearing on your nails lately?

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