Summer Clothes Haul | YouTube

My first ever haul vlog! What a momentous occasion - thank you for sharing it with me.

This haul began back in January in the New Year sales so I was quite surprised to see summer clothes on the hangers. A playsuit for a fiver? Yes please. This is the first year I am going abroad without my parents so I am very excited but also a little nervous! Four friends and I are heading off to Malta mid June where I will take lots of summer outfit photographs for you with blue skies and white sand in the background (unless there are thunderstorms - hope I haven't jinxed it...)

Since January I have been on a couple of shopping days out and I officially have 47p in my bank account. However, I hope you like what I did spend all my money on. Let me know what you think in the comments!

For summer, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone. For me, this meant wearing long skirts which is why I bought the black skirt you saw in the video. What are you planning on wearing this summer?

P.S. tomorrow is my first blogiversary (wow) so look out for a post about the past year and also a very exciting announcement!

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